Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

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Greetings, almighty devs! A couple of questions for you!

What was the hardest part about creating AI for the bosses?

What do you feel like is the most unique/best designed sprite?

Thank you!
Thank you so much to Re-Logic and Mr. Redigit for creating this awesome game, and thank you to the Terraria Discord and Terraria Community Forums for this opportunity. I only started playing Terraria at the end of 2019, and I have been hooked ever since. I have quite the number of questions to ask. I do not expect them all to be answered,
  1. How do you work as a team? Is everyone fine with each other or do you experience conflicts working with each other? If so, how do you resolve them?
  2. How do you feel about Terraria modding changing how vanilla works? Would you encourage players to modify vanilla or would your rather players mod the game within the vanilla vicinity?
  3. When it comes to Re-Logic, I see there are spriters and programmers, but are there people whose work is specifically coming up with ideas in the team?
  4. Are there any interesting features or content in mods that you would add to vanilla if you could?
  5. What is your most favourite part about the game? Are there any fun references that you enjoy putting in the game?
  6. Do you think Terraria has truly reached its final stage and is fully completed, or do you feel as if there are still more things to add but supposedly couldn't?
  7. Since Mr. Redigit has supposedly decided to stop working on Terraria, would any other developers be interested in continuing his legacy (developing more Terraria updates), or are there other plans for the future?
  8. I know the official Terraria lore exists, but I wanted to know if there was always a lore or if you just came up with it because fans kept asking for one?
  9. Is it in your best interest to pick back up Terraria: Otherworld? I know the game is officially canceled, but I like to hope that someday it would be resumed again.
  10. Are there any plans of anymore resprites such as possibly changing Empress of Light's nose(mouth)?
  11. Just a quick suggestion, but since Terraria 1.2 ended with 1.2.4 and 1.3 ended with 1.3.5, wouldn't it be appropriate for 1.4 to end with 1.4.6?
  12. Did you have fun along the journey before it ended?
How do you come up with Boss ideas?

I just imagine, "Hey, I like Pantera and it sounds like Plantera, we should make a Rock 'n roll themed Plant boss!"


And that was the birth of Plantera.
1. Как долго вы пытаетесь достичь баланса в своем проекте и с какими трудностями сталкивались на этом пути?
2. Is the second phase of the Plantera a easter egg to the keyblade (rumbling rose) from kingdom hearts 2: final mix?
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Gotta say thanks for the amazing game and for the many hours i've spend playing it, as for the questions i got a few.

1. How long on average does it take to create an item sprite?
2. Was the Hero Shield inspired by (Or a reference to) anything?
3. Where there AI changes considered for Master Mode at some point and if so, why were they scrapped?
4. If at any point in the future you do decide to make another update would you want to reimplement any unused content (Lunatic Cultist Treasure Bag, Jungle Mimic etc) or give the Ice Biome more content?
5. Going off the last question, if you made another update would you consider adding options to enable all accessories to be used in vanity slots regardless of whether they are visible, or disable the size restrictions for texture packs?
for the devs: so is terraria fully updated now or will there be no more updates at all p.s what about other world tho?(kinda hopin it will exist)
For grox: how did u come up with ur cool signature skin it looks amazing!
Hi devs.

My question is about the thunderstorm event added in 1.4. The event seems to be purely visual and is no different from regular rain, but the fact that the Guide mentions that "very powerful fiends come out in this weather" (despite the event having no unique enemies) and the existence of "thunderstorm" themed weapons (Thunder Zapper, Storm Spear) lead me to believe that there was originally more planned for this event. Could you shed some light on that?
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1. Are you planning on making a new game for the Terraria series? (like how you were planning on making Overworld but it was cancelled)
2. Was there anything noteworthy that happened while you were developing Terraria?
3. Overworld when
3. To all the members on the Re-Logic team that developed and made sprites for PC Terraria, what is your favorite Terraria Mob, Item, Pet, and/or Dye?
What are your favorite dyes?
What inspired the developers' vanity sets?
How do you feel about the removal of Ocram?
What's your favorite hat irl?
What's your favorite hat in-game?
Do you think pennies should be eliminated?
Which toilet paper orientation do you prefer?
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