PC Does anyone know of a legit way to spam starwrath like this?


I know he used a tool that modifies the game, but can you do something like this only using terraria?
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The best way to do this is with all of the attack speed modifiers possible. The beetle armor set using the beetle scale mail (chestplate) largely increases attack speed. Other than that, there are accessories you can use, such as:

Feral claws (ASI 12%)
Power glove (ASI 12%)
Mechanical Glove (ASI 12%)
Fire Gauntlet (ASI 10%)
Celestial Stone (ASI 10%)
Sun/moon stone (ASI 10% each)
Celestial Shell (ASI 10%)

You can reforge these at the Goblin Tinkerer to get an even better attack speed increase.
Accessory modifiers:
Wild (ASI 1%)
Rash (ASI 2%)
Intrepid (ASI 3%)
Violent (ASI 4%)

Weapon modifiers:
Quick (ASI 10%)
Deadly (ASI 10%)
Agile (ASI 10%)
Nasty (ASI 10%)
Legendary (ASI 10%) (You might want to try for this one)
Light (ASI 15%)

Next, there are some buffs that you can use to get an attack speed increase.

Tipsy (Granted by drinking ale or sake) gives you a 10% ASI and a 2% critical strike chance at the cost of 4 defense.
Beetle Might (Granted by wearing full beetle armor) can give you up to 30% ASI.
Well Fed (Granted by eating certain food items) gives you a 5% ASI.

To expand on the well fed buff, I have this wiki link that tells you what grants the buff and for how long:

I can provide additional information if you need, but for now, this is the list of every achievable ASI (attack speed increase)
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