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This Modpack brings the old Decoration Mod to tApi.

Of course doesn't contain all Tiles because some are added to the Game (Couches), some are obsolete due the Paint feature and others will be added later.
However this pack contains:
  • 6 new Beds
  • 2 Bookshelfs
  • 6 Tables
  • 23 Mirrors
  • 16 misc Tiles (Kitchen, TV, Furnaces, Radio etc.)
  • 9 Paintings
  • 49 Walls
  • 5 "Weapons"
  • 5 Wigs
  • 1 NPC
  • Old Furnace and Hellforge (pre 1.2 Sprite but animated)
  • Craft and placeable Pots (9 different ones)
  • Vending Machine (left and right placeable)
  • Drinks (Exotic, Soft Drinks and Orange Juice)
  • and more!

  • Most items are available from the Start.
  • Pirate Crossbowers Wig is available after beating the Pirate Invasion
  • Walls and Weapons (Tools) are selled by the Decorator NPC
  • Stylist sells Wigs
  • Painter sells Easel (Crafting Station) and Canvas used to craft some Paintings
  • TV, Stove, Modern Furnace, ECG Cabinet are animated Tiles
  • Drinks:
    • Exotic Drinks are sold by Traveling Merchant
    • Soft Drinks can be bought at Vending Machine (Right Click)
    • Orange Juice can be crafted with Bottle and Orange
  • Orange dropped by chopping Trees
  • Ask the Guide!

Arcade Machine and some other Tiles will get their functionality back later!

Let me know about any Bugs, Suggestions (i.e. Recipe changes) etc.


  • version 1.2
    • Added 9 craftable Pots
    • Added Vending Machine
    • Added placeable Drinks (Credits to Daimera)
    • Added Chinese Square Lantern
  • version 1.1
    • Added 8 Mirrors
    • Added old Furnace (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated)
    • Added old Hellforge (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated)
    • Fixed missing "directional: true" for Upholstered Chair
    • Moved "Hearts Wallpaper" to Decorators "Wallpaper" Shop
  • version 1.0
    • initial release



  • Eikesters Decoration Pack.tapi
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Most efficacious!

I do hope to see things like marble decor and vases, I look forward for more released content!
just a small Update
  • Added 8 Mirrors
  • Added old Furnace (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated)
  • Added old Hellforge (pre 1.2 Sprite, animated), dropped by "Wall of Flesh"
  • Fixed missing "directional" for "Upholstered Chair"
  • Moved "Hearts Wallpaper" to Decorators "Wallpaper" Shop
A couple questions about the pots...

Will they be breakable?
Will there be a way to store/remove items in them?

Could you add something to craft the Obsidian furniture found in hell?

The words, "Diabolic Lathe" come to mind.
The Pots are seperate Tiletypes and meant as decorative Tiles and can be picked up as every other Furniture Tile once crafted and placed (with a Pickaxe). They will not break and therefor not drop the loot like the Pots generated in the World. Storing Items in them would be nice (kinda like a Chest) but i'm not sure if it is possible yet, have to look into it.
Maybe something you can find in the Pyramid for a sandstone set of furniture? Maybe *gasp* Crimstone bricks like pearl and ebon bricks? Crimtane bricks? MOAR Crimzon?!?!?!?!!
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Update v1.2

  • Added craftable Pots
    • 9 different versions
    • can be placed
    • works like the Books, the placed Frame is randomly chosen
    • crafted Pots can't be destroyed and dont give the Vanilla Pots loot
    • can be picked up as every other Furniture with the Pickaxe
  • Added Placeable Drinks
    • Sprites and idea by Daimera
    • Orange Juice can be crafted with Oranges and Bottle
    • Exotic Drink is sold by the Traveling Merchant
    • Soft Drinks can be bought at Vending Machine
    • Placed Drinks can be Right clicked to Heal/give the Tipsy debuff
  • Added Vending Machine
    • Vending%20Machine.png
    • Placeable like Beds -> left direction = Green, right direction = Red
  • Added Chinese Square Lantern
    • pretty much the same as the Chinese Lantern just uhm.. Square
  • Changed Plunger to stabbing Weapon
  • Changed Basquet Cap to show Hair underneath
Cool! Thank you for the credit and for bringing my suggestion to fruition! I'm very curious to see how they actually work in practice as opposed to just in theory.

Gonna keep an eye on this! A lot of the furniture looks fantastic so far and adds a homey feel that I really like. I'm all for more aesthetic options.

Edit: Finally got around to installing the mod with tAPI bound to a non-Steam version of Terraria (just in case). I figured I'd take a screenshot of the drinks for now since I was super curious to see how they'd look!

It took a while due to having to start from scratch, and also because of my left hand's index finger injury, making WASDing a HUUGE hassle.

They do look a bit large, but I think if they were set up in their own in a bar or someplace that was designed around their size, it'd look a bit better!

Hopefully when my finger heals and it gets easier to play Terraria, I'll try to collect enough materials to construct some houses that show off more of the furniture. Managed to find quite a bit of it by asking the Guide, I just didn't really have materials for it!
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Weird bug, and since this is the only mod I'm running, I'm posting it here.

I'm not sure if this is a bug with tAPI in general or if it's a bug with this mod in particular.


... what is causing the housing to work like this? The Painter's room is just a mirror and two bunk beds (IE, no 'table' objects), and the Demolitionist's "room" is just... some torches and STAIRS. Also, the Nurse's room originally had only a bed in it and it was registering as legit (it might be honestly legit now that it has the medicine cabinet), and the crafting room is currently registering as legit despite not having any 'comfort' items in it. I think adding the Heavy Work Bench is what made it suddenly register as housing.

Also, something bugging me slightly. The Stove registers as a furnace, but I think it'd be better if it registered as a Cooking Pot?
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Double-post but it's been a bit of time.

Threw together a base composite for me playing with this mod. Haven't touched nearly all the furniture, haven't even found the NPC yet (assuming hardmode? I don't feel like hardmoding this map. :c Too much work), haven't seen the 'weapons', but got a decent cross-section of the furniture. Prolly should have grabbed some of the new walls to show off, but it slipped my mind...


I’m not sure I’m gonna go much farther than this in tAPI until it's fixed a bit (as is my finger), but I figured a showcase of someone with little-to-no building skill playing with this stuff would help visualize it better than standalone sprites. I kinda wish some of this stuff was in the game vanilla. :c I like those bunk beds. And the mirrors. And the computer table. and...

I experienced this error while running tapir14a in both single and multiplayer when clicking shop on the painter. I am also running Thoriummod+, elementalboots, and dungeongen. If you have any ideas that would help, please let me know. I have already turned off most of the mods I would like to run, because apparently next to nothing works in multiplayer, and am pretty unwilling to turn off anymore! Thank you in advance to anyone that might be able to assist.

System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
at Eikester.MNPC.PostSetupShop(Terraria.Chest shop, System.Int32& lastIndex)
at TAPI.Hooks.Call( ts, t1, t2)
at Terraria.Chest.SetupShop(System.Int32 type, Terraria.NPC npc)
at Terraria.Main.DrawChat()
at TAPI.InterfaceLayer.<.cctor>b__d(TAPI.InterfaceLayer layer, Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
at TAPI.InterfaceLayer+Action.OnDraw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
at TAPI.InterfaceLayer.Draw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
at Terraria.Main.DrawInterface()
at Terraria.Main.Draw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameTime gameTime)
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