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    Hello fellow Terrarians! Welcome to my new (and hopefully improved) build thread! With the loss of my old worlds, the completion of my new computer, and the launch of 1.3, I have decided to retire my previous build thread, and begin anew. As with my old build thread, feel free to leave any comments--positive or negative--about my builds, as well as any suggestions or comments. I do accept requests, but please check above as to whether or not I am currently taking them. If I turn down a request, please don't take it personally (I will most certainly tell you why I can't fill that request).

    I will make world saves to most of my builds available upon request (builds that I am doing for adventure maps will not be available until the map is completed).

    New content will be directly added to the original post, in order of oldest to newest, so make sure to check the main page for the fastest access to my new builds!

    Are you looking for my PRE 1.3 builds? I won't be importing them here, but you can still view them on my old thread: Builds by Khaios.

    Border Greek.png
    Builds in Order of Completion
    A short project that I started up when I finally built my new computer, and was able to finally get around to playing 1.3. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I had to take a break again from building. When I got back, I wasn't really motivated to finishing the project. The original goal was to have a custom NPC house for every NPC. I might continue the project at a later date.

    The first of my NPC Showcase builds, picked via random number generator. You can find a night screenshot in a thumbnail below.

    Clothier Day.jpg

    Clother Night.jpg
    The second build in my NPC Showcase. If you're wondering how I got the merchant into the screenshots, I waited very patiently for him to spawn (massive block of plain NPC houses just above this image), dug a hole under his feet, so he'd fall into the build area, then boxed him in so he couldn't leave. I took a few screenshots as he walked around, trapped, until I was happy with the final product. Hope you are too ^.^ There is a night screenshot in the thumbnail below.

    Traveling Merchant Day.jpg

    Traveling Merchant Night.jpg
    This NPC showcase build came to me while I was making gingerbread houses with my niece and nephew. Not my most exotic or detailed build, to be sure, but I had fun building it ^.^ If it's any consolation, my niece and nephew love it ;) As per the usual, there is a night screenshot in the thumbnail below.

    Santa Day.jpg

    Santa Night.jpg
    This one turned out MUCH larger than I originally anticipated! It literally just started with a hole in the ground and the crane, and just drastically expanded from there. I'm not exactly sure what happened...everything's kind of a blurr. *Ahem* Anywho, I hope you enjoy this NPC Showcase: Demolitionist! Don't forget to check out the night screenshots below. ^.^
    Demolitionist Day.jpg

    Demolitionist Night.jpg
    Arrr! This NPC Showcase ended up larger than I expected it to, but I'm more than pleased with the outcome. My first attempt at palm trees, and the skull rock took me hours to get down. Yes, that is in fact a Peter Pan reference! Hope you all enjoy ^.^ The night screenshots only have the exterior, as the cave doesn't change at night.

    Pirate Day.jpg

    Pirate Night.jpg
    For this showcase, I wanted to step out of the usual "angler on the beach." I also wanted to tone down the size, as my last two builds were quite large and detailed, and that's stepping out of the original intent of this series. Hope you enjoy ^.^

    Angler Day.jpg

    Angler Night.jpg
    This showcase was quite the challenge. As with all of these builds, I want the NPC in the screenshot. That meant I had to grab all of my building materials ahead of time, dig a spawn farm, and wait for the merchant to show up. Once he finally did, I trapped him in a tiny box, as I built the cavern around him, lot allowing him to leave my screen the entire time, so he doesn't despawn. You can find thumbnail screenshots of this in a spoiler below. Enjoy ^.^

    Skeleton Merchant.jpg

    SkelMerch1.jpg SkelMerch2.jpg SkelMerch3.jpg SkelMerch4.jpg SkelMerch5.jpg
    This is my first attempt at a underwater base! I started by making the shape of the build with empty "boxes," then using the super absorbent sponge to drain the water from the interior. I'm not exactly sure why I decided to make a deep-sea base for the cyborg, but I'm rather happy with the outcome! If you're wondering what the black thing on the top floor is, it's supposed to be a futuristic submarine. Hopefully it came out well enough >.< Hope you all enjoy ^.^
    At first, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to build for the Arms Dealer, when my RNG drew him as my next build. I took a couple of weeks off from the NPC showcase to work on another project, while I mulled it over. I finally decided on having him set up in the back of a semi truck! ^.^ @Rariaz was the inspiration for the platform style guns.

    Arms Dealer.jpg
    I was hoping to go for something a little different for the steampunker this time around ^.^ Enjoy her hot-air balloon! Night screenshot in the thumbnail below.

    Steampunker Day.png

    Steampunker Night.png
    A quick revival to my NPC showcase, featuring the Tavernkeep. @Jestex requested a tavern for...reasons, and I figured this would be a good place to stick it. ^.^

    Tavernkeep Day.jpg
    Tavernkeep Night.jpg
    These are builds for the Super Terraria World mod (STW). Custom Sprites by @Jestex and coding by @Flippi @CursedMoose

    A request for a water-powered lumber mill, by @Flippi as an addition to the client mod Super Terraria World. It will be implemented into a future update of the mod. Because the build is being reserved for the mod, I won't be offering a download at this time. You will be able to access the build in game via the STW mod, when it has been updated. In addition, I plan on doing several builds for this mod, so keep an eye out for more! Hope you all enjoy ^.^
    STW Sivania Lumber.jpg
    This is the mining town in Sivania for the modded adventure map "Super Terraria World." The build was a request by @Flippi for a 1.3 update to their previous mining town. Before you ask, yes the mine is the same that I used in my NPC showcase. I got the request for this build as I was working on that portion of the showcase, and Flippi and I loved the way that it turned out, so I decided to import it into Sivania. Stay tuned for more STW builds, as I plan on contributing quite a bit to the project ^.^ Don't mind the separate screenshots. Capture mode decided it didn't like how much paint I used, and I wasn't feeling up to stitching screenshots together, so separate screenshots is the answer!

    Vineyard.png Sivania 1.jpg Sivania 2.jpg Sivania 3.jpg Sivania 4.jpg Sivania 5.jpg Sivania 6.jpg
    Another update to Sivania in Super Terraria World. This is the location for the quest you would set off on, when starting the mod. If you're wondering why there is slime on the floors and ceiling, I'd recommend checking out the mod. ^.^

    Sivania Mushroom Cave.jpg
    Updated the Guide's hut in STW. It doesn't look it on the screenshot, but it is actually quite close to the beach, so @Flippi requested it be a beach hut. I chose to theme it off my previous beach/pirate designs. ^.^

    Guide's Beach Hut.jpg
    Part of the 1.3.0 update to STW. Pretty self explanatory ;D
    Underground Lake Bait Shoppe.jpg
    Deep within the mines of Super Terraria World, lays an ancient and dark shrine from a secret cult, long forgotten. Who were these shadowy people, and what was the purpose of this building? Only time will tell... When the player first reaches the temple, not much can be seen in the darkness, but as soon as a foot is set inside, the torches mysteriously begin to light. You can see a screenshot with the lights out in a thumbnail below.

    Demon Alter Shrine On.jpg
    Demon Alter Shrine Off.jpg
    Three variants of the Church of Sivania, for the Super Terraria World Mod. A normal one, one in ruins, and a corrupt version. :D

    Sivania Church.jpg

    Sivania Church Ruins.jpg

    Sivania Church Corrupt.jpg
    My first attempt at building a dinosaur skeleton. My original intent was a velociraptor, but the size required to give any amount of detail made it more T-Rex sized. So...enjoy this massive hybrid dinosaur fossil!

    Fossil Cave.jpg
    Pretty straight forward. Two boats in two perspectives. Designed to be implemented in the Super Terraria World Mod.

    Viking and Egyptian Boats.jpg
    This is the eastern half of the Sivania Desert. Everything you see is hand sculpted by me, none of it is world gen. Enjoy ^.^

    Desert Outpost 1.jpg
    Desert Outpost 2.jpg
    Desert Outpost 3.jpg
    Desert Outpost 4.jpg
    Desert Outpost 5.jpg
    Desert Outpost 6.jpg
    Desert Outpost 7.jpg
    An addition to the Sivania Desert. This is the entrance to a dungeon (you will be able to enter the door while in the mod).

    The final addition to the Sivania Desert.

    Ferrousanguis Outpost.jpg
    The temple of Ra was lifted into the skies. It float somewhere above the desert of Sivania. Night screenshot in the thumbnail below. ^.^

    Temple of Ra Day.jpg
    Temple of Ra Night.jpg
    A forest build for a quest chain in Super Terraria World. There will be a living village later on, as well.
    The entry point from Sivania's Desert to the Ferrousanguis Kingdom in the Super Terraria World Mod.
    Ferrousanguis Outpost 2.jpg
    Super Terraria World has been in desperate need of a Tutorial/Starting Area for quite some time. This ship will be the new starting location of STW, with a new quest line that eventually will bring you to Sivania. The jungle house is also a part of the Shipwreck Tutorial Map.

    Shipwreck 2.jpg
    Jungle House.jpg
    Coral Reef.png
    The main fortress in the Ferrousanguis Region of Super Terraria World, including a map screenshot at the end.

    Armory.jpg Barracks 1.jpg Barracks 2.jpg Blacksmith.jpg CO Office.jpg CO Quarters.jpg Drawbridge Interior.jpg Drawbridge.jpg Dungeons 1.jpg Dungeons 2.jpg Escape Tunnel 1.jpg Escape Tunnel 2.jpg Hospital Office.jpg Hospital Wing.jpg Kennels.jpg Kitchen.jpg Library.jpg Mess Hall.jpg Mountain Tunnel.jpg Officer Quarters 2.jpg Officer Quarters.jpg Storage.jpg The Pit Interior.jpg The Pit.jpg Training Area.jpg Training Grounds.jpg War Room.jpg Watch Tower.jpg Map.jpg
    The final region of STW that needed a revamp, which we've started from the ground up. Hope you brought your winter jacket. Welcome to Odin's Fjord. These are some spoilers from the update to the Frozen Mirror on the Wall quest line.

    Fjord Entrance 2.png Frozen Mirror Room.png
    The viking village in Odin's Fjord has finally made its appearance! The village will become accessible after you have completed the "Frozen Mirror on the Wall" quest chain to prove your worthiness to the Viking. Custom Tiles by @Jestex

    Kriki Western Gate.png
    Kriki House Interior.png
    Kriki Longhouse.png
    Kriki Longhouse Interior.png
    Kriki Longhouse Basement.png
    Kriki Longhouse Upstairs.png
    Kriki Longhouse Bedrooms.png
    Kriki Blacksmith.png
    Kriki Blacksmith Interior.png
    Kriki Boat Construction.png
    Kriki PoW.png
    Kriki Bridge.png
    Kriki Elevator East.png
    Kriki Dock.png
    Kriki Arena.png
    Kriki Arena Waiting Room.png
    Kriki Tannery.png
    Kriki Market.png
    Kriki Eastern Gate.png
    Kriki House 2 Interior.png
    Kriki Village Map.png
    Kriki Arena Grounds Photoshoped Tiles.png
    While the STW coding team works on porting the mod to the 1.3.5 vanilla update, I have been busy giving Sivania a facelift. Here are some of the new additions to the oldest region in STW.
    Collapsed Bridge.png
    Ruins and Cave.png
    Eastern Mine Outpost.png
    Dwarven Tavern Ruins.png
    Minecart Junction.png
    50th CC 2.png

    50th CC Divider.png
    Build Competition Banner v1.png

    Build Competition Divider.png

    Build Competition Closer v1.png
    Halloween Banner v4.png

    Halloween Divider.png

    Halloween Closer.png
    A request by @Jenosis for a beach house with a treehouse. The build has been transfered from my Build World save to a new (small) world save, at the center of the map with a gap around it so it can easily be copied in TEdit and transfered to the world of your choice. You can find the world save in the download tab at the bottom of this post.

    Beach Treehouse.jpg
    A request by @ninjakai03 for a fisherman's hut. Since I've done a few angler builds already, I decided I would try and do something slightly different. I went for a floating build, this time, with a slightly different material choice. You can find a night screenshot in the thumbnail below, as well as a download link (world titled May 2016 Requests) in the "Downloads" spoiler.

    The Rickety Pontoon.jpg
    The Rickety Pontoon Night.jpg
    A request by @Grfff3 for a hunter's cabin in a snowy pine forest. You can find a night screenshot in the thumbnail below, and a download link (world titled May 2016 Requests) in the "Downloads" spoiler.

    Winter Retreat.jpg
    Winter Retreat Night.jpg
    Welcome aboard the SS Victory! This planetary defense ship is loaded with working parts. The reactor, guns, and sliding doors are functional in game (you can find the gifs in the spoiler below). There are even some extra special features that you can see if you play the map. The ship is intended for my first adventure map, which is a major work in progress at this point. Once the map is complete, I will alter this description to provide a link to the map for you all to enjoy ^.^

    --EDIT-- The map is DONE. Here's the trailer video!

    SS Victory.jpg

    Main Gun.gif


    Secondary Gun.gif


    Sliding Door.gif
    My first Asian inspired build was created for Reddit's weekly build contest, which theme was "Treehouse." I wanted to try something unique, so I went with this, and decided to share it to the CC as well.

    Sakura Treehouse.png
    Sakura Treehouse Night.png
    My fellow Terrarians; It is with a deep sadness that I inform you all that a STW co-developer, and close friend, Jestex has passed away earlier this week. At the young age of 19, depression won out in his heart, and he took his own life. His family wishes for us to help spread awareness of suicide prevention. If anyone you know may be struggling with depression, please take a moment to talk to them, and let them know that they are not alone. If you are struggling with it yourself, I urge you to reach out to friends or loved ones, and to the many resources around the world to help you.

    In honor of Jestex, and his contribution to the Super Terraria World mod, as well as TCF and the Terraria community, I have built this memorial to him. The stone reads "In Loving Memory of our Dear Friend Jesse (Jestex)." The build will forever remain in STW, as a way for us to thank him for the time we had together.

    If you wish to pay your respects to our dear friend, please visit https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/heavy-hearts-the-passing-of-jestex.58854/
    Jestex Memorial.png
    Lock up the Guide.png
    A modern style beach house made for @Miku Hatsune

    This was really early in my video-editing journey, so it never occurred to me to condense these two videos into one, more reasonable size. Sorry about that! Hopefully you still enjoy the build ^.^

    Remember, remember, the 5th of November! On Nov 5th, I made this build inspired by one of my favorite movies growing up; V for Vendetta ^.^

    A "Commenter Day" video (the first, in fact!) where I build a requested video from my channel. The Ercheus Mining Facility is a loosely a "version" of the one you would find in the game Starbound. Requested by Fearghus Neary-Grant.

    A timelapse build of a small vineyard and winery, inspired by Tuscani ^.^

    Another "Commenter Day" video combining two requests. A comment for a steampunk building by Reverse Evolve, and a mechanical tower by Helvet x. I felt those two requests had good synergy, and would work quite nicely tied together into one build ^.^

    Inspired by the Sakura (cherry blossom tree) Festivals happening around Japan this time of year, I built a small festival of my own!

    Sakura Festival Stillshot.png

    My YouTube channel hit 1000 subscribers, and for the special video, I thought it'd be a nice touch to re-design the build that started getting me noticed in the Terraria community: The Castle in the Clouds.

    Border Greek.png

    My old 1.2 builds can be found here: Khaios' 1.2 Builds.zip

    My general build drive is here (if you don't see a build on the drive, either I no longer have the world save, or I'm not making it available for download): World Downloads - Google Drive
    KBS Greek Signature.png
    A YouTube playlist of videos showing my design tips for making better builds in Terraria: Terraria | Build Tips 1 | Foundations
    A YouTube playlist of tutorial videos for various puzzles and contraptions in Terraria: Terraria Building Tutorial | Ep 1: Scrolling Platforms
    A direct copy from my old build thread, for your convenience.
    Sand hammered to a half block and painted with a deep paint can make for a pretty convincing carpet (in my opinion). The only issue with it is you cannot place furniture directly on top (since it's a half block). Still, it makes for nice decorating of long hallways, as you can see in a few of my builds.
    Sand Carpet.jpg
    I have been asked why I often have furniture/beams behind doors leading outdoors. The reason is fairly simple, if you do this, zombies cannot open them during a Blood Moon. That also means you can only open the door in one direction. A simple pressure plate and wire system fixes that. Just make sure you use pressure plates that only players can activate! Also, if you paint the wooden beam, you can make it much less obvious that there is an object there.
    Beams and Pressure Plates.png
    Quite often, I'll have waterfalls appearing in the background of, say, a bridge. I don't want the waterfall to actually hit the bridge, otherwise there will be a stream of water on it. The solution is simple. Actuate the blocks that the waterfall would hit. To blend those actuated block back into the bridge, either paint them a lighter shade, or paint the surrounding blocks a darker shade. This is not always perfect, but if you experiment enough, you can get it to look quite smooth.
    Waterfall Behind Blocks.png
    Yes those teleporters are actuated (and yes you can actuate teleporters).
    Still a little buggy at the moment. It won't work on multiplayer worlds, due to server lag.
    You cannot use it rapidly more than five times. It needs to rest, lol. I'm working on a fix for that as well.
    Teleporter Door contraption.jpg
    If you've ever worked with living wood, you know it blends with dirt (black outlines go away). This looks really good, most of the time, but in some situations, it can really ruin the look of a build. A good example of this is when I'm building trees, but I want them to be completely in the background (actuated). This is what happens when the tree becomes actuated:
    Actuated Tree on Dirt.jpg
    You can clearly see how the blended dirt and living wood give a distasteful choppy appearance once the wood moves to the background.
    Here is a work around for that issue.

    1) Remove all dirt touching the living wood, and replace with clay (mud or grass will not work, as they still blend with living wood--clay does not). There will be a gap between the clay and the dirt now, but if you remove one more dirt block down, and place a clay block in there, the gap will be removed.

    2) Paint the clay blocks brown. When you first pain them, there will be a very obvious line between the dirt and the clay. It looks a little funky, but don't worry, if you log out and log back in, it goes away, and you can no longer tell the difference between dirt and clay.

    3) Place living wood wall behind the clay blocks (since the clay and living wood are not blended, there will be obvious gaps, which the wall will hide).
    UnBlend Wood with Dirt.jpg
    Once you've placed a boulder (takes up two blocks) you can alter ONE of the two blocks, hammering it into any shape, or even removing it completely! Be careful, though, because if you hammer the other block at all, the boulder will fall and begin to roll. This means you cannot have a boulder sitting on a single block that has also been reshaped. I'm afraid you'll need TEdit for that. WHY would you want to use this? Well, I'm not certain that you will :p I'm using it for a build, and I thought I'd share.
    Boulder on One Block.jpg
    You can easily makeshift wooden crates (actuate them if you want them as background furniture). Here is an example. Both sets of crates have wood and pearlwood walls. The outside edges on the left crates are made from cogs. The edges of the right set are made from adamantite beam. Everything is then painted brown.

    You can experiment and find even more combinations. Note: If you use adamantite beam, and you want to keep the corners the way the are, you have to place the crates on blocks they cannot blend with (for example the tin plating they are currently sitting on).
    Custom Crates.jpg
    Midnight Confetti blocks painted gray look like monitors or television screens with static (in my opinion).
    Terraria Monitors.gif
    First off, here is a LINK for a free web-based Photoshop, in case you don't have one already. It's not what I use, but I have used it in the past, and it works quite well.

    The easiest way I found to accomplish it perfectly still takes a bit of work. I start with placing diamond gemspark block behind what I'm going to make transparent. It serves two purposes. One, to light the blocks so there aren't awkward shadows, and two, so it's easier to Photoshop. Transparent Tutorial 0.png

    Then, I put on familiar vanity sets, and use an invisibility potion so I don't get in the way for the screenshot.

    After that, I take the screenshot to Photoshop. I find it easiest to use an eraser tool to completely white out the edges around the block. Will look like this when I'm done erasing (this takes quite a bit of time): BbK Construction.png

    Next, I unlock the background layer (double click the lock icon that I circled): Transparent Tutorial 1.png
    Then use the magic wand (also circled), and click on a white area. You'll know if it's selected, because it will look like ants are crawling along the edges of it. Once it's selected, hit [delete]. Do this for all the white areas that you don't want. Once an area is deleted, there will be a gray and white checker pattern in the background. All that means is that the background is transparent, so don't worry. It will not be visible when you view the image outside of Photoshop. Transparent Tutorial 2.png

    Crop the image to the size you want, then save, and you're done ^.^ BbK Construction Transparent.png

    There may be an easier method to doing this, but this is the way I taught myself to do it :p Also, note that if you want to do this to something that is white, or has a white outline, you'll want to use a gray or black when doing the erasing bits, otherwise the magic wand will auto select areas you don't want.
    If you want to get a rough idea of what the block you are painting will look if you slap negative paint on it, this color wheel is a fantastic tool. Find the color that you will be painting, then look at the opposite side of the wheel. That is what the color will turn into, after being painted negative. Using this method, you can find fantastic ways of getting new color options not available with strictly paints. Don't be afraid to experiment with negative paint! It is a fantastic tool!
    Parts of the Lock.png
    Reprogram the Decoder.png
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    ~Reserved ^.^
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  3. Mihn

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    Mkay, thas was.... good. Liked the way you did the waterfall.
    Thinking about another request... Maybe an ancient tomb?
    Of course, when requests are opened again.
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  4. Khaios

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    Just good!?!?! :c Haha, just kidding ^.^
    I'll probably be opening requests up again shortly after New Years, because I'll be traveling.
  5. rulick15

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    By just watching one lumber mill diorama (of course it's perfectly balanced and designed), I'm already overwhelmed and inspired. [​IMG]
    Take my heart, master ! [​IMG]
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  6. Khaios

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    >.< I still say you're a far better builder than I am! Stop being so modest! I tried to texture that build a bit more than I usual do, because I was inspired by you ^.^
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    Eh, both of you are good. Can we move on?
    And how about locking your old thread, since you have a new one now?
    also how did you make that avatar background transparent?
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    Good idea ^.^ Locking it now.
    As for making my avatar transparent, it's the exact same way that I made the header and borders in this build thread have transparent backgrounds. If you look at the bottom of the OP, you'll see a spoiler called "My Build Tips." Inside that spoiler is another one where I lay out step by step how I get transparent backgrounds. Once you've done that, nothing is different. Upload the transparent image to your avatar slot, as per the usual. ^.^ Hope that helps ;D
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    Oooh! I like that lumber mill! Will definitely check out that mod, too.
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    Khaios has a new build thread? I'm here! Love the lumber mill, lots of great texture.
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    Thanks Puppy ^.^

    If I told you, I in-fact do have a new build thread, would you believe me? >.< Haha!
    Thanks! I'm glad you like it ^.^
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    This lumber mill looks exactly like the ones in skyrim.
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    Good stuff man, good stuff. I don't want to spam-up your thread, so I'm editing this post after looking at the clothier's and traveling merchant's houses...
    and holy crap those look nice!
    So, all of these houses will be part of the same town build? Please do so.
    I've been tinkering around with building a "festive" and "bustling" town for awhile now and it's been tough - though I'm going to go for it with my Christmas Town build.
    You should totally build a market with individual stalls and have the merchant live there someplace.
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    Well, I was drawing my inspiration from that, so I'll call it mission accomplished ^.^ The request was for a water-powered lumber mill, and the only ones I ever remember seeing were in Skyrim.
    Thank you ^.^


    Good morning everyone (for me, at least)!

    Today, I bring builds! I'm launching a short build project to kick off my new thread: an NPC showcase! The plan is to make small "houses" for every NPC in the game. This isn't going to be restricted to town NPC's, though. As you will see below, I'm including the traveling merchant, and I have plans to do one for the skeleton merchant (though I need to figure out how to capture him into the build).

    I already have some of these from my previous build thread (fishing shack and truffle's house), but since 1.3 introduced new goodies, I will not be using them, and I'll be doing new ones. The goal for the series is to post two every morning. You may be wondering in what order I'm choosing the NPC's. Completely random! I've assigned every NPC a number, and then I use a random number generator to draw two of them. The first two to be posted in the series are the Traveling Merchant, and the Clothier! You can find night screenshots of all of the builds in the original post.

    ~Enjoy ^.^

    Clothier Day.jpg
    Traveling Merchant Day.jpg
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    Nice job on the houses! Chimney on clothier's gouse is just amaizing.
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    as awesome as always
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    Thank you ^.^

    Thanks ^.^ Glad to see you're still around the forums :)
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    I've known that master is the best of best builder in all terraria world. And he proved perfectly that with only 3 builds.

    Master used medusa banner as curtain ! and how about that extremely depicted trees ? also how about perfect caravan too ? I'm slightly sad that I can't describe all magnificences of them in English ... [​IMG]

    I can guess master Khaios has a plan about medieval theme town via these 3 artworks. I'm really excited and looking forward to watching completed masterpiece of master.
    I really love, envy and respect your amazing texture sense and well-balanced composition. [​IMG]
    Please marry with me, sir ! * heavy breathing *
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    Great new thread and builds so far! Cannot wait to see more:D

    Edit: Wanted to throw out an extra thank you for the lumber mill! Hopefully well have the update out soon.

    Also, what was your inspiration for the caravan? Absolutely fantastic.
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    Flatterer >.< I'm not sure my wife would appreciate me marrying someone else.
    How about a gift from me to you, instead? Here you go!
    A mini replica of your build style! It took me a lot longer than I thought it would to figure out what blocks you used in your builds, and I'm still not sure I got them all. Here you go! A header and divider for your build thread, similar to the ones I have here! ^.^ Hope you enjoy ;)
    Rulick's Moeum.png

    Rulick's Moeum Divider.png

    Thanks! Glad you like them ^.^ The caravan was kind of just a random passing thought. I knew that I was going to be doing this NPC showcase, and so I was already thinking of what I wanted for the builds. A gypsy caravan just kind of popped to mind when I thought of the Traveling Merchant ;)


    Good evening, everyone! I have for you a new NPC feature: Santa! I'm not able to bring you two, because I decided to build that gift for Rulick, got caught up in it, and I ran out of time for a second build >.< Regardless, I bring you Santa's (Gingerbread) House!

    I was building gingerbread houses with my niece and nephew yesterday, and while we were doing it, I decided that Santa's Feature build would be a gingerbread house. Perhaps not one of my best looking builds, but I love all of my babies equally, so I'm proud to share it with you all ^.^

    Santa Day.jpg
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