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Challenges for Players who have already passed Expert Mode

Are you interested in this kind of challenge?

  • Absolutely! I look forward to participate when the challenge becomes open!

    Votes: 190 71.2%
  • I probably won't pass the first few, so I may not participate. Still, Support!

    Votes: 83 31.1%
  • I believe Mediumcore and Hardcore are challenge enough for everyone.

    Votes: 14 5.2%
  • I do not like this idea as is, but with my suggestions, this could work.

    Votes: 2 0.7%
  • I absolutely dislike this idea, for whatever reason.

    Votes: 10 3.7%
  • Other.

    Votes: 7 2.6%

  • Total voters
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Phoenix Gaming

Official Terrarian
Woooow!!! I Love this, go ahead and send a challenge to me! :cool::D:happy::)
[doublepost=1478135564,1478135526][/doublepost]Wait... Whhhat?! Iz Dead?


Last seen over a month ago. Could just wait to see if he comes back.

If he doesn't come back, you could ask Jirachi to post the challenges he's completed.


Official Terrarian
Have you already finished Expert Mode? Tired of building giant structures? Wish for a bit more puzzle in your game? Then this is for you!

Introducing Challenge Mode! It's easy. If you wish to participate, write a post on this thread. I will send a message to you personally detailing the first challenge. Finish the first, and I will inform you of the second challenge, and so on.

The challenges: All challenges start with a brand new softcore character, in a brand new normal mode world of any size (unless specified in the challenge). Only one world may be used, although some challenges may require you obtain/destroy certain items before you enter a new world. For example, a challenge may have you start with a Broken Copper Sword instead of a Shortsword of unknown modifier. Most of these challenges would be to finish the game with certain restrictions. As such, I will define "finishing the game" here. In order to finish the game, you must defeat the Moon Lord enough times to craft Lunar tier armor. This means 36 bars, and 45 fragments of the class of your choice. These restrictions would start off by removing nonessential steps, but eventually, the challenges would remove several steps key to gameplay. The first few may include "You may not use buff potions" as the only restriction. The last few may include "You may not use a Copper Pickaxe", and you have to figure out how to continue the game. I guarantee, though, that all of these challenges are possible.

The Rewards: After certain challenges, I will give a code. This code will unlock a new banner, to brag to all, friend or rival.

Additionally, this post will include a high score list, showing the best players, with the most challenges done.

Lastly, please be fair in your self-evaluation. I admit, I have no way of knowing if you cheat. However, I trust you to be accurate. If I suspect you of cheating, I reserve the right to delete your high score, and stop sending challenges. If you have your score deleted, and post a rant below, I will not hesitate to provide the reasoning behind my decision.

Good Luck!

1. Jirachi................Challenge 42
2. Ami....................Challenge 18
3. Xman101.............Challenge 13
4. felis...................Challenge 10
5. Krambo232...........Challenge 9
6. Crazymonkeyz1.....Challenge 9
7. 00Banshee00.........Challenge 8
8. Soul103................Challenge 7
9.FSG Gaming...........Challenge 6
10. MasterBrain.........Challenge 6
Congratulations to Jirachi for being the first to complete Challenge 25!
Congratulations to Jirachi for being the first to complete Challenge 10! Also to complete challenge 10 are: Xman101, Ami
The following 145 people have started their challenge: AgentCoolHead, Just_A_Dude, GalacticVoyager, Pinky Slime, Thought, Murphmario, Atrapper, Cubicality, Potato Masher, Felis, TheBezixx, MasterBrain, FishBowl, Zorodu, shadowblade2366, 00Banshee00, Crystal The Lynx, Dreadful Man, Codiferus, Bubble, Terra Prime, Capo Kid 24, njj3400, The Flaming Toast, Khaisz, shamu1122, PulseFox, SirDiesalot1, FSG Gaming, Slips Slimely, pajrc, TheTinyDiamond, YukiYusagi, The_Robstar, zekam11, psieud, Soul103, saemj, Jirachi, Mistress of Starlight, DarthCryo04, Xman101, yugiohhero, AaroSA, excession, _firephoenix_, Krambo232, Mistermavin96, Nareto64, chrono015pc, attick, Crazymonkeyz1,Beezwax&Nectar, SANIC DA HEDHOG, movildima, Queziviat, YellowPie64, Galaxinator, Fritzanius, roozevelt79, Pixelearth, FrancisCoD, zikkosmith, robotzurg, TNK, Bob The Peanut, :red:e Dishron, lufarionite, RektGaming, Doom0, The Terraria Swag Beast, Skoots1349, Nimeni, The_Blocky_Gamer, Mineblock04122, Lord Astra, Janmega03,
MinerTurtle45, Cockroachcomics, Ripraptor, Coolwo, MegaBatcow, Scarfy Scout the Nako, Gama, Lycos Hayes, SteveisNoob, ShadowReaver, octupusmano, Drarky, MageFyre, Silenos, Theanonn, MournfulRelic, Just A Dropling, Ace: The Wild Card, Kirbynumber1, ShadowOfDarkness, AlecHero, SamIsFab, Manager, TheTawtute, Asexual Dinosaur, Dolmor, Thunderbolt33, Demon_Turtle, Dalentim, sm644me, BeyonTheGuy, lamdarkbowser, Jack Macleod, tallstar27, Specctre, Ami, Dogerium, leaf9, TheBlueTiger, Egregor, Circledline, ColinAV516, Dameonight, immolare, pbq, MadaxTheShadow, Desi, Odran, Astrex, Skydoesminecraft210, bennoble30, AnthosTheGreat, Terminator142, GeometricDominator, Arob105, EisaGaming, Mythras, McDale, Thebeatbat1139, [R&S] Sky, TheLoudGallade, tino25312, AdipemDragon, Bhultgren, Red Slime, Hedron Crab, Afro King, TheGamersPlan, Creeperstalked25
Founder: Thought
Challenge generator: Thought, with support from Cubicality
Banner generator: DarkAwesome, with support from Twigileia
How many challenges?


Staff member
Posts that are just talking about how the Thread is dead are not posts that contribute to this event. This is for everyone, if you post on a Thread, ensure it has relevant content to contribute to the Thread or is related to the Thread.

Because the Author has been inactive for a few months and this Thread's content relies on the Thread Author, it seems best to lock this Thread for now.

@Thought When/if you return, feel free to report your Thread here to have it reopened. We will re-open it for you at that point so other members may continue challenges on this Thread.
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