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Challenges for Players who have already passed Expert Mode

Are you interested in this kind of challenge?

  • Absolutely! I look forward to participate when the challenge becomes open!

    Votes: 190 71.2%
  • I probably won't pass the first few, so I may not participate. Still, Support!

    Votes: 83 31.1%
  • I believe Mediumcore and Hardcore are challenge enough for everyone.

    Votes: 14 5.2%
  • I do not like this idea as is, but with my suggestions, this could work.

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • I absolutely dislike this idea, for whatever reason.

    Votes: 10 3.7%
  • Other.

    Votes: 7 2.6%

  • Total voters
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I'll give it a shot!

(Even if I'm nub, this sounds WAY too fun)

Now I just have to wait for the PM.
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four plus four

The Destroyer
If I was able to play Terraria currently, I'd totally accept!
Mainly posting so I don't forget about this place, so I can do it someday.


The best part is, if you aren't in the world a really long time, you don't need to take excessive measures against the corruption and hallow.

Afro King

can i join still? it seems really cool but i dont know if im too late

also is there competition? like first person to 50? or is it just get to 50 with prizes for everyone
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Exactly one year ago, I started these challenges, with about ten people participating. Now, on this one year anniversary, I would like to mention the 141 challengers who have completed a combined 201 challenges. Thanks! I would also like to bring a challenge specifically created by our current leaderboard top, Jirachi!
Heaven's Fallen Angel

Complete the game. You must build a Skyware house with these requirements met:
The house must be prime real estate, including 1 1/2 bathrooms (with sink, bathtub, and toilet), bedroom (with bed, dresser, and 2 lamps), guest bedroom (with bed, dresser, and candle), living room(with Sofa, Piano, Bookcase, Clock, and later, 3 pixel Gemspark TV), kitchen(with sink and chest), Dining room(with chandelier, candelabra, 2 tables, and 4 chairs), Basement(with 3 chests), Attic(with 1 chest), Foyer(with torch), Stairs, Fence, and Herb Garden.
It also must have a mannequin with Stardust Armor and two weapon racks, one with a Starfury, and the other with a Star Wrath. There also must be at least 2 Star Cell Banners in the house. The house cannot look like a box and must look like something you would want to live in irl. In order to mark this challenge done, you must Beat the moon lord with this gear. The killblow must be laid with one of these weapons: Daedalus Stormbow and Holy Arrows, Stardust Dragon Staff, Star Wrath. You must be wearing Solar or Stardust Armor, and you have to have the Accessory Warding Star Veil Equipped. The only magic weapon (not including summon weapons) you are allowed to use is the Topaz Staff, you must make and use this weapon to kill at least one enemy. Place it in a chest in the base you made above.You cannot use any wood, dirt, and nonprojectile swords. This includes shorswords, broadswords, greatswords, the night's edge, excalibur, or hardmode ore swords. You may use these swords to craft.As soon as possible, make yourself a set of wings. Every 3 in-game days you must make a new set of wings and destroy the old ones. You have to have a set of Warding Stardust Wings as your last set of wings to finish the challenge, and you can reforge wings if need be. If you do not have wings to replace the old ones, put away your best weapon in a chest until you have wings again. You put another weapon in this chest every ingame day until you get new wings. then you may retrieve the items one item per day. You must have no weapons in this chest to mark the challenge done. Determining the best weapon is tested on one target dummy with a dps meter.
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