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Creation Compendium is now accepting entries!

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Ladies, gentlemen, creative people of all ages!

Creation Compendium's temporary hiatus has been lifted and we are now taking in entries.

Entry Submission deadlines:
Creation Compendiums will be posted on the first week of the month. After this first week, you have the next three weeks in the month to enter into CC. The only exception to this rule will be on the first CC, which is the November CC. Entries are taken in starting today, and will continue until the first week of November.

How to submit an entry:
1. Upload your creation through an image hosting site (Such as Imgur) or on a video hosting site (Like Youtube) if your creation is a recording.
2. Copy the link to your now posted creation.
3. Paste the link as a profile post on that month's CC host's profile.

The CC Host system:
Creation Compendium is a bit of a large thing to run, and as a result, we have two hosts for it. That is me, QuackersDelta, and Darthmorf, who was generous enough to give his time to help with Creation Compendium. We will switch monthly, so the schedule will be like this:
Month 1: QuackersDelta
Month 2: Darthmorf
Month 3: QuackersDelta
Month 4: Darthmorf
And so on, and so forth.
Of course, Darth and I aren't going to be copying each other 100%, so expect our Creation Compendiums to be slightly different in looks. In terms of how it works, however, CC will work exactly the same, no matter who the host is. This includes the entry system. Just be sure to know who's profile you should post them on. (This will be noted in the Creation Compendium post. ex. "Please post on _____'s profile for this month if you'd like to enter for CC.")

Final Notes:
Creation Compendiums on this forums will not include themes, due to AyeAye12's request not to.
Besides that, CC will work exactly as it did before.
Remember that Creation Compendium is not a contest, it is a showcase of our community's amazing works and creations. Don't be afraid to enter!

This month's entries are to be posted on my profile.
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Future "results" threads that are on the front page will also serve as "entry" threads for the next CC.

For now, welcome back Creation Compendium - enjoy some front page time!

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with...and while we are discussing creations, don't forget that the 2014 Halloween Contest still has a few weeks left for your entries! :)


So, no themes? Man, I was looking forward to getting an idea to draw something to. Good to see CC back, though.
Now I have to come up with an idea :c


I might give it a shot for a first time :D.
So, must the creation be in-game creation only?
Or can it be a drawing/painting/pixel art of terraria fanart?
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