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Duke Fishron
BbK Construction Transparent.png

Welcome to my old (patch 1.2) build thread!

This thread contains the in-game creations I made during my 1.2 days, before my computer was fried, and I lost all of my Terraria data. Since the completion of my new computer, and the addition of patch 1.3, I have since created a new build thread, which will house my newer builds. Be sure to check out Khaios' Build Spectacle! ^.^

If you have any build requests, please check my new thread to see if I am currently accepting them, and make your request to that thread, or by a personal message to me.

There are quite a few downloads available for these builds, in a spoiler below. Unfortunately, any build here that didn't make it to the download tab wasn't backed up, and since that data was lost, I cannot add them for download.

I hope you enjoy viewing my builds!

Note: if you want to get a closer view of any images in thumbnails, open them in a new tab/window. You'll be able to zoom in from there.

Builds: In order of Completion

Very large NPC village, and my current main base of operations.

My Truffle's house is sandwiched between the jungle and a crimson biome. Why? Because!

Shroom House.jpg
I've had this in mind for quite a while, but never got around to building it...until now!
I thought it'd be fun to alter a Yin Yang to show the balance between corruption and hallow.

This was my entry into the 2014 Halloween contest.
It's based off of Halloween Town in Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas"


This is one of my submissions to Terraria Online's CC. The theme was "Hell."
The barge of the dead is approaching the gates of hell, if you didn't catch that from the title ;)
UPDATE: I've posted the v3 of this build. I was unable to include the minimap in this version, because it was too large for these forums to support.
You can check out the previous versions in the thumbnails below. Thanks to @jokekid for suggesting more decor.
Gates of Hell v3.jpg

Gates of Hell v2.jpg
Gates of Hell.jpg
A request made by @Apoyander (Sorry about the break I had to take in between). You can also view this build on the May 2015 CC thread. This was built on a freshly created world, so nothing has been touched. The world is large, and happens to contain crimson. Feel free to Tedit the build into a different world, if you so choose. You can find the link to the download in the "Downloads" spoiler below. No NPCs were harmed in the....okay, that's a lie, had to keep killing the dye trader, guide, merchant, and nurse so that they wouldn't be in the world for screenshots and upload. Zoomed in screenshots in a bonus spoiler ↓ below ^.^ Hope you enjoy!


Teleporter (from ground level to storage room):
Teleporter Room Final.jpg

Map of the build:

Map Final.jpg

Castle in the Clouds E.jpg
Castle in the Clouds E2.jpg
Castle in the Clouds NW.jpg
Castle in the Clouds SW.jpg
Castle in the Clouds S.jpg
A request made by @Unit One for a building on the beach with a dock he can fish from. The build is currently available for download. Night screenshots available in the thumbnail below.
Sleepy Pelican Day.jpg

Sleepy Pelican Night.jpg
The winning entry for Pedguin and Baih's Terraria Build Competition #1. I was working on the Sleepy Pelican when I stumbled across the thread for this build competition (build a PvP fort, reasonably sized), and decided to give it a shot, using the same theme I was currently building with. The only style of fort I could think of that looked like my fishing shack would be a pirate fort, of course! While I was figuring it out, the hideout for the Lost Boys from Peter Pan kept coming to mind, so I tried to make it look like the pirates built their fort using shipwrecks, and whatever materials they could find laying around the island. Not quite as "neat" or intricate as my other builds, but that doesn't mean it's lacking in detail, or effort. You may just need to look closer to find it.

The map is set up for two team PvP play (CTG). Without further adieu:


New Providence Night.jpg New Providence Map.jpg
A request by @Minh for a "Hellish Castle in Hell." TEdit was used to sculpt the land/lava in the area, just to save time and effort. The rest of the build was done in game. Full NPC housing, small storage/crafting room, teleporters from the castle to the Overworld. This build is available for download. Spawn point is in the Overworld to the left of the hell teleporter ruins. NPCs can move in, and they do stop mob spawning, but that means bunnies, fish and worms (rainy day) can spawn as well, and it may look a little off. Remember, this is hell, and it will be dangerous until you have NPCs move in (there are currently none). Be especially wary when you decide to activate the wall of flesh. If it crosses through the castle, it will completely butcher any NPC currently housed there...but then again, maybe that's what you wanted in the first place? Maps and screenshots of the teleporter ruins (night and day) are in the thumbnails ↓ below.


Hell Shrine Night.jpg Hell Shrine Day.jpg Infernus Map Final.jpg
This is the 3rd place entry for Pedguin and Baih's Build Competition #2. This time around, we had three themes to choose from: lighthouse, igloo, and garden (me selection is obvious). Most materials in game were off limits for this competition, so it really forces you to think outside the box. You can see exactly what materials were allowed by opening the spoiler ↓below.
You're allowed to do anything that can be achieved with these tools/items:
-Staff of Regrowth
-Water Bucket
-Any Paints
-Anything that shows wiring when held

You can use any of these blocks/walls:
-Dirt Block/Wall
-Stone Block/Wall
-Wood/Wood Wall (Only normal wood)
-Gray Brick/Wall
-Slime Block/Wall
-Adamantite Beam/Wall
-Titanium Ore
-Blue Dynasty Shingles
-Wooden Spike
-Slush Block
-Krampus Horn Wallpaper
-Pearlwood Fence

You can use any of these furniture items/decroation:
-Any Glass Furniture
-Any Bone Furniture
-Any Torch
-Crystal Ball
-Clay Pot
-Any Butterfly Jar
-Mannequin/Womannequin with any vanity or armour
-Ship in a Bottle
-Fish Bowl

Anything that naturally grows from these items is allowed e.g. Trees from Acorns, Vines from Grass.

We were provided a super flat world containing a bunch of barrels full of the allowed materials. We were also not allowed to use naturals biome materials in our build (i.e. couldn't build the igloo in a snow biome, or lighthouse on/near sand). I built a little ocean biome with mainly stone, and it grew from there. I used nearly all of the 9990 stone blocks provided to achieve it. I knew I absolutely wanted to try building a couple of trees without living wood, leaf wand, and grass walls (not allowed anyway) so I gave it a go. Thankfully, none of the paints were restricted!


Lighthouse Map.jpg
A request by @Catz for a build based on the 1986 Jim Henson film "Labyrinth." The build is a scene-by-scene build of the movie, going from left to right. If you have not seen the movie, I recommend it. This build is actually quite long. In fact, it's the longest build I've ever done, taking up 1/4 of my random build world. Clicking on the image to take a closer look will zoom it in all the way, so it may take a while to load. I also recommend clicking on the far left side, so that it zooms in on the area where the build "begins." You've been warned! :D

Much like my Nightmare Before Christmas build, this one is nice to look at, but is not intended to be played on.

A request by @Wilson for an Army Fort. A short and simple build, showcasing my first attempts at some vehicles. I'm rather pleased with how they turned out. Similar to several of my other builds, this is not intended to be played on. The image used in the CC is the thumbnail containing all the vehicles. I've included some additional screenshots of the vehicles alone, the map, as well as a silly scene found ↓below.

Fort Wilson Map.jpg

Army Vehicles.jpg
A fun little scene inspired by a comment made by @Uncle_Slime regarding the fort after I posted a progress screenshot (yes the fort changed a lot since then).
I just slapped some ebonstone beneath the build, and summoned the Eater of Worlds.
Call of Terraria.jpg
The winning entry for Pedguin and Baih's Build Competition #3 - Spaceship. I built an assault frigate, and have christened her "I.S.F. Curator." What's the I.S.F. Stand for? "Imperial Space Fleet." Why name it, give it a class, and even make up a faction? Because...why not? I was feeling particularly geeky when I built this, okay? ^.^

The build is available for download. Should you decide to visit it yourself, bare in mind that there are working parts.
The engines fire up, the reactor turns, and the main cannon fires at an asteroid. You can also use the "elevators" to get from deck to deck.

As usual, you can find the map and some extras ↓below. Enjoy ^.^

ISF Curator Final.jpg

ISF Curator Map.jpg
Curator Shooting.jpg
Curator Charging.jpg Curator Charging 2.jpg
Curator Engines and Reactor.jpg
Request made by @Minh for two modern houses, with an emphasis on furniture. Pretty straight forward, this one. I put trash bins out in the street, because it was trash day when I finished the build, so I thought it'd be a fun addition. You can find screenshots of the individual houses, as well as the map in the thumbnails ↓below. ^.^ Also, should you want it, this build is available for download. You know where to look!

Minh Dr.jpg

Minh Dr Map.jpg
No 1 Minh Dr.jpg
No 2 Minh Dr.jpg



BbK Cherry Blossom Signature.png

BbK Construction Signature Transparent.png

BbK Tank Signature.png

BbK Curator.png
Sand hammered to a half block and painted with a deep paint can make for a pretty convincing carpet (in my opinion). The only issue with it is you cannot place furniture directly on top (since it's a half block). Still, it makes for nice decorating of long hallways, as you can see in a few of my builds.
Sand Carpet.jpg
I have been asked why I often have furniture/beams behind doors leading outdoors. The reason is fairly simple, if you do this, zombies cannot open them during a Blood Moon. That also means you can only open the door in one direction. A simple pressure plate and wire system fixes that. Just make sure you use pressure plates that only players can activate! Also, if you paint the wooden beam, you can make it much less obvious that there is an object there.
Beams and Pressure Plates.png
Quite often, I'll have waterfalls appearing in the background of, say, a bridge. I don't want the waterfall to actually hit the bridge, otherwise there will be a stream of water on it. The solution is simple. Actuate the blocks that the waterfall would hit. To blend those actuated block back into the bridge, either paint them a lighter shade, or paint the surrounding blocks a darker shade. This is not always perfect, but if you experiment enough, you can get it to look quite smooth.
Waterfall Behind Blocks.png
Yes those teleporters are actuated (and yes you can actuate teleporters).
Still a little buggy at the moment. It won't work on multiplayer worlds, due to server lag.
You cannot use it rapidly more than five times. It needs to rest, lol. I'm working on a fix for that as well.
Teleporter Door contraption.jpg
If you've ever worked with living wood, you know it blends with dirt (black outlines go away). This looks really good, most of the time, but in some situations, it can really ruin the look of a build. A good example of this is when I'm building trees, but I want them to be completely in the background (actuated). This is what happens when the tree becomes actuated:
Actuated Tree on Dirt.jpg

You can clearly see how the blended dirt and living wood give a distasteful choppy appearance once the wood moves to the background.
Here is a work around for that issue.

1) Remove all dirt touching the living wood, and replace with clay (mud or grass will not work, as they still blend with living wood--clay does not). There will be a gap between the clay and the dirt now, but if you remove one more dirt block down, and place a clay block in there, the gap will be removed.

2) Paint the clay blocks brown. When you first pain them, there will be a very obvious line between the dirt and the clay. It looks a little funky, but don't worry, if you log out and log back in, it goes away, and you can no longer tell the difference between dirt and clay.

3) Place living wood wall behind the clay blocks (since the clay and living wood are not blended, there will be obvious gaps, which the wall will hide).

UnBlend Wood with Dirt.jpg

That's it ^.^ Everything looks nice and natural again.
Once you've placed a boulder (takes up two blocks) you can alter ONE of the two blocks, hammering it into any shape, or even removing it completely! Be careful, though, because if you hammer the other block at all, the boulder will fall and begin to roll. This means you cannot have a boulder sitting on a single block that has also been reshaped. I'm afraid you'll need TEdit for that. WHY would you want to use this? Well, I'm not certain that you will :p I'm using it for a build, and I thought I'd share.

Boulder on One Block.jpg
You can easily makeshift wooden crates (actuate them if you want them as background furniture). Here is an example. Both sets of crates have wood and pearlwood walls. The outside edges on the left crates are made from cogs. The edges of the right set are made from adamantite beam. Everything is then painted brown.

You can experiment and find even more combinations. Note: If you use adamantite beam, and you want to keep the corners the way the are, you have to place the crates on blocks they cannot blend with (for example the tin plating they are currently sitting on).

Custom Crates.jpg
Midnight Confetti blocks painted gray look like monitors or television screens with static (in my opinion).
Terraria Monitors.gif
First off, here is a LINK for a free web-based Photoshop, in case you don't have one already. It's not what I use, but I have used it in the past, and it works quite well.

The easiest way I found to accomplish it perfectly still takes a bit of work. I start with placing diamond gemspark block behind what I'm going to make transparent. It serves two purposes. One, to light the blocks so there aren't awkward shadows, and two, so it's easier to Photoshop. Transparent Tutorial 0.png

Then, I put on familiar vanity sets, and use an invisibility potion so I don't get in the way for the screenshot.

After that, I take the screenshot to Photoshop. I find it easiest to use an eraser tool to completely white out the edges around the block. Will look like this when I'm done erasing (this takes quite a bit of time): BbK Construction.png

Next, I unlock the background layer (double click the lock icon that I circled): Transparent Tutorial 1.png
Then use the magic wand (also circled), and click on a white area. You'll know if it's selected, because it will look like ants are crawling along the edges of it. Once it's selected, hit [delete]. Do this for all the white areas that you don't want. Once an area is deleted, there will be a gray and white checker pattern in the background. All that means is that the background is transparent, so don't worry. It will not be visible when you view the image outside of Photoshop. Transparent Tutorial 2.png
Crop the image to the size you want, then save, and you're done ^.^ BbK Construction Transparent.png

There may be an easier method to doing this, but this is the way I taught myself to do it :p Also, note that if you want to do this to something that is white, or has a white outline, you'll want to use a gray or black when doing the erasing bits, otherwise the magic wand will auto select areas you don't want.
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Good god, you sure are talented! This build is truly inspiring, I'd love to be as good as you of a builder, I really would! Fantastic work, can't wait to see more.
Was having some issues with Dropbox and Imgur links not working. Probably my fault, but I just switched to direct uploads instead, so the zoomed images should now be working!

Good god, you sure are talented! This build is truly inspiring, I'd love to be as good as you of a builder, I really would! Fantastic work, can't wait to see more.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
this is amazing, both buildings are excellent in their own way, the castle looks gorgeous and is inmense without being repetitive, while the yin yang is so tiny with yet so much detail it's totally overwhelming.

great job on both.
Thank you Voyager and jokekid!

In other news, I've added my entry into the Halloween Contest to this forum, so check it out! I'll add some daytime screen shots to it shortly.
Dude, your halloween entry is so awesome. Why didn't I come up with that? Haha. I love it!
It must've been a pain to build with monsters flying at you everywhere though, maybe you should try out Gameiki, it let's you turn of monsters which is bliss when building in the curroption and such, haha.
Dude, your halloween entry is so awesome. Why didn't I come up with that? Haha. I love it!
It must've been a pain to build with monsters flying at you everywhere though, maybe you should try out Gameiki, it let's you turn of monsters which is bliss when building in the curroption and such, haha.

Glad you liked my entry! Having adds constantly attack me is little annoying, yes, but I found a pretty good tactic. My creations world is not hardmode, which makes it easier, plus, I do this to keep the buggers off me while I build:
5 tornadoes tend to keep me pretty well shielded, lol. I thought of using Gameiki, but there's something fun about fighting off hordes of monsters while making a build. I do enjoy building, but killing stuff is fun too ;) Why not a bit of both?
This is way too good.
I'm not so easily impressed but wow.Those are some grand-:red: builds.If i may ask,can we get a download link for any of these?If its alright with you
(I plan on using the castle npc village as my starter base,since i'm too lazy and don't have enough free time to build for myself)
This is way too good.
I'm not so easily impressed but wow.Those are some grand-:red: builds.If i may ask,can we get a download link for any of these?If its alright with you
(I plan on using the castle npc village as my starter base,since i'm too lazy and don't have enough free time to build for myself)

Thank you!

These builds (minus the castle) are all on the same world, but I won't be sharing the download for that, because of the large number of WIP's I have in it. As for the castle, that world has been played to hell. I've done massive amounts of exploring and harvesting, and all the bosses are dead.

I could, however, get Tedit and copy/paste the castle into a new world for you. Do you prefer small/med/large worlds? I'm about to head off to work, though, so I'll work on that for you later tonight.
Well first of,thank you for putting in the hard work,i'm a bit new to terraria and this would make an awesome starter map
I feel kinda bad having to put you through the extra work,but a large world would be awesome!
Alright Max, I've imported the castle into a new world for you, and added the download above. Let me know if you have any issues! Hope you enjoy it.

Awesome, love your work. Though I'd love to see a higher resolution pic of your castle.

Thank you Rubeszilla. Yeah, I was having issues with my computer the day that I screenshotted the full view of the castle, so it's grainy if you try to zoom in. That's why I have the sub tab with zoomed in shots. Later today, I'll compile a new full view of the castle in better quality.
Added my latest build to the forum, so check it out!

Rubeszilla, I tried again to upload a better quality image of the full length view of the castle, but it's just too large. The website won't even allow a .gif format of it.
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