CC Creation Compendium #58

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  1. An Original Name

    An Original Name Pixel Pirate

    You could always build something and then take a photo of it with the Camera mode (F1 on PC)
  2. sillybunneh

    sillybunneh Terrarian

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  3. theawesomegamer

    theawesomegamer Terrarian

    Awesome entries everyone!! I really liked @Brutallama 's depiction of the guide!
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  4. Gotheran

    Gotheran Plantera

    did anyone else notice the logo is each of the terraria bosses? Although I can't quite place what the i in compendium is supposed to be
  5. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    You could ask the creator of that logo (shobiwan77), but to me it looks like the dark mage from the Old One's Army event ^.^
  6. Exodus Starlit

    Exodus Starlit Dungeon Spirit

    I am not sure about that, I don't want to compliment his artwork but I am pretty sure some people don't know what is that about why is it there even if Plague bringer Goliath's sprite and name are included in the image.
    I don't see problems if somebody create a artwork of moded armor with included sprite, Terraria character and armors are recognizeable by shape.
    If you want to ask why are posted entry to CC with moded buildig materials, you can simply see it is Terraria building.
    I see his artwork is very creative but I don't see it fiting enough to be included.
  7. Khaios

    Khaios Retinazer

    Modded Terraria is a big (and steadily growing) part of the community. The impact of mods on the community leads to fans wanting to create art.

    If modded content is accepted for Creation Compendium via screenshot, and artistic interpretations of vanilla bosses that look far more realistic than Terraria's sprites are as well, then why wouldn't we allow fanart of mods that does the same? Modded or not, the art piece is still Terraria related, thus it passed the bar, and was accepted as an entry.

    If people don't recognize the subject of the art piece, they can ask the artist, which leads to a dialogue, which is healthy for the community. This goes for fan art that depicts vanilla or modded content. ^.^
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  8. Duke Foolsron

    Duke Foolsron Terrarian

    Lots of these pictures are so cool! I wish there were more people doing pixel art though, because not only does it look good, but it’s fun!
  9. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Steampunker

  10. The Cakemaster

    The Cakemaster Steampunker

    That's pretty awesome!
  11. G0ldyF1sh

    G0ldyF1sh Terrarian

    hey guys i was thinking of doing creation compendium. Thought i would mix things up and make a build based on really random materials. Any recomendations? also could i know where i could find other cc entries? i want to observe and enjoy them. :)
  12. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    You can find every CC in this section:
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  13. G0ldyF1sh

    G0ldyF1sh Terrarian

    im sorry but where can i find the actual artwork. all i can find is the threads with what seems to be just reactions to the the artwork that i cant find. sorry :(
  14. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Each artwork is contained withing the first post of each thread.
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  15. G0ldyF1sh

    G0ldyF1sh Terrarian

    thank you!
  16. InSignia

    InSignia Skeletron Prime

    this looks fun
  17. Colin12321

    Colin12321 Terrarian

    Amazing artwork! My favorite is the one made by @RealSaucer
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  18. Loumonos Gate

    Loumonos Gate Steampunker

    Gg Everyone