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    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    lol "high" standards. like that "tartarsauce minotaur" they added to pad some youtuber's sense of epeen? a slime/guinneapig/rocketturtle/turkey/bat is much better than that, although the bat would have to not damage enemies (and the worm is no more out of place than that etheria stuff...
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    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    i doubt you can speed up console(without disproving past excuses at least) this means slowing pc way way way way way down? :( why remove console exclusive cosmetics such as pets instead of adding those to pc though? how does the guinneapig/turkey/rocket turtle hurt gamebalance. (and if...
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    1.3.6 Background Preview

    this'd better come with backgrounds for hallow and corruption too(they were already stuck with only 2 while crimson had 3) except certain types of shark and lizard which are technically immortal ;)
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    [Sprites] -The Cyber- a worthy adversary for the Crimson

    given the odds I'd rather not waste successfully getting a hallow alt on such a terrible fit. it'd make a lovely clentaminator-exclusive artificial biome though
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    Is Cheating Moral if used for Testing?

    can't see why anybody would care if you're doing it in single player anyway "oh noes you're having badwrongfun call the poliece" __________________________________________________________________ although for a "challange run" it kinda defeats the purpose unless it's part of the challange...
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    1.3.4 is LIVE!

    anybody messing around with seeds find an easteregg world yet?
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    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    feature request: skip button. if one of the processes gets most of the way through and hangs it'd be nice to be able to tell it to just give up and move on with generating the world ____________________________ it keeps just hanging for me for some reason. haven't quite found a common...
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    PC Wireless buttons

    I'd rather have line of sight beams for long straight distances than just a no questions asked no setup required wireless code
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    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    question:what layer is paint pasted in? request: can you add a filter to paint only a certain kind of block? request2: can you add an "irregular" shape to the list of brushes? request3: can you add a tool to quickly mass remove specific decorations? also I like that you added diagonal brushes...
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    Official The Path Ahead: Major News Updates for Console & Mobile

    so tldr 505 is saying "we're screwing you guys over and abandoning the older consoles, but the good news is...well you know all those things that have been broken for years? we're fixing some of them before we go! horaaay aren't we awesome?"
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    WIP pseudoname's unsorted jumble of suggestion

    firefly statue :) no wolf statue :(
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    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    what if it was a max area/number of tiles instead? tie them together so increasing the width decreases the hight
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    [Question] Which mobs spawns on what surfaces?

    I at least know granite and marble mobs only spawn below surface layer(had a minibiome glitch and generate on the surface and got nothing. used tedit to make the minibiomes on the surface and still nothing)
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    Tool [Discontinued] TCCL - Terraria Custom Content Loader there something like this out for 1.3 yet anywhere? op wasn't waiting for the wiring update was he?
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