Delta's Art Thread II

Yes you may.

Then I would like to request Axios
My picture doesn't want to load... Anyway you can find him on the far right of my signature. And if you can't tell what he has from that he has;

Ninja Hood
Adamentite Chestplate
Cross Necklace
Demon Wings
Adamentite Leggings
Obsidian Shield
Legendary Excalibur

Good luck!
Alright, here's the requests for @TheGoldenHawkster , @TheQuietBisharp , and @Axios .
I like how @TheQuietBisharp 's turned out.





Oh my! That is dapper. I will certainly put this in my sig - and credit you, ofc.
That bird head must have been a bit of a challenge to draw - I went to this aviary yesterday and sketched some of the birds, but the heads I drew were really weird.
Great art!

I have a request!
I would like you to draw this guy!
Draw him like he is or (optional) draw him facing slightly sideways with a death sickle like scythe over his shoulder.
Can you draw a zombie guy with a heat ray and purple hair? And a steampunk-type jacket and pants if that's ok.
Aight so I'm a douchebag for not posting here, and even more so for not having the last two requests done. But hey, here's a picture of my character Tri. That makes up for it, right? hahhahahah aaaahhhh...

Is it like, okay, to respectfully decline requests? Because it's been a month and I doubt I have the work ethic to finish @excession 's and @Zombosis 's requests. You guys can re-request something, I suppose? Sorry. Sometimes I'm just put off by some, absolutely no offense to the posters.
Don't feel bad. Its your thread after all!

I'm liking the shadows on that recent one!
I would like if you could draw my character.
If he can be holding anything it would be the bubble gun. If you could draw him sitting in a chair that would be great!
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