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Are the new class advancement requirements reasonable?

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  1. Yes! Major changes are NOT needed.

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  2. The Monster/Boss Orb requirements are reasonable, but not the other requirements.

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  3. The other requirements are reasonable, but not the Monster/Boss Orb requirements.

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  4. No! Major changes are needed.

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  1. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Fishing modifications are unlikely to make it into this mod - at least not any time soon.

    Yes, but with one small caveat. At present, the minimum experience given from valid monsters is 1. In the next version, I will fix this so that no experience is given when exprate is 0.

    At this time, I do not intend to add any weapons/armor. I do like the idea (and exp crafting in general), but my focus is on polishing the rpg/exp/class side of things before anything else. I might come back to this after the mod is released.

    Dushy's mod is pretty cool. The upgrade systems allows you to keep weapon/armor relevant for longer when you find something that you really like. If you do try it, keep an eye on your log file. I once had an issue where that mod produced excessive output and my log file was >600mb before I realized what was going on.

    Thanks for the report. This issue is on my to do list. I believe that it's just a simple UI bug that popped up when I switched the data type of experience.

    The balance pass and another adjustment to level requirements should be up in the next day or two. In the mean time, you could adjust your exprate to suit your needs (see /exprate #).

    At present, the exprate multiplayer can be set on a per character basis using "/exprate #". The setting is saved in the character file. Would a config file be preferable?
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  2. It's Meepo!

    It's Meepo! Terrarian

    Could we get a command to disable the exp gained chat messages? It gets a bit spammy, especially when talking to someone else in multiplayer.
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  3. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Great suggestion. I'll get this into the next version.
  4. stipherzzz

    stipherzzz Terrarian

    Hey Saerus, I was just testing the mana regeneration on the mystic class (the occasional regen given at level one) and it appears as though it doesnt actually restore any mana, but it does display the text above your character.

    I tested it two ways, one while continuously spamming a spell and the other spamming a spell down to 0 mana then stopping just before the regen would go off.

    Its doesnt really affect the game at all cause you get more than enough max mana and reduced mana cost anyways.
  5. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Thank you for the report. I have fixed the issue (will be available in the next version).

    During testing, I found a bigger issue. Mana regeneration delay values of 40+ are removing the regen delay altogether, which results in infinite mana and a very annoying clicking sound each time you reach max mana (several times a second while casting). I will put a limit on this bonus, which should make the periodic regen more sensible.
  6. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    New update available. The balance pass is up next.
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  7. updatedude

    updatedude Terrarian

    Hurrah, new update. You spoil us.

    Also, yay, explvlset.
  8. Guthlx

    Guthlx Terrarian

    Would a white/yellow popup number above your character be a possibility?
  9. stipherzzz

    stipherzzz Terrarian

    No problem! Love the mod and keep up the great work :D


    I had an idea, if you want to try something other than a limit on the regen delay bonus aspect of leveling, what you could do instead is make that one of the "milestone" level bonuses such as the default level 1 bonus of occasional regen (but make this new one level 15 or something). Since this would be a one time bonus you wouldnt need to cap it as the value could be preset to something resonable, and you could balance the rest of the classes numbers more effectively to bring out their strengths (such as greater mana regen growth or max mana, or even increases the effectiveness of periodic mana restore). Thoughts?

    Goodluck with the balance pass by the way!
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  10. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    I took a look and didn't see a simple/clean way to implement this, but I'm sure that it's possible. I did find a somewhat roundabout method, but it only works in multiplayer.
  11. Alexish

    Alexish Terrarian

    Hey how can i upgrade my token? The Guide says that i need 1600 xp but with the new version i dont have the xp in the inventory anymore so i can't craft it.

    Nice mod btw :dryadwink:
  12. ardittristan

    ardittristan Steampunker

    use /expcraft [amount] in the chat to get xp items

    @Saerus maby it's a smart idea to add /expcraft to the tooltip of the classtokens or xp items just as you did with /expuse so this confusion won't happen anymore
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  13. leqesai

    leqesai Terrarian

    I wonder if it is possible to count the XP for crafting from the XP bar without the text conversion thing? Or maybe an item can be made (placeable) that, when you right click it, converts all of your current XP into an item, and another item that takes all item XP and converts it into bar XP.
  14. Mayor Bear

    Mayor Bear Terrarian

    I'm loving the mod, but the chat commands don't seem to be working for me. I do, in fact, have the latest versions of everything. Hiding the exp bar works, but not using the exp items or anything. I'm stuck with a stack of exp :( Advice?

    Edit: That was weird. It's suddenly working. All I did was tab back into the game. All's well that ends well I suppose.
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  15. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    I have changed the way that class advancement crafting works. The recipe is now available only when you have enough (non-item) experience. Then, when you craft the token, the required experience is removed from your earned (non-item) experience. I hope that this new system will be more intuitive. This will be available in the next version (later tonight, probably).

    You will not have to use /expcraft anymore except if you want to trade or store your experience.
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  16. leqesai

    leqesai Terrarian

    You are pretty damn awesome.
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  17. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    There is a game breaking bug with summoners ?
  18. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Only in v0.2.0. If you downloaded the latest version, you'll be fine.
  19. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    Alright ... does this work with the rpg classes mod ?

    and with attributes + dnd challange ?
  20. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    If you mean this rpg classes mod, then yes.

    I am not familiar with attributes + dnd challange, but if they are tModLoader mods then they are almost certainly compatible.