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If anyone would, could I have a Wyvern in an infinity symbol? You know, eating itself, for refernecr look up oraborus (I think that's how you spell it) Symaler but I want a Terraria wyvern please
If anyone would, could I have a Wyvern in an infinity symbol? You know, eating itself, for refernecr look up oraborus (I think that's how you spell it) Symaler but I want a Terraria wyvern please
That would be an Uroboros/Ouroboros, the serpent which devours it's own tail. Have this reference picture.
Alrighty then. Posting here because I'm always late to request on actual artist threads.

So, any art would be appreciated, be it traditional, digital or pixel art.
Things to keep in mind are that the right eye is cyan (
#00FFFF) and the left is mint (#00FFAB), and, due to being a dragon, both tail and wings would also be appreciated.

Dovan scurf.png
Full body picture for any willing to do something as such. (I prefer this style.)
ajidot true 2.jpg
Alternate style for those who want to do that. This one is probably useful for tail reference.

Thanks in advance to any who will do or try to complete my request. PM me if you have any questions/want to try.
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Status: OPEN.
I'm currently working on a fishing mod and in need of some sprites for the mod. The mod includes a fishing shelf and some fish thus far.
I don't really have any idea what I want for the art so I give full creative control to anyone who wants to try their hand at it!
Please note the fishing shelf can be 32x32 or 64x64 and the fish preferably 32x32.
When the mod is released you will be given full credit!
Status: Open
I would like a picture of my OC in any style
Relic Drawing.jpg


^Something like this, but with a helmet of the above and a longer cloak.^
Thank you if you accept!
Status: OPEN
Could I get my Character Luminium with these mix ins from other universes plz?
Capture 2016-04-22 16_42_37.png

Gear: Chlorophyte Helmet, Obsidian outlaw coat, stardust leggings, vortex booster, all w/ cyan and black dye, suspicious looking tentacle, and could I get him with the eye eff of Yoraiz0r's spell in a teal color?
Weapon: Influx waiver
His left arm is a mechanical arm that looks like this:

Over it is something that looks like this, in a Cyan and Black color scheme:
, and the stone inlay is like this

Thank you and I will be waiting!
Hey i was wondering if anyone could turn this sword into pixel art for me :D if you were to do it i would like it to be a decent sword size that could be put into terraria. thanks


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Status: Closed

Can Someone Draw Kay Faraday The Great Thief Yatagarasu
Thanks if someone do it
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Status: Open

I'm an admin at Pedguin's Minigame Server, and we need a graphics person for various things, such as banners and so on. This is a long-term position, so we'd have to keep in constant communication to keep up with new requests. Essentially, you'd be made a part of the team. As a reference, here are some of the graphics we've done on our Twitter page.
May I request sprite sheets? If so then I would like one for the DBZ Trunks I made a while back :D
Here's the sprite

If sheets are not allowed, then I would like a terraria style version of this but with gold fur instead of white.


Status : OPEN
Hi, I'd like to request an armor set, colorwise, I would like it to be based around the colors, purple, black, red, and gray. I would like the armor to look Phantom-like. For the helmet, maybe a spectre hood kind of design. The breastplate, maybe a spikey-robe looking breatplate. For the leggings, like something similar to the way the Solar Flare Leggings kind of slant downward, and trail behind the character. By the way, I am a Spriter, but I don't make armor just yet.

Status : CLOSED
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This will be OPEN forever because I want various types of it.
Hello, I'd like to request variations of the Lunatic Devote... Also I want a 200x200 version of the original Lunatic Devote. And the last request is...... I want a NPC version of the Lunatic Devote. If someone could do they for me I would be forever pleased. (Sorry if the english is weird because I'm Brazilian!)
Will someone please make for me it is ( the eoc, Wof, scelitron, EOW, and twins, and brain, that'd be it)

This is OPEN for anyone who wants to make it
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a flaming skeletron prime (head only, cyan flame) with a closed mouth this is OPEN to anyone forever for different outcomes
Avatar Profile Picture
Easily visible
Colors: Any
Picture itself
It can be anything, a pattern, related to anything object, a face, a logo, etc
I'd also prefer if the picture isn't "Pixelated" , ex: 16x16 pixels
Status: Open
Private Message me here or
That picture uses colors like pink which I don't prefer, but it's an anime I like, is why the reason for colors is anything

There is no picture on that.
Will Close when finished.

I would like my Terraria Character:
Edit: Seems I have a Discount Card there, that would normally be a Charm of Myths, TBH, any accessory is optional, they aren't important to this particular piece of art.

Handing The Mechanic a random Hardmode Weapon (preferably sellback price 2+ Gold, choose your own) behind the Mechanic is a chest or crate of some sort with a ton of random Hardmode Weapons sticking out, Mechanic has a worried/concerned face.

This would go in my Signature >Signature>Art Made For Me>(Your Username) Just to be clear.

If you want a story, its not much but here it is: I have a large box split into "houses" with all my NPC's in them, the Mechanic is the closest, so I sell all my stuff to her, however, I've found myself selling items to her (on other worlds) even though she ISNT the closest, she's now my go-to for keeping my illegal sales on the down-low, I've paid her not to tell the other NPC's, like the Guide, the Arms Dealer, the Demolitionist and probably the Dryad, because they'll kill me, the Witch Doctor or the Clothier could put a Curse on me, even the Arms Dealer (i've legit had him totally bug out in the creepiest way, if you want, I could PM you the details of that one.)
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