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tModLoader Cultists Plus Mod (Still Needs a Better Name.)

Which of the following classes would you like to see in the mod? Should I even try to add a class?

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Please note this is Heavy W.I.P and most likely won't be done for a few weeks, maybe a few months if I can not find three more coders and two spriters. This may not be a hard mod to code, but the items and NPCs will take some time... Please be patient and wait, or offer help. I want people to know why this is late. Thank you!

Once there was a Terrarian, who killed the moon lord. This Terrarian thought it was all done, but something sinister stirred...

So what this mod adds are a few new pillars:
Black Hole-Mage
Deserted/Fossil (Based on Corrupt/Crimson)-Thrower

Also Each pillar has a Cultist:
Lunar Cultist- Already in game, but there is a harder version for the Lunar Pillar
Stardust Cultist-
Vortex Cultist-
Nebula Cultist-
Solar Cultist-
Black Hole Cultist-
Martian Cultist-
Blaster Cultist-
Deserted Cultist

And then there are Town NPCs:
C.I.T (Cultist in Training)-- Sells the spells Lunatic Cultist uses, such as the pyramid split and Blizzard throw
Confused Cultist- After defeating the Lunatic Cultist, he collapses in the nurses home and then moves into your town. He sells Items such as Impending Doom Pendant, the vortex blaster, Cosmic Car Key, Lazer Machine gun, etc.
Collapsed Moon Man-The moonlord moves into your town and sells some cool items designed by Deadfish388. He also will Morph Cosmic Tickets into his drops...

Then there are Expert items for all bosses:
The team and I will discuss these

Biomes and Dimensions (Possibly just biomes):
The Chaos- Hell after the lunar events This is where you will farm enemies to get the key to the other world...
Hellowed- The hollowed after beating the Chaos boss has cool new OP Enemies
Other World- Where the pillars are and moon lords revenge
Candy?-This is a little surprise for after you beat the Hellowed boss and MoonLord's Revenge.

Finally bosses:
Devil Dog
MoonLord's Revenge
Cthulu's Revenge.
Fishron Duke
Deserted Man

New Currency:
Will remain secret... Fo now.

The Team Behind this So Far:

Thanks for all the support team!

Team we are contacting now:

What is still needed for our team
Coder 2
Coder 3
Spriter 3
Mod Builder
Testers (Soon)

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Nice idea! I may be available of helping, and maybe you can look at my mod in progress too


My idea is that Martian is the ranged pillar, black hole is the summoner, and the blaster is the mage pillar.
Ok. I like the idea of the pillars being the classes, and Celestial Mod is a great mod name!

Also, I have some coding and sprinting experience however this is a little hard. If you are able to help that would be AWSOME!
Please, let me know what you are able to do and I can send you some files I have been working on. Also I am a better Spriter than coder so... Let me know if you need help with Orson's Mod. I would be glad to assist.


Official Terrarian
I don't think the moon lord should sell his drops, to op, ruins the experience of chance. make him sell these:

Lunar fragment: 10 platinum: summons a moon lord pet.

The tentacle: 50 gold: Equipable. Serves as a hook with 10 arms.

True staff of Cthulhu:* 5 Platinum: Summons a true eye of Cthulhu to fight for you. 150 summon damage 4% Crit Chance, Average Knockback.

The weapon the moon lord uses to fight enemies is his OP death laser but smaller.

*I'm going to put it in my mod too


Thanks! I Love the sprites! They are better than the ones I have done!
Anyway, MoonLord is indeed to OP, but maybe I can add a drop, or Shard for the each type- Magic, Ranged, Mellee, Summon- and you can use that fragment from a expert cultist drop and give those to NPCs for a price of a new currency, Lunar Tickets, you can "Reforge" or change the Shard into a endgame item? This would work like Goblin Tinkerer's Reforge feature. Anyway, Lunar Tickets are are maybe for every 150 shards of a Lunar type you can make 10 Shards of that type. I.E- 150 Solar=10 Melee shards?

Also, The True Staff of Cthulu is a pretty powerful item with late-game summoner sets... Maybe if you can sprite the items you have mentioned I can get to work on the Reforge feature. Sound good?

Finally the Ultimate Cultist should be a powerful being... We cannot make him easy. Plus he needs drops. Get back to me on that.
Also, Sorry I have been offline, I have been in L.A for the past few days.
[doublepost=1466423189,1466423092][/doublepost]Also, maybe we can use each other's mods to run the mods? For example, Pre Hardmode Items needed Mech Core?
We could do your mod adds in items that are required to make my bosses and my mod adds in some stuff to make stuff for yours? Just an Idea.


If you have any coding experience, let me know because I need some assistance that is NOT sprinting. Also, when I get closer to a beta build I will be able to start collecting testers...


New Pillar!
Deserted Winds!

New Bosses!
Deserted Cultist
Deserted Pharaoh

After the collapse of the Moonlord, An old fragment is found. Upon using this fragment, an old temple appears...

Usually I leave it at this but...
One more thing...

What is it? A boss? An Item?
An Eye??
You will have to see.



Official Terrarian
It is all of the above, even an item, because it could drop itself upon death and could be used as an item.


Official Terrarian
Man, your mod is super cool! I wish I could help but I'm just a spriter :\ I really like Cultists so your mod is perfect for me! :D


Cool! I would be thrilled to have a lot of spriters working on items because I have people working on mobs, but i need weapons and pillars still!

Also, I need a sprite for my other mod, the forum will be up soon.



It seems that I've left this mod off for a while. Hi guys :)
Anyways, I never came back to the mod because you never told me to. I could expand it further, if y'all'd like.

PS: Making pillars is really hard. Don't do it as a first thing.


Hey GabeHasWon. Welcome back. Sorry about not contacting sooner. Anyway, I can contact you if you are really still interested.
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