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I'm making this thread because Derpling Ω, Dragonfirestaken and Storm Diver all have 30+ pages of replies on the first page of the ama section as of writing this,(How on earth do you even get that many replies!) Being the mad space alien gamer mug I am I see this as a challenge.

Ask a many questions as your heart desires!
Why are you an E.T. Mimic?
No, not an E.T. Mimic, I am heavy weapons guy.
What would you do if you were put into a dishwasher?
Squeaky clean.
Do you have a pet at home?
Yes, not as many as I used to have unfortunately.
do you have any frineds we could meet?
favorite book and least favorite book?
No and No thanks.
My favourite book would either have to be the entire keys to the kingdom series (read that a while ago though.) or it would be or Howls Moving Castle.
opinion on minecraft and old gen consoles?
Minecraft is very entertaining and redstone is possibly my favourite system in any game, but I don't fully see it as a game but rather a creative outlet where you can make anything you want (not being limited by what the devs have made but making something seperate.), I'd imagine I'm not the only one either which is why so many mods have been made.
I have ps3 which I love.
Is being a mimic fun?
Well I would like bones, but other than that I love hugging people till they faint.
favorite class?
Mage has as much variety as I could ever want so I'd have to go with that.
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