Mobile Best thing you have ever got from presents

Not of when it came from the present but here it is.


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I got a block.
Still, it was pretty nice because I did not know the Christmas update was still out...yes I find it nice a bat shares the holiday spirit with me...
Random Number Generator (or Random Number God, since the numbers it makes govern much of what happens in a game).

[eta/on-topic] Toolbox or Candy Cane Hook, though that's on PC rather than mobile.
I got the best thing... RED Candy Cane blocks! And a piece of gold ore, snow globe, Mechanical Worm and GREEN Candy Cane Blocks!
Sdmg= Gun. It can't get the legendary mod its best mod is Unreal
IK, if you see a guy on the mobile servers named Sam that has a red and black hallowed mask and a normal reaper robe, he's the hacker who's joining people's servers and dropping unlegit items
How so Axios?

Don't get me wrong. I use to love mobile. So I'm not saying I hate it. So don't hate on me.

But everything is stuffed into presents. Their handing things to people when they should work for them. There is no challenge. Everything is infinitely easier. Just seems like a waste of time now.

Now if they stop giving handouts and add a challenge it would be perfect
I got me some bugged Holly...
When I place it, it does not disappear from my inventory. It does add one when I destroy one however...

And... as it sells for 10 silver each, Santa basically got me unlimited money! ;)

What, an exploit? Oh no no no, I consider this a feature!
Candy cane hook but it only has one hook and its a lot slower than my skeletron hands wich are pretty slaphappy and cule.

Hmm, i just boxed it. Kinda was hoping for puppy flute but i dont know if thats on ps4, gotta keep getting those presents.
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