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PS4 Bringing Back a couple of things.

Do you want these features back?

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Hi there, I have terraria on Ps4, and I would love it if the boss Ocram was brought back, since me and my friend fought him all the time. I was also wondering if the menu before the 1.13 update could be implemented back in, as an option so people who like the new one can use the new one and people who like the older can use the older one, thanks for hearing me out.


I'm sorry but the reason for ocram leaving was so that the moon lord could be added. If ocram was brought back it would be to the expense of moon lord, the cultist(s), the portal gun, cat sword, and all those sweet items. So wich is better ocram wich you can get almost all the items without using souls of blight or keep the ML and his drops wich you can't get any way else
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