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Hello fellow friends of TCF! If it wasn't obvious enough, this is where you can learn a little more about me. You can view some things about me in the spoilers listed below.

As you know, I am Supreme Overlord Shadere (SOS). I am more commonly referred as ShadowCroc or Kevin. I am the type of person who doesn't judge others to harshly, unless you're just being a smart :red:. I have many interests, but the most identifiable interests of mine include gaming, anime, and music. As for gaming, I pretty much like most games. The first games I ever played is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Spyro. I am pretty much a fan of most anime. I may or may have not watched Boku no Pico. Although my taste in music is focused on Japanese music, I still like most music. Some of my favorite artists include EGOIST, Nano, and Hiroyuki Sawano.

Mayumi/Mayu Takahata
Age: 21
Race: Human
Typical Attire: A pink sweater, trench coat, jeans, brown boots, a silver flower, and a hair accessory
Likes: Fruit, nature, fighting alone, lewd jokes, swords, and epic abilities
Dislikes: Stealth missions, pasta, rapists, arachnids, and fancy clothing
Abilities: Advanced melee combat techniques, giving and taking abilities (The ability that her spirit uses)
Backstory: Mayu is a mysterious women who is a descendant of the Takahata family. She works for the SRA (Spirit Research Association) where she eliminates evil spirits that possess human beings. After a terrorist attack at a school, she decides to take in a boy named Kevin. Not much else is known about her or the spirit that she holds within her soul.

Weapon Form: Sakura Blossom
Weapon Type: Gunblade


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3DS Friend Code: 1263 - 8090 - 8348
Discord: Supreme Overlord ShadowCroc#0766

I am not a pine
I am not a pow (powpowitsme)
I am not a xeno (XenoCat)
I am not a cringer (Cryx)
I am not an invincible (TTStooge the Invincible)
I am not a door (Hello the Terrarian)
I am not a steve (PikminThePikmin)
I am not a dish_ao_T. (Dish0ut)
I am not a private (Privy)
I am not a digit (Redigit)
I am not a night (Freenight)
I am not a dan_E.L. (Daniel Terrarian iOS)
I am not an eclipse (gallantEclipse)
I am not a toni (MrToni250)
I am not an omni (Omnir)
I am not a cube (The Ice Cube)
I am not a smasher (Treesmasher)
I am not a be_sicks (TheBezixx)
I am not a w1ck (W1K)
I am not a nightmare (CraftedNightmare Here!)
I am not a dragon (DarkDragonVG)
I am not a nerve (Nirvloyd)
I am not a mew (Myu)
I am not a frybacon (Baconfry)
I am not a will_E.M. (WilliamD)
I am not a chasm (Chazm)
I am not a mat_s00 (Matsu)
I am not a vr-dg (DG-VR)
I am not an engie_L. (Enjl)
I am not a criddle (EpicCriddle)
I am not a tsuki_no (Kyouko Tsukino)
I am not a soo-key (Tsuki)
I am not a snicker (Snickerbobble)
I am not a kitsu-nee (The Kitsune)
I am not a bisharp (TheQuietBisharp)
I am not a sock (Sock_Bunny)
I am not a SENPAI (Senpai of all trades)
I am not a voff_E. (Voffie)
I am not a raiz0r (Yoraiz0r)
I am not a king (Tunnel King)
I am not a pokemon (Charmander27)
I am not a cents (Cenx)
I am not an agent (agent_alx)
I am not an agitated_dot (ajidot)
I am not a ban_she (00Banshee00)
I am not a krone_oh (Crowno)
I am not a town (D-Town)
I am not a mayor (Gmayor61)
I am not a spark (Color Spark)
I am not a cactus (CTRLcactus)
I am not a line_force (Leinfors)
I am not a low_key (Loki)
I am not a boy_link (linkboy84)
I am not a meta (MetaKnight956)
I am not a mill_T. (Milt69466)
I am not a teria_splicer (SpliceCraftTeria)
I am not a nyan (Neon)
I am not a sama_dinkle (Dinkle-sama)
I am not a kenward_edway (Edward Kenway)

If you have any questions about me, you can message me via PM.
Thank you all for making these forums a beautiful place!

And most importantly, a big thank you to all of those I've met throughout my days on TCF. Thanks to all of you I've changed for the better. I've grown out of a state in my life where I had nothing but selfishness and greed. I know understand from all the friends I've met here that there's more to life than just material needs. I've learned that I'm blessed with some of the most amazing people in the world. No matter what I will try my best from now on, even if I have a time in my life where I lose confidence. I hope to someday give back a little of what you all gave to me.
Thank you all for everything!​
Jul 31, 1996 (Age: 27)
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