Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

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  1. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    Opened more than 3,000 presents (At least 1,000 for each colour)
    (Out of presents now lol)
    To keep it short, i got a total of 6 dog whistles. Not a single 1.3 weapon.
    :( oh well
  2. Crooke

    Crooke Skeletron Prime

    Candy cane pickaxe, Screw it, I'm taking it, I only had a copper pickaxe anyways >.>
  3. SafetyTheFlameWolf

    SafetyTheFlameWolf Skeletron Prime

    Rip. Kind of had a feeling that it wasn't legit, but of well.
  4. Lyven

    Lyven Terrarian

    I can promise you that all those presents are legit. I accumulated them since reaching hardmode (Continuously opening them was consuming too much chest space).

    Plus i got that afk farm.

    Havent had anything special at all.
  5. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I think what Safety meant was that the old drops from when this thread started years ago were not legit. Not that your recently opened ones weren't legit.
  6. SafetyTheFlameWolf

    SafetyTheFlameWolf Skeletron Prime

    Exactly. I was also talking about the supposed 1.3 Drops that you can apparently get, but I've opened around 3k Presents so far and not found a single 1.3 item that is rumored to drop. According to a user on the Discussion Page on Gamepedia Present Page it can apparently happen, though I said that there should be verification for it first.
  7. Rushington

    Rushington Spazmatism

    If you are talking about chests, then it is the Drax. But if you are talking about Holiday presents, then its the Red Ryder.
  8. FreshVeggie

    FreshVeggie Terrarian

    I was playing today and got a drax out of a yellow present.
  9. Celestial Creator

    Celestial Creator Skeletron

    Never gotten anything out of a present non-Christmas related.
  10. Flaming_Glacier

    Flaming_Glacier Terrarian

    Candy Cane Sword and Red Ryder. Got those 2 in a row right before an EoC fight.
  11. Speedrun

    Speedrun Terrarian

    Snowmancanon, together with my Coingun the best weapon i have so far. Was very happy, but then i realized that the Ice Queen drops it. Have now 8 or so in chests laying around and one with unreal modifier with me hahaha
  12. I once got suspicious looking skulls pre-hardmode. Since I was younger at the time, I thought Ocram wouldn't be too hard. Lets just say that I didn't even see him before I died.
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