CC Creation Compendium #52

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    @Dg-vr OOO I love your entry so much <333
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  2. Largei

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    I made a micro version of my world jungle Temple and with working traps inside

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  3. darthmorf

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    If you want to enter the CC please send your images to @QuackersDelta
  4. Largei

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    O sorry I mean to post this in a nother forum not here lol
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    Erm...Has it been noted that the Rules are misnumbered?
    There's two 3's.
  6. QuackersDelta

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    Whoops, that seems to be my legacy mistake from the old writeup. I'm sure Darth will fix it.
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  7. Akrasia

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    "We have also clarified Rule #5 as there was some confusion as to the definition of "Low effort posts". Make sure to read the updated rules:"

    Really small typo here, it's actually rule #6 that talks about low-effort posts, not #5
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  8. darthmorf

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    Thanks - this was originally correct but made wrong when someone pointed out rule 3 was put twice :p
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  10. AssassinX

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    Been playing since terraria released and I still make boxed houses :naughty:
  11. Almighty bobbit worm

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  12. JTM7655

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    Holy Crap these builds and art make my houses look like sheds
  13. O RainKnight O

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    This might be really random, but how did you get that box to form around the link in your signature? XD I've been trying for 30 minutes and it is irritating me XD
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  14. ppowersteef

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    That's a spoiler, a BBCode you can use to hide stuff inside of it.

    content here.

    code version:
    [spoiler]content here.[/spoiler]
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  15. O RainKnight O

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    Thank you for telling me this :D
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  16. O RainKnight O

    O RainKnight O Terrarian

    This is gonna seem even more annoying of me now, so sorry.
    I know the code now, but how did you add personal text to it? All I can get mine to say is Spoiler.
    Like, not the “Content here” part. That is the part that you see when you click on it. I’m fine with that bit.
    For an example, how you got your thing to say “Signature with stuffs”
  17. ppowersteef

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    Quite simple, to give another example.

    [spoiler="Insert Title here"] Insert content here [/spoiler]

    results in:

    Insert content here
  18. O RainKnight O

    O RainKnight O Terrarian

    Ok thank you so much ^^ I’m still new here so this site’s coding is different than what i’m use to.
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