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Oct 25, 2007 (Age: 16)
The Boiler Room of Hell
Tree or Axe?
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: Xbox 360
  2. Terraria: Xbox One
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Musician/Lore Analyst/Student/Author/I talk too much


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"...and his music was electric."

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Salutations, traveller. Please, call me Ignis.
In conversation, please kindly refer to me with
male or genderless pronouns.

Ask Me Anything! <|> I also make music!

Lore and RPs

Comedic Statements and Quotes
"My brain thinks he said he plays bass but don’t quote me on that." - Fladnag, 8th November 2023
"Ferraria" - Orchamut, 9th November 2023
"Nobody has ever drawn pooltoy dragons with pure intentions." - FederalCrow, 11th November 2023
say something funny, you might get in here ;3

Various RP Characters
Fir Everthorn, Combat Gardener: #aaaaaa (Heaven Among the Canopies)
Keyran Ghoslen, Professional Blade Duelist: #2070e3 (bossfight! RP)
Azoka Ameteo, Ex-Reaper and Interreality Fugitive: #753bff (several RPs, <> canon)
Inspirite, The Right Hand to Norgaid: #777777 (several RPs, <> canon)
Heron, Pilot of the Euphorium: #576085 (Spacefarers)
Andre Garcia Lopez, Sniper and Gunsmith: #00aa95 (Winds of Destruction)
IGNIS, The Man of the Inferno: #ddaa55, (Passenger of The Van)

#22aa44, #558822, #777744, #aa4455, #cc4422, #fa5533

I took one of those Pokemon personality tests and it was WAY off...

This RPG Class test was a bit more accurate though, I think.

I am a passenger of The Van...

Only reveal this message if I disappear.

In the event that my account is deleted (not banned) all Omega-18 RPs should temporarily close and all information should go untouched. Non-canon RPs may remain open in a hung state; try not to progress plot in a direction not clearly intended.

I entrust Orcha and Banana to moderate my roleplays, and I entrust the owners of RPs I participate in to put my characters into a temporary state of inactivity.

Even if I disappear within the next few years, it won't be long before I return.


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