CC Creation Compendium #56

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Jan 1, 2018.

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    It's never too late for this kind of stuff. :dryadsmile:

    Like darthmorf said, you can obtain a copy of Terraria for your PC through Steam or via
    This is the link for the Steam version*, and likewise for GOG.
    (*requires Steam installation)
  2. @Kuruzeus

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    @darthmorf Incorrect credit sir, I'm the creator of the 3d meowmere xdXD ':eek:
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    Apologies, I forgot to insert your name.
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    How do you find out the next CC’s theme?
  5. MiltVala

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    Rarely is there a theme, other than "has something to do with Terraria" lol
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  7. It's so neat to actually see my stuff in here.
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    Hello maybe this is not the right place to ask but jow I can post my art on @Khaios page. Do I need a link ?
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  9. Khaios

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    Yeah, you aren't able to upload images to profile pages on TCF, but you can still put images in the posts. You'll need to start with an image sharing website (I use Upload your image to the site of your choice, then get the URL of the image. Then, on my profile page, you can type
    to get the image to appear. Simply replace "" with your image's URL. Let me know if you have any problems ^.^
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    Thank you !
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    Pepsi's one is heavenly
  12. my art was placed here!! yes!
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    As long as they meet the guidelines, all entries get in ^.^
  14. I know, because I am familiar with both the rules of TCF and the CreationCompendium
  15. TheSlimeySlime

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    is there anyway i can post 3ds artwork:)
  16. darthmorf

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    Here's a guide on how to enter from a PC:

    If you can copy the artwork onto a PC then that will work. Sadly I've never had a 3DS before so I don't really know how it works.
  17. RoM

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    Common gues.. january has left. Whats about 1.3.6?
  18. Unit One

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    Hi there @RoM, I’m not sure if you meant to post this here or not. This thread is about the Creation Compendium. If you want to talk about the 1.3.6 update, please take that to an appropriate thread in the PC Developer News and Announcements section:
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    My appologize.
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    Amazing, as always.