CC Creation Compendium #49

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by QuackersDelta, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. QuackersDelta

    QuackersDelta The Destroyer


    It's time yet again, for another Creation Compendium!
    Cue the music!

    ...Or not!
    It's almost time for summer, isn't that awesome? Probably not, the heat sucks. But hey, at least you get to enjoy an awesome batch of creations from the community itself!
    Before we begin though, remember that if you want to enter for CC#50, post your creation to @darthmorf!
    Don't know how to enter? Here's a handy guide!

    Wanna see the previous CC? Check this out!
    Now, it's showtime!



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  2. Koopahunter197

    Koopahunter197 Spazmatism

    Awesome Entries! The Moonlord dunkage, the Queen Bee in expert mode, and the crate ones made me laugh :D Also, my first CC! I'm gonna make something for the next one too... something special, probably...
  3. Loffy09

    Loffy09 Spazmatism

    Huh, I was surprised to see a Kirby themed submission that isn't mine (Nice work @Peetaco )! All of these are amazing, but I loved @Rariaz 's submission!
  4. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Such fun entries to look over, and incredible that it is the 49th edition. My faves this month were from Kazzymodus, Digit0r, and Rariaz.

    Thanks to Quackers and darthmorf for the time and effort in organizing these each month.
  5. TheGeckoGamer

    TheGeckoGamer Plantera

    Amazing work to all! I love the creative builds, like the Mushroom Biome of yours @Koopahunter197! Also, the crate one it super true.
  6. Gearzoid II

    Gearzoid II Retinazer

    Woo this CC looks good! My absolute favorite is @ajidot 's, 100/10. But other favorites would be ppowersteefs, Stars, Kuki Monsterz, Tenthys, Kazzymodus, Khaios, Diekonradishes, Peetacos, Rariaz and Qui Devorats creations.
  7. Xiarno

    Xiarno Official Terrarian

    Awesome, great entry, as always !
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  8. Redstonetam15

    Redstonetam15 Eater of Worlds

    It was my pleasure to participate in the CC for the first time. Great entries as always!
  9. Cloud551

    Cloud551 Spazmatism

    those treehouses though. amazing. thats what i strive to make everytime i enter that big tree but get too lazy ;(
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  10. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    Holy h*ck are these good.
  11. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Really solid set this month. Good job everyone.
  12. Parsnip

    Parsnip King Slime

    Always one of the best things for me to view when i come to the forums, awesome stuff everyone!

    In love with the tower by @Local Tree. :passionate:
  13. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Space Jam Moon Lord is best Moon Lord.
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  14. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    A lot of cool ones this time, guys!
    @ajidot , best drawing you've made, buddy! (I think I've already told you that, though :p )
    Cookies to @Loffy09 and @Peetaco for their awesome builds! (do you know much much of my child gaming life was filled with Kirby?)
    @ppowersteef , that made my day! That was hilarious! (Also you do animation?)
    @Rariaz , I don't know why, but yours was a really cool one!
    @FrittleBee84 , tutorial please. That looks delicious! :passionate:
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  15. inzetegames

    inzetegames Spazmatism

    @SamTerarrium why not use living furniture? living lamps, lanterns, walls, chairs and tables would make it awesome
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  16. Xag

    Xag Terrarian

    this is soo cool i love them.
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  17. Orion_Bright

    Orion_Bright Retinazer

    great entry's everyone! this is one of my favorite times of the month so lets keep it going till at least CC 70 :p

    hmmmm, building or spriteing for me next month?
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  18. SamTerarrium

    SamTerarrium Spazmatism

    Because I don't have any wood to make furniture
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  19. Terrarian Bunneh

    Terrarian Bunneh Spazmatism

    10/10 IGN would recommend all of these creations as a wallpaper for a phone or laptop. Truly some great stuff on here! Glad to see some creations from people I know! (Slightly) Will try to make something for CC50.
  20. Piterros990

    Piterros990 Skeletron

    Great entries! Also that expert Queen Bee is hilarious xD
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