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Puzzle Coopventure 2 - Another cooperative puzzle map!

Discussion in 'Released' started by Tutajkk, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Tutajkk

    Tutajkk Terrarian

    Coopventure 2 is a two player cooperative puzzle map, which solely focuses on puzzles and platforming. It takes about 2-3 hours to complete.
    To play the map, download the file from the link at the bottom of this post and move it to your maps folder, which should be Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds.
    Host a game, and set a password, so other random people can't accidentally join you. Invite your friend and wait for them to join, then you can start playing the map!
    Some form of voice communication is highly recommended.


    -Create a softcore character, then trash your copper starting items after you enter the map.
    -Once you get something from a chest, that item is YOURS. DO NOT give your partner or discard any item you loot from chests!
    -Do not use any items dropped by enemies, do not buy anything from NPCs

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  2. MaxAstro

    MaxAstro Terrarian

    Thanks for the awesome map! My friend and I played it yesterday and had a blast. Here's my friend's official review:

    "I found the co-op map to be incredibly enjoyable, just as the last one. The integration of unique mechanics stemmed from otherwise previously innocuous objects and circumstances was even better than the original. My favorite portions were probably the co-op race from the gem levels and the early game switch mechanics (for a bit of trolly fun :p). My least favorite portion was probably the umbrella free-fall into tiny spiked hell. That said, every level was incredibly fun and entertaining. My biggest complaint would be that I want more! It felt short even with the greater content. Overall, the execution of delivery and the content therein solidify the map and its previous and future iterations as something I would have legitimately paid for access to, so that's saying something in a game where mods are free."

    For my part, I agree that I love the clever ways you use items in unexpected ways. A lot of the challenges were very intimidating in a sort of "He wants us to do WHAT?!" kind of way at first glance, but it was a lot of fun to then come up with a strategy for them. The race areas were definitely fun because they require quick thinking; my personal favorite puzzle though was the giant room full of buttons that make floors appear and disappear, because the correct solution is counter-intuitive enough to feel like a real puzzle, but not so arcane that you won't eventually figure it out.

    If there was one thing I was a little disappointed by, it's that the treasures were mostly the same as the first map; in particular, the treasure pairs. One of my favorite bits is seeing how you force each player to take different paths based on their gear, and I was really hoping to get some new item combos into the mix.

    Another thing I will mention is that the ending was slightly anticlimactic - I was really hoping for one final challenge after the gem challenges. Considering how much harder the green gem challenge was, you perhaps could have moved that to the very end as a grand finale.

    Anyway, amazing level over all, and I really hope you are inspired to keep making these co-op levels. Maybe even some combat in the next one? A few spawner statues or a boss fight would add some nice variety, as long as it's not too punishingly hard.
  3. Tutajkk

    Tutajkk Terrarian

    Thank you for playing my map and thanks for the detailed reviews!

    The reason why I actually want to keep maps only 2-3 hours long, is that people tend to get tired of them after a while. Happened multiple times that I can hear players sigh and see them trying to brute force the last puzzles instead of thinking. But don't worry, if I have enough ideas and motivation, a few months and I might be able to make a third one!

    Well, the ninja and water item's pairing were switched up this time. But the thing is, there really aren't much other items to work with. For accessories it's basically just high jump and double jump, both which aren't that interesting, can only use for some parkour puzzles, and they also limit the design space for other puzzles for other items.
    For weapons, at the parts where both of you got the same item, there wasn't really anything different to pair with. The second bow for example is just too cool, so the second player couldn't have anything comparable. But I think it worked out well, where you both had to do a similar puzzle, but with a different layout.

    Originally, the last part was supposed to be completly linear, but wanted to do something with the gems, so I got that idea. The 'race' puzzle was the final challenge, like on the first map, just this time, not being mirrored, and have more puzzles included. Then I made it much more easier so it could be just a gem puzzle. I think it worked out really well too, though I couldn't come up with anything after those, that's true.
    The green gem challenge was actually supposed to be quite easy. It's impossible to do the first puzzle without it, but maybe you forgot to use the umbrella at the second and third puzzle?

    I actually already have some ideas for the next map, so I hope I will be able to make one more.
    Combat is actually really hard to implement. For some players it's too easy, when the same thing could be too hard for someone else. The gear is also a problem, one player will be stronger than the other because of the different equipment. And actually, both this and the previous map did have some randomly generated enemies between puzzles, so hoped that would be enough.
    For some background information, the first map actually had a dungeon at the very end which was like another 10-20 min to explore, getting life crystals and other loot, with a boss at the end. I ended up cutting the whole thing, because it just didn't fit. I still have it saved, so I might release it some day after expanding it a bit, just for fun.
  4. MaxAstro

    MaxAstro Terrarian

    Yeah, I can see how other items would be very hard to work in, and you are quite good at coming up with super creative puzzles with the items you do use.

    When I said "green gem" I meant the race at the far right; may have gotten the colors wrong. We actually ended up doing that one first. XD

    Totally see what you mean about combat being hard to design for, and you did a great job making the map feel dangerous anyway. I forgot to mention, I loved the traps in the pyramid! Very creative. The moving wall of spears especially.

    Speaking from experience of puzzle maps I enjoyed, one thing that might make things more interesting is a touch of open world/exploration, although obviously that's very different from the level design style you currently use. But the Metroidvania style of having several different ways you can go and needing to "figure out" the map is definitely something I enjoy.

    Hm... Adding rules to a map is always a little shaky, I know, but another thing you could potentially do is have "temporary" items, maybe with some handwavy lore to explain it - give a certain treasure for one dungeon, and then have a sign at the end instructing the player to toss that item, something like that.

    idk, this is all just theorycrafting, and honestly, "more of the same" would be completely fine by me. ^^

    This all does remind me though how much I feel like Terraria needs either Command Blocks or an "adventure mode" mod that can enforce rules on things like block breaking and add new items specifically geared for that, like a grapple that can only attach to certain blocks or what not.
  5. Hermit

    Hermit Terrarian

    First of all this map is so amazingly well done the puzzles and the use of items are all great and so much fun not too hard not too easy which is a good thing.
    Secondly I never know that you could use the Flails like that you gave me some new idea to use on my maps and I hope thats ok if I use some of your ideas on my map if you dont mind.
    Also I am new here and trying to upload my map so could you let me know how to do it thanks in advance.

    Again keep up the great work you have done an amazing job.
  6. Tutajkk

    Tutajkk Terrarian

    Glad you liked my map! And sure, you can use the ideas, I got inspiration for some puzzles from other's maps as well.
    To post a map, make a new post, and there will be an Upload File button at the bottom of it.
  7. Wintar

    Wintar Golem

    I played this map with a friend, and it was pretty fun, ignoring our incompetence. I'll edit this tommorow with more info when I'm not so tired, though.

    DJ UKROP Terrarian

    Hello! I was here with my friend going through your map, and then we met this problem, and we were not able to solve it,will you help to pass? And then me and my friend do not understand how to do it upload_2019-4-17_17-29-28.png
  9. Tutajkk

    Tutajkk Terrarian

    I assume you could solve it since then, but here's the solution just in case.
    Throw in the Meatball in the tunnel from the top, and guide it from the outer tunnel. The other player steps on the first orange pressure plate, so the first set of 2 blocks became solid and you can drag it upwards and over two inactive blocks onto the cyan pressure plate, so the door opens below for the second orange pressure plate. (Which it looks like you already did, so I guess the next part is where you got stuck.)
    After this, you have to guide the ball on the top of the horizontal inactive blocks, and the other player can now press the second orange pressure plate to activate them to advance to the last inactive blocks. This is where it gets tricky! You'd assume, you have to do the same thing as the very first part, but you actually have to guide the ball into the hole by going around in the top left corner, then let the other player stand on the orange pressure plate, so the ball is now locked in. Now, walk around to the top right corner, while the ball is being locked, and when you are there, the other player can release the ball, and it will activate the cyan pressure plate in the top right corner. Hope this helps!

    MRHOUNDEYEcz Terrarian

    This was the BEST map I ever played.... I played it with my classmate (which is a girl, and she's not my classmate anymore, because then I was going to different school) and I really like it.... I REALLY LIKE HOW LONG IT IS... AND IT'S EPIC! the last room felt like this is serious... My mind was playing a serious music and these stuff.... the very last test was really epic how fast we had to be... There were so many things, I can't choose, which part was my favourite.... This map took us 2 days (maybe 3). I got really excited about the climbing claws AND PULSE BOW!!! I NEVER GOT TO TRY THAT WEAPON!. I got really sad when she decided to rate it 7 / 10... She rated it ONLY BECAUSE OF HARD PARKOUR COURSES!!!!! I LIKED THOSE!!!

    All biomes in this map were great, and again, I can't choose which was the worst, best etc. THEY ALL WERE GREAT

    I like how traps, doors (not the house ones) fits the biome, like ice as a door, you can open by breaking it

    If you are going to make a new Coopventure map, I have an idea for you: Make a magic missile courses.... One player has a magic missile and uses it to open doors for second player, so second player can open doors for magic missile player... The second player just.... Opens and closes doors... (By doors I mean actuator blocks)

    This map learned me some new tricks... I really thank you for making this

    I told her I would rate it 11 / 10 if possible, but it isn't so I have to rate it 10 / 10 ):

    Thank you :)

    Really thank you for making my 2 days better :D

    You deserve more attention....

    I might try first coopventure too with my classmate (the same one I told you)

    This was my comment I posted on March 14th 2019 on Forge Curse.
    I made this profile only because I can post the comment here
  11. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    You did play the first one too right? I honestly think it's better because of the assymetric gear the players are given, and it even has a magic missile variant used for puzzles!