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that is the fourth crash related to a "miracleblightdrawer"... which is VERY weird because that debuff isn't supposed to exist at all until the very end of the game!

are y'all using other mods? i wonder if there's a potion id conflict somewhere.

observatorlatam: did you defeat the wall of flesh in multiplayer?
just tested in new map with only calamity mod before beat the wall of flesh, no error. After beat the wall of flesh it crash when killing Crimulan Blight Slime.
Any word or idea when this bug can be looked at or fixed? It's incredibly hard not to accidentally kill these while setting up for Perforaters
Attention question! Is there a mod adding Titanium Railgun for (Post-Moon Lord)? This weapon is beautiful, and I am very sad that it is useless at the end of the game. And my attempts to make it myself did not lead to success(.
I feel like there's something conflicting somewhere...and I think I made a post like this...?

So it's been some time since I last did a picture of a Calamity boss (been on hiatus) and there's one I've been wanting to draw for the longest time. But due to seeing some of the bosses having their designs changed, I've been pretty wary of doing another one should it change during the process. I was wanting to work on Yharon since I set up some sketches for him, but I've been seeing fanart of a different version of him, rather than the old version shown on the wiki (my sketches are based on the old one). I can't tell if a new version is out but no one updated the wiki pics, or if people were drawing an unreleased version of him.


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Has anyone noticed oddities appearing in the wiki? Desert scourge page, heart of darkness sprite, opal striker sprite for example? Things are starting to look a bit like the fandom wiki and I'm wanting to make sure that these are actually changes needing reverted or pages of false items being deleted.
Hi all, just find that after the mod update few days ago, when killing Crimulan Blight Slime will have a chance crash the game and show these error, and tested only happen in multiplayer server, solo game will not have any problem after the kill.
I've been playing a solo Journey mode file of Calamity with Fargos and some qol mods on. I got to WoF, beat it, collected the loot, and a sound effect played that sounded like a meteor hitting, I believe it was the Astral Infection spawning, and as soon as the sound effect played, it crashed. Tried again, same thing, tried by turning off all non-necessary mods and it still happened. The thing that catches my eye in the log is both Calamity and Fargos have (Terraria.On_main+orig_CheckMonoliths)>() as the subject of where the "Index was outside the bounds of the array." I assume that refers to the Atral Monolith in the Astral Infection. I have done multiplayer Journey mode runs with the same mods prior to 1.4.4 and this problem never happened so I believe it's a Calamity mod issue.
tModLoader v2023.11.3.3 Error 1_7_2024 3_42_06 PM.png
P.S. I relogged, beat WoF, and save and exited before the Astral Infection spawned. It works fine now, no crash (the issue was I couldn't relog after the crash and it be fine bc it didn't save that I killed the wall), but now there is no Astral Infection in my world. I think I found the issue though.


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Hello, I would like to know who I should ask permission to translate this mod, according documentation on github i need of permission of author to start a translation
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