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tModLoader Consolaria

Discussion in 'Released' started by Hastur, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. RandomDood1337

    RandomDood1337 Terrarian

    Thanks man, I had to fight him post-Golem with Beetle Shell armor, and even then I barely beat him with it and my gear.
  2. Joost8910

    Joost8910 Dungeon Spirit

    This should work just fine for an infinite potion:
            public override bool ConsumeItem(Player player)
                return false;
  3. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    Oh, thanks!
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  4. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Jacket of Ostara is not dropping from Lepus treasure bag
  5. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Just bad luck? Works fine for me
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  6. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Lol, I killed over 6 Lepuses and not even one dropped it
  7. DrunkenCat

    DrunkenCat Skeletron Prime

    to everyone who wondering how the nerfing Ocram progress
    here the answer

    Ocram now act almost similar to it Console/Mobile counterpart,it took me way too long to find out how to make the code, that why i was so quite
    recently,I was taking a rest from coding for a while,cause how much stress it could bring.:sigh:
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  8. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    why is he intentionally missing his shots
  9. DrunkenCat

    DrunkenCat Skeletron Prime

    Original fight by Yrimir

    Idk maybe for a easier fight
  10. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    I see now, but he states it himself that first phase is quite easy to fight and since we aim to improve i guess we should keep what we have now.
    However, there's some other tweaks to make
  11. MaineGamer

    MaineGamer Terrarian

    when talking with the guide, i cannot find a recipe for any ocram related armor. help?
  12. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    Recipes in Consolaria are differs from vanilla. Maybe you use an item that don't exist in recipe.
  13. NSAA

    NSAA Terrarian

    Just gonna ask, when's the next update for this ?
    Will it include the Monokuma and Monomi Set ?
  14. Hastur

    Hastur Skeletron Prime

    Next update will include only bug fixes and some changes, Monokuma and Monomi Set will be later.
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  15. Trizmorrow

    Trizmorrow Terrarian

    I can't wait for the console exclusive NPCs to come like the Arch demon, Dragon Snatcher, Albino Antlion etc.
  16. Andrew Luceo

    Andrew Luceo Skeletron Prime

    I have some questions
    • are the Japanese exclusive vanity sets going to be put in (Monokuma set, shiren set, Monomi set, Toro's set) along with the white thread to make the Monokuma.
    • are the mobile exclusive structures going to be added ( Heart Shrine and jungle sanctum)
    • is the Oktoberfest event with their vanity and beer going to be added
    • What of the Valentine ring, heart arrow and roman candle
    • are the platform only pets going to be added (the shiny black tablet for android, and golden seweed for amazon fire tv)
    • and what of the rest of the pets and the strange tomb stone that can only be gotten when you die with the worm pet
    • and finally what of the the vanity with different look
    if you can please answer and if not then thank you anyway
  17. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    As previously stated, we are planning to add everything we can from console & mobile versions, including the things you listed!
  18. IDGCaptainRussia

    IDGCaptainRussia Skeletron

    At this point, as far as I see it everything is planned EXCEPT the items that stricted blacklisted (EG Mysterious Package)
    Maybe the front page isn't clear enough?
  19. Mr.Pigeon

    Mr.Pigeon Terrarian

    Yea, I guess we will update it with the next mod update
  20. Malteusa

    Malteusa Terrarian

    Some Bugs I've noticed : Firstly this mod's bosses don't remain "checked" in Boss Checklist. The "check mark" after defeating the bosses disappears after leaving the world.
    And the Staff of Eternity's minions deal really low damage from their demon scythe projectiles. And their scythes deal magic damage ?(Noticed from Colored Damage Mod).

    Great to see the mod is doing well !