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OOC Chronicles of Pokémon: W.A.R.P.E.D. [OOC]

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Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
Narrator said:
A story so far...
Once upon a time, there wasn't such as [*\_&*^, there weren't even things such as [*\_&"||/! There were #^mans obviously, but obviously their thinking was quickly turned into capitalistic style. Some humans had the dreams of becoming int* *ne of the &y|# cr_at^r_s, called [*\_&*^, but they didn't know, what those dreams mean. Eventually they have to transform, but when? It's the question w*rth e^eryt#ing. What i| |#ey tr^|y tra~
The starting action (to make it fit into lore) is set in city of New Orleans in USA, 29 September 2016.

Since the beginning, humans had to fight the nature - a lot. Not like it was an arch-foe, but if for some reason it was sentient, the humanity could end. The task was childsplay at first, before 2016. The people noticed something odd is in the air. Almost as if something spelt out bad. Not just that. People suddenly started to be more nervous and they were broken more easily by the losses. You're one of many humans, also called the Warped. They are just the ordinary humans, although nothing helps you - you aren't immune from the virus. It's actually not as bad as it seems, only turning you into various creatures, some even being mythical. It wouldn't be weird, if not for a fact.

You're going to be turned, against your will.

Generic/RP rules:
-> Three alive character per person.
--> You can play NPCs though, and they are encouraged as the world has 8 billion people, not 250 thousand.
-> Please, at least try to use proper grammar, as mistakes shouldn't happen.
--> Languages should be translated to English and put into brackets if you decide to write them. Same happens to whatever they say as changed, or what they are supposed to say (in the latter case, put italics.)
-> The events that happen outside of characters may be written in italics and in spoilers, or in third person.
-> Be ever vigilant though, humanity will find a way to kill you if you place wrong step in wrong place... or be it thirst, hunger, illness or perhaps something very different that can and will kill you?
-> Also be careful and don't abuse powers, you can't use them whenever you want, as if you use them more, you'll get more and more tired, possibly being easy target for someone.... or something. (Yeah, the italics and spoiler part will happen.)
-> The usual good behaviour rules apply - Don't god-mod, meta-game, power-play, cybering is banned, excessive and filter-defying swearing isn't allowed either.
--> Also, romance can't deviate the role-play too much. The main focus should be surviving the threats from real world - hunters, soldiers, natural disasters, as well as the natural ones - predators, hunger, thirst etc, and not being affectionate in trillion words.
-> Death won't allow mistakes. Serious injuries without health care are as well as deadly, if not extremely weakening, Thankfully, you can make another character if your character died.
-> Keep a character profile as a suggestion to how your character looks like, and keep your character centred around that.
-> No one-liners allowed, unless for good reason. They break the spirit. No seriously, don't do that. Especially not the "Okay" alone as response.
-> You can either send me character sheet over PM or over this OOC topic.
-> Scavenging, hiding etc. has be in well done sentences, based on common sense. If the action has a flaw, it might most likely fail.
Character rules:
-> Legendaries, Mythicals and UBs are fine, but all of them need to start as theoretically created babies. They won't ever have powers they have at first, only your generic ones like flight etc, as well as possible basic innate abilities, corresponding to type and shape of it, with possibility to develop them much further down in the story. Generally, all Pokemon and Fakemon (excluding Pokemon from Generation VIII) are allowed, as long as they aren't strong at first.
-> Anything too powerful is banned from existence, though (examples - gods that can't be nerfed reasonably without changing them completely).
-> The characters need to be first created as human. That's due to nature of this RP.
--> Also, as for now, it's not possible to start as Pokemon first (as in you have human backstory, but first post you're in changed form. I may reconsider it once we're somewhat deep enough in role-play.)
-> Your character shouldn't know when exactly he's going to change, but you can do it any time, preferably, as early as possible. It's only one way, though. It's also a full change, so any human trait is non-existent except for memories and personality, and possibly minor details like scars or eye colour.
--> Your character is not supposed to know what they are at first, or be able to master the abilities with simple abra-cadabra. They have to learn it. Their basic actions should also be somewhat handicapped by mistakes they do. It must also start at youngest stage of growth (but always old enough to be self-sufficient, like a hatchling for dragons, earliest stage possible for Pokemon etc.). However, they can grow powerful as time comes. Just don't go overboard, that'll draw attention of humanity.
--> Your character shouldn't understand humans clearly when changed, and humans shouldn't understand changed ones at all (telepathy only would affect other changed). Also, after changing, your speech skills are somewhat affected and at best would be broken. Some young animals and some older changed ones will both speak broken languages at best, but freshly changed ones might not be able to speak even like that. Although the speech will become better over time, it never will become human-like, as speech traits must be added, too.
-> This is not as much as a rule as quality-of-life information and suggestion, but if growth requires a certain time, item (like Eevee -(Water Stone)-> Vaporeon) or anything that you can't obtain normally in real world, you will evolve(grow) as if you had it.
-> Regarding evolutions, they have to happen over course of about hour or two in RP. Also, you will constantly grow details typical for next stage starting from 5 days from being in this stage of growth, not just suddenly evolve. It might get shorter if the Role-Play goes slowly.
-> Regarding non-evolution, you naturally grow from small size to normal. This includes any animal and non-evolution(and evolvable, before any evolutions) Pokemon.

Sign Ups:
Human into Pokémon:

Human appearance:
Pokémon appearance:

Chronicles of Pokémon is roleplay, which means it can be freely started and ended. It is set in world we know today. It was inspired by talking with ^&*#$AAD (obviously with scenario what if some of us became a Pokémon, and beginning text was inspired by my dreams.) on chat while we chatted with our 'pokéselves', whose were fake in reality.

Example character (that's also a vaild one for me):

Name: John Sharpfields
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Backstory: Where do we begin with their story? Yeah, he was born in the kind of the hospital. He was raised in small home in the Stettin. And he had a somewhat happy life. But once in a trip, he got fascinated by the living outside country. This happened one year prior to being "warped". He visited China, USA and Australia, three countries he always wanted to visit. And he wanted to visit more. Sadly, he hadn't infinite money in his disposal, ending up as a poor man with no money.
Personality: He is kind of spend-a-holic - he'll always use everything down to a penny, even if it means buying unnecessary stuff. He isn't the one, who backs from the fights, if there's an occasion, he'll do it, which mean he'll always get into the dangerous situation. Being sociable, though... he's an opposite of that. He never is first to introduce, and... he quite hates the bullies.
Human appearance: He's wearing the simple black material jeans, as well as stylish red and black zipped cotton hoodie. He has been a bit dirty, although his lightly-tanned skin, somewhat well-fit body and the black bird tattoo on his left arm. He also has the very dark, messy hair and double beard. His eyes are blue, although the right one suffers some vanity damage - the eyelid seems to be almost ripped apart.
Pokémon: -&^#@. (Wait, the display's glitched. I guess I'll just reveal it in the RP...)
Pokémon appearance: As -&^#@. he seems to be a shiny version of it. The eyes remain blue, and he's having something strange on their head - probably the big scar. Other than that, nothing else has changed.
- He mostly believes in God, although he didn't practice at all for so many years, that he has forgotten abut many of these.
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Eye of Cthulhu
post flair says "IC". might want to get staff to fix that.
will post application later. reading the OP right now.


Eye of Cthulhu
i guess i finally have an excuse to use Albert as a primary character, and experiment with where i could take it.

Name: Albert A. Schroeder
Age: like 24 or something idk
Gender: male
Backstory: Schroeder grew up in germany. specifically, berlin. but in his early 20's, he moved to America where he got a job at a data analysis company named "Zone Of Endless". while everyone else was having a gut feeling that something bad was happening, he felt fine (although he's still infected lol), and his willingness to work despite the dark mood gave some of his coworkers a shred of hope when the news first broke...
Personality: rarely that expressive. he almost never feels angry at anyone or anything, only disappointed.
Human appearance:
Pokémon: eevee
Pokémon appearance: a shiny eevee. With glasses.
Other: despite being from germany, Schroeder speaks perfect english.
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Duke Fishron
Hmm... Pokémon. Never tried a PokéRP before. Well, let's try, shall we?

Name: Cynthia Dawnflame
Age: 22
Gender: Apache Attack Helicopter Female
Backstory: Cynthia has always lived a spoiled life ever since childhood. Her every need satisfied by her rich family, she has never learned how to life on her own where money is useless and survival accepts only the best. One day in the future, while she was working on set (Actor), she started burping out bubbles made of water and sometimes threw out water shurikens. Since then, she has lived her life differently as her (worst) dreams come true.
-Kind (Sometimes)
Human Apperance:

(Yeah, that's right. Irina Jelavić)
Pokémon: Froakie (Generation 6 1st Form Water-Type Starter)
Pokémon Appearance: Pretty much looks like an attractive female Froakie, not much.

(If by chance someone doesn't know what a Froakie looks like)
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Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
I guess you could make a part of her backstory come into future (the one about shooting out bubbles and such). That way, nobody will get confused with head-starts. You may keep the way of transformation in the Other section.

Well, clarify that and I'll accept you, as it's a pretty good character.


Eye of Cthulhu
whats the rule on secondary characters? (for example, literally everyone at Zone Of Endless except for Schroeder)

Changing Flask

Duke Fishron
Well, they're so called NPCs. There can be as many as you wish, but if you have one, they're considering lesser priority - as such, if it attacks your character, you get to dictate the result. Same if you're attacker against the secondary. Oh, and they have no character sheet at all.


Eye of Cthulhu
btw, this version of entech is a nerfed down version from what entech usually is when i bring them up in rp. no giant ":red: you and everyone you know and love" army. and no bat:red: insane AI that wants to hack all of the things. just cybersecurity.


Duke Fishron
Name: Defure Koppler

Age: 30

Gender: male

Backstory: A veteran from the Afghan war, he lost most of his squad in an enemy ambush, however having fleed himself. In a later battle of the war he lost his eye to shrapnel from a grenade, he was sent home after that battle.

Personality: Regrets his actions in the war and is easily angered, doesn’t like pointless conversation.

Human appearance: Wears all black, except for a grey undershirt, missing his right eye.

Pokémon: Zekrom

Pokémon appearance: Otherwise normal, but missing the eye he lost as human

Other: Moved to the US from Norway.

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