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PC 1.3: Which Item is Now the Rarest?


The reason y’all complaining about the tune wizard is because you’re never underground. After you get the hardmode ores, you’re never really down there ever. In my recent play through (On PS4) I was looking for Souls for a biome mimic key and found 3 in less than an hour.


I'd say nymph banner should be higher than Tim because you can increase Tim's spawnrates with a gem robe


Nymph banner is definitely harder to get than Rune Wizard/Tim because Tim and Rune Wizard will teleport to you when they spawn, where the Nymph will sit offscreen where she spawns - a spot that's too far away from your summon to aggro, even if it can go through walls. If you're standing still or if you travel in the opposite direction as her, she'll eventually despawn. This is very different from most enemy spawn behavior, because they'll move towards you if they can, and will likely be close enough to you once the twelve-second immunity is up to avoid the despawn. In the case of the caster AI, they teleport to you no matter where they spawn, so they'll essentially never despawn from inactivity.

That said, I think the Undead Miner Banner is way harder to get than any of these. God, but those things never show up. As for the rarest item, I'd probably nominate the Lucky Coin.

(Pinky Banner is relatively easy because Pinky can spawn aboveground. If you build, you'll get one eventually. Think my current world has 85 Pinky kills.)


I had 8 solar tablets after going through the golem and we got a scythe on all 4 we actually fought

Answer coin gun
He is talking about 1.2, and there were now solar tablets in 1.2. Nowadays it's way easier to get solar event weapons.


It's obvious that banners of rare mops are the rarest items, but considering they're a 100% drop every 50 enemies, the only rare thing with them is the mob. Also unobtainable items aren't the rarest. So, for me the rarest 1.2 items are:
Rod of Dicord
Ocram's Mask
Pulse Bow

I haven't played trough 1.3 completly, but here's some of the stuff I know/think:
Still Pulse Bow
Slime Staff


With 1.3 up, there have been so many rare items released, and lots of the old rare ones have had their drop rates increased.

Before then it was obvious:

1. Nymph Banner
2. The Axe
3: Coin Gun

And there is so much more.

But with 1.3 nerfing all the item drop rates, the chart is all different.

Here are my top 3, in my opinion.

1. Rune Wizard Banner
2. Tim Banner
3. Nymph Banner

Why is the Nymph banner number 3?
Because Nymphs, contrary to popular belief, are not as rare as the Rune Wizard and Tim.
In my recent playthrough, I've found one Tim, 0 Rune Wizards, and 8 Nymphs.

So what do you think is the rarest item in the game.
Love to hear what you think.
we all know its the copper shotsword


Normally, I go straight to Silver/Tungsten. Unless I get exceptionally lucky with a world, or I'm taking my time, it's usually far too difficult to find the sheer amount of Gold/Platinum to make armor out of.

My first priority for that is to make a pickaxe so it doesn't take so long to tunnel anywhere, and you won't be getting a better pickaxe unless you get insanely lucky with the Reaver Shark, or you kill the EoW/BoC which most people won't be doing at that early in the game unless they're trying to speedrun and/or skip progression stages.

Then, once I get a gold pickaxe, my next priority is a gold stopwatch, because that's generally useful and it's used in the cell phone.

IF, after getting those two items, I don't have a suit of Silver/Tungsten yet and I'm getting lots and lots of Gold or Platinum because I'm extremely lucky.... then I'll do one of those armor sets if it looks reasonably feasible. Usually not, I'd say 1 in 10 playthroughs this happens. IIRC there's what, 2-3 defense difference between the two tiers of armors? The difference is not really worth noting.

Aiden L

Official Terrarian
I agree with the banners and all that, but you can FARM for those. They may take a while, but when you build a farm they're easy to get because you just have to be AFK. I'd say something you couldn't farm would be the rarest, like a traveling merchant item.
According to the wiki, the rarest item on PC is the arcane runic wall, with a 0.5% change. However, on console, there is a MUCH lower, 0.05% chance of selling the old armor sets (Titan, dragon, and spectral)
And that's assuming he spawns, with a 22.12% chance every day, which is 24 minutes long. So, pretty rare.
I've been trying to get the lucky coin from pirate invasions for WEEKS now. It's actually rarer than the discount card and gold ring FOR SOME REASON and I need it for my afk money farm. I'm getting annoyed just writing about it. Well, off to grind more Invasions for three hours and get nothing!
Im surprised no one said slime its a 1out of 1983847289374748373728% chance
no, its a 1 in 16472826352728946735282927456378392735628305784947392028465749403736475895948474657569504938465465859404038374658584930303947857585489493022093948578574894848939387548397379507483972097209780019873467895740196845783974385020978540890723954078954782078905782909839302934839483938493202% chance
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