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CC Creation Compendium # 39

Unit One

Staff member
Guys, you can't do this to me. I can't even count how long I looked and looked at each entry. Incredible stuff this month everyone.

Pepsi, those colors are crazy fun to look at, really nice choices. Elin, your angles and those droplets are fantastic, it was like entering a new world. Rulick, that sword. I'm not sure I'm able to convey how delightful it is. Such a unique idea and the execution of it is superb. And not da rael PJ, I just want to pick up your adorable modern house and put it in my pocket. The cabinets in the kitchen, the shower, really really fun.

Thanks again to Quackers and darthmorf for organizing.


How marvelous works are ! Great job, you guys all. I'm really glad to watch many and highly-detailed artworks at once.

p.s. And thanks for watching my spawn point. That world can be downloaded via this link. Thanks again.


I aught to say quite a few lovely structures, pics, oh my... many creative minds we have here.
Think my favorite this time around has to be the one @Elin la Verde did. That pic I got a kick out of, just with what was going on throughout it. So much going on in all over it. :dryadhappy:

Lots of inspiration to be had with many of these as per usual. Always inspiring.:dryadsmile:


One of these days, I'm going to do something for this Creation Compendium thingy.
...The question now is what should I do?


Usually, there are some awesome ones, some good ones, some magneficent ones and so on.
But this time, it was just jam packed with the best things ever.

This is definitly my favourite CC.

Keep up the great work!​


Duke Fishron
I'm a bit late, but anyway. One of the best CC Compendiums I've seen so far. There was some really good :red: in this one.



Very good creations from all! I might have something in mind to put in for the next Compendium...


how do i get the cultists to be like that!!??!!
There spawn is based upon the dungeon, but not on the actual dungeon. Note where they usually are, the build whatever you want on top of it. If it's suitable, they'll come.
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