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Check back every year for new work and updates. I will be around for a long time.


This map contains pixel art for the game Super Mario Bros 1. They are divided into two rooms, NES or SNES. I put chests under everything so you can build it in your home world.

1 Player

This map is a puzzle game made out of dart traps and buttons. You use your hammer to turn the dart traps and then pull the lever to set off the correct chain reaction that opens the door to the next puzzle.

There are 5 unique puzzle packs:
-Rainbow pack
-Jazari pack
-Shadow pack
-Euler pack
-Cruel pack

Each pack contains 20 or more levels that you must solve to rescue the ducks and view the pixel art at the end.
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1 or 2 Players

Based on the Mega Man X series for Playstation. Zero and/or X have to fight through 6 regular stages and defeat the 6 maverick bosses before they can access the 4 Sigma stages. This game has multiple endings.

You can play the game on normal difficulty or try Ultimate Hunter mode. As an Ultimate Hunter you will be prevented from getting hearts, items, and boss upgrades. More and harder monsters will spawn as well to challenge you.

Normal ending: Beat the game
Collector ending: Collect all the items and hearts
Secret ending: Obtain Zero's secret upgrade
2-Player ending: Beat the game with two people
Mega Man ending: Collect all 9 Mega Man gems
Ultimate Hunter ending: Beat the game on Ultimate Hunter mode
Side ending: Use the temple key and defeat ???
Ultimate Side ending: Use the temple key and defeat ??? on Ultimate Hunter mode

Up to 9 player PVP

This map has 3 large Pac-Man arenas for PVP:
-Normal Pac-Man
-Ms. Pac-Man
-Level 256

All the arenas have teleporters in them. I have also placed combat gear in the main lobby for you, I recommend using only what I have provided for you.

I did some work on balancing the weapons, combat is significantly better now. I added dyes so that you can look different from your friends.

Off to the side I have art galleries for different Pac-Man games.

1 to 8 players

Play as either Mario or Luigi in this replica of the game Super Mario Bros 1.
Run, fight, and jump through all the levels to rescue the Princess! Your character will become more powerful after each castle you clear. I have skinned this map to resemble the All-Stars version of the game.

This map has three endings:
Standard ending
Two-player ending
Flags ending

This map uses music boxes, have your game music turned on for level themes.
1 to 4 players

Journey through the dream world of Subcon, becoming more powerful as you go on, and defeat the evil ruler named Wart! Play as one of four characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess. Character selection is available at the start of each level.
1 or 2 players

You can select Mario or Luigi to leap and fight your way through all the Mario levels. This map has been skinned to be visually similar to All-Stars. Your character will become stronger as you beat the castles. If one should hit all of the flag levers they will earn more access to the ending. If you play with two people you can access the two player ending.
Project is active once again.

This map is 1 to 2 players. What sets this map apart from my prior work in Mario mapping is that you can jump higher as well as the landscape having some depth to it so I can hide collectibles. The difficulty of the game will come near 2nd Quest status by the final world, but still be manageable to play for people.

1 Player

Do you have what it takes to win?

This is the hard version of my Super Mario Bros 1 map. You begin at full power this time and will struggle to reach the end. This map is a test of patience and precision. I have skinned this map to be visually similar to the NES.

This map has chests filled with every block in the game. Above these chests I have the block hammered into different shapes so you can see what it looks like. There are separate houses that have the blocks sorted by themes, A-Z, and color. There is also a house that shows the newest blocks in Terraria. The Guide can be teleported around the map so you can ask him what you can craft with each block.

I also added a pixel art visual aid to help you decide what block or wall you should use, they are sorted into vertical strips by color and brightness.
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Super Mario Bros 1 now has an ending for 2 Player mode.

I like Mario Bros 1, but there's a noticeable difficulty spike in World 5. I found the harpies to knock me off the edge, the World 5 Bowser fight was very precise. Good work overall though! :p
I changed a harpy, I have a better understanding of them now after beating the 2nd Quest.
I might look at them a second time this month. There are some monsters I am unhappy with and will have to change again.
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Hm.. Not sure what's going on but every time I try to load the original Super Mario Bros 1 Terraria crashes. =X All of the other maps work fine, tho!

Scratch that it's working now. Dunno what was going on. x_X
Lost Levels has had a major update and is worth redownloading.
Visual Changes - 2P Ending - Flag Lever Ending, - Midway Ending, - Monster changes - Loot changes - NPC housing
The demo for Super Mario Bros 3 is up, it has the first 4 worlds.
April Fools
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Tile Helper has been updated with better lighting and a room in the Color House that introduces people to minimap pixel art.
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Hybrid map released: Pac Man Arcade World.

6 Small pixel art galleries
2 PVP arenas

More arenas may come as time goes on if I feel like building the other Pac Man screens.
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Duck N Dart demo is released
12 playable levels included

Currently building the Cruel Pack and the pixel art endings.
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