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This is a thread for you to post a general art request to any and all artists on TCF.

Rules and Guidelines:
  • Do not post or request pornographic or indecent imagery.
  • Do not post to discuss art requests, whether praising or criticizing.
  • Do not complain about a lack of request fulfillment. Posting your requests here does not mean they are guaranteed to be fulfilled.
    • Please make sure your requests are as detailed as possible. Do you want a specific art style, what things should it feature, should it have an overall theme, and/or a particular color scheme? The more info you give the better an Artist can judge whether or not they can fulfill your request(s).
    • It is allowable to include an image for reference purposes.
    • Avoid posting more than once per day. Use the Edit button on your initial request if you come up with new requests or want to make changes to your original request(s).
    • When you agree to let an Artist fulfill your request, edit it so that it shows it has been commissioned.
Hi I'd like to request a picture of a lion cub sucking its thumb! It would be great if it could be similar in coloring to this:

Request Status: Open/Closed/Completed
I can give a tip about requesting things:

When requesting:
  • don't make requests too long or too detailed. a full background request or a lot of characters are less likely to be drawn.
  • don't make requests too short, a single sentence don't seem to have enough information.
  • if possible, give a good reference image, only having a line of text can be hard to puzzle out what you exactly want.
    • Do not respond to requests in this thread. Instead please PM the poster of the request for further details and/or to offer fulfillment.
    • When you fulfill the request to the posters satisfaction you may, with their permission, quote their request and share the final product in a post on this thread.
To discuss possible rule changes or any other subjects about this thread please go to the Art Request Megathread Rule Suggestions/Discussion.
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This request will stay open as I want many drawings of it ;)
I'd love a scientist... If I haven't requested with you already. I'd like it a drawing, preferably in colour, but otherwise I don't mind. You can look in the spoiler in my sig if you want some inspiration.
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I'd love a scientist... If I haven't requested with you already. I'd like it a drawing, preferably in colour, but otherwise I don't mind. You can look in the spoiler in my sig if you want some inspiration.
Basically my profile pic as a terraria npc holding 2 shotguns with an explosion in the background with "highspy" written on a wall in the dungeon made with bullet holes
A shiny mega absol. Doing evil things
All of you are missing the necessary tag of whether your request is still open or not, please add that in. @HighSpy & @DawnDaEvil, I suggest you give a better explanation of what kind of style you're looking for, such as sprited, 'painted', drawn, or digital art. If you don't have a specification then please edit your posts saying so.
I'd like this character drawn, if possible, in an anime style, digital.


My character is wearing spooky armor, pygmy necklace, steampunk goggles, and leaf wings for reference. I'd like the vampire knives in it as well, same with the cursed sapling. ^_^
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My character

Necro helmet ( black )
Hallowed chest plate ( black and red )
Hallowed leggings (black and red )
Demon wings and my Pygmy.
He's a melee and ranged guy so use any weapon from:
Possessed hatchet
Spectral bow
Pirate cutlass
Tizona or
Pump action shotgun :)
The Pygmy could be throwing a spear or something.
I wouldn't mind it in a dark way killing any enemy you feel like :)

As for style I wouldn't mind it drawn like lowkey or something pretty similar

Anyway I'm OPEN btw :)
I would like a zombie sheep in any style you like. If you show any bone in it make it black/dark gray. This will always be open because I want many of them. If you need more info please pm me.

Since this is a artrequest to all artists cause im not able to achieve this or maybe no one can achieve but... ok ok ill get to the request

request: can i get a logo like this
but i want it like this
which means i want it saying elemental like this(WITH the colours): Elemental! just like the big elemental logo and i basically want the terraria forum logo and the elemental logo COMBINED!
im sorry if this made no sense.
My rebuild of my Hardmode Jungle Mod is coming along; enough that several things are working, and the unresolved programming questions and sprite requests are piling up. I organized them and put them at the bottom of my mod description so they're all in one place. If any artists / coders want to help, it would be very um... helpful.

Contact me for more details it's too much for one post.
I'd like an average terrarian sprite without hair, but with it's body parts split into separate pictures, with transparent background. maybe edited a bit so it looks good when they're moved around.
This is to make a Mine-Imator (A minecraft-animating program) Terraria Rig ..

This request will always be open.
Please PM me any results.
I would like Sheldon Cooper, drawn or sprited, preferably in color, but if not, I understand. You do NOT need to ask me if you can make it, simply PM me by clicking this button.

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I'd like to request my personal OC, Tyrux, the Grand Paladin of The Purity! This request will always be Open, I'd like to see many takes on it. Any style is fine although pixel and digital are preferred. General appearance would be similar to the Paladin enemy, but player sized, with armor coloration similar to the Terra Blade, wielding the Terra Blade and holding a shield with a Tree emblem in the center. If you'd like, feel free to include his pet Baby Dinosaur, or his Wyvern. If you do add a background (this probably is irrelevant for pixel art) a Forest biome near a Living Tree would be nice, or riding over a forest biome on his Wyvern. Alternatively you could do him fighting a boss, which could be any, although preferably the Eater of Worlds, Eye of Cthulhu, The Twins or Duke Fishron (or your take on Cthulhu :p).
I'd like to request myself riding on a mythical dragon with wings and such, which matches my armor set -
Zenvon's Dev Armor.png

Primary Color: White
Secondary Color: Blue
Tridary Color: Red
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