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Are the new class advancement requirements reasonable?

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  1. Yes! Major changes are NOT needed.

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  2. The Monster/Boss Orb requirements are reasonable, but not the other requirements.

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  3. The other requirements are reasonable, but not the Monster/Boss Orb requirements.

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  4. No! Major changes are needed.

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  1. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    a mad which lowers hp and gives you stats and you collect xp ... well i will now be collecting 3 kinds of xp amazing

    terraria is becoming a rpg lmfao , n terraria 2.0
  2. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Does anybody know if there actually is a rule against using sprites from other games? Certainly it's not ideal, but I can't seem to find anything in the board rules about it.

    Would anyone prefer the attached class sprites (appropriated from Ragnarok Online 2)?

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  3. stipherzzz

    stipherzzz Terrarian

    I do not know if it's against terraria's rules or not, however the other game may have copy right isssues with this. So you would most likely need to contact them.

    Although the current sprites are not immersive or anything the current sprite and the coloring for each class gets the job done. For me anyways this mod is not about the visuals, rather extra gameplay and immersion and a little more fun for solo play :)
  4. leqesai

    leqesai Terrarian

    If you need icons, check the stuff out here:

    This is a creative commons copyright website. You can use all of the images there because they fall under creative commons copyright (use in free products etc. as long as you credit where you found them and who the authors are).

    Lots of good images there, as well.

    Some decent stuff here as well:

    BTW if you use the attached sprites from ragnarok online 2 you probably won't see any sort of reaction from the company. Mods generally don't get a whole lot of attention unless they are extremely popular, and for extremely popular games (like skyrim. And even then there is rarely any action taken because these are free projects and just asking a lawyer/employee to follow up on it costs more than they lose doing nothing).
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  5. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Thank you! I see a lot of good stuff on Once i finish balancing and other major bugfixes/changes, I'll update the sprites using that site.

    There's basically no way that RO2 would notice or care. I was mostly concerned with the Terraria community rules. :p
  6. Foxed

    Foxed Terrarian

    Occasional heal on tank does not seem to work, either. Or am I missing a mechanic here?
  7. TinchoX

    TinchoX Steampunker

    Solid mod here, keep at it mate!
  8. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    The first balance pass will be released soon.

    During balancing, it became apparent that hunter should have a third subclass. The new class is called Gunner and focuses on non-archery ranged weapons. This means that hunters can specialize in archery (Archer), non-archery (Gunner), or all ranged weapons (Ranger). This isn't the most interesting distinction to make so I am open to suggestions for alternative ranged classes.

    When I release the balance update, I will also post a table of the new bonuses. I invite everyone to use this table to contribute to future balancing.

    The periodic life/mana bonuses were displaying the visual but were not actually restoring life/mana. This has been fixed in the latest version (v0.2.3), which will be released shortly.
  9. It's Meepo!

    It's Meepo! Terrarian

    Would it be possible to have the Cleric's passive of nuking everything onscreen not affect neutrals? We're running into the issues of having to remove the class emblem, or just have our cleric stay away entirely, if we want to do stuff like get fishing bait or get truffle worms.
  10. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Thanks for the report! This is a big issue that I am happy to fix.

    In the next update, the Saint's damage aura will only affect "hostile" NPCs. The next update should be up in a few hours.

    Edit: The code for this aura already checks that the npc is "not friendly". This will require more testing and might not be in the next update, but should be available soon. I have added this to "Planned Changes".
  11. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    v0.3.0, the first balance pass, is here. Plus a few other improvements!

    The current class bonuses can be found at:
    (download and view in excel for best formatting)

    Please share your opinion on this.

    I have automated several processes so changes in this spreadsheet can be implemented very easily. I expect there to be several more balance passes before we're all happy with this.

    To the hardcore folks: Overall power is down, but balance between the classes is probably not ideal. Please help me.
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  12. stipherzzz

    stipherzzz Terrarian

    The pass looks pretty promising!

    Since I really only play mage style characters thats what I can provide input for, so from just looking at the numbers:

    The magic crit chance on the mystic looks a little heavy handed, as at 0.05% (that's what the in game tooltip states, but looks different from what the chart has? unless im just reading it wrong) it requires level 200 to hit the cap at 10%, which seems a little high considering you will realistically never hit that (I think anyways). Other than that i'll do some playing with it tomorrow to see how it all feels!

    Oh and one question, on the chart it says that the mystics periodic_ManaPercent_LEVEL has a value of 1 where as the sages has a value of 10, not sure if they should be the same? Basically i'm just curious as to what the function of that variable is. (Such as is it a multiplier based on level for the mana regen, or is it additive with the current value etc.)

    Awesome work though! Really excited to see where the mod goes :)
  13. Saerus

    Saerus Skeletron Prime

    Typo! The mystic crit chance should be 0.5%/level (max 10% at level 20). I have put up a new version correcting this issue.

    Mystic unlocks periodic mana regeneration at level 1. Sage at level 10. Basically, the Mystic has a bit more damage and mana while the Sage has more defense and life.
  14. stipherzzz

    stipherzzz Terrarian

    Cool, if that's the case then the numbers seem pretty reasonable. I've basically just started a new play through, so I'll let ya know how the numbers feel on the mystic. Something to note though, I am using the class token in an extra slot provided by cheat sheet (cause not having boots just feels bad lol). So it might skew my feedback a little from a typical vanilla accessory run.
  15. Avarlia

    Avarlia Terrarian

    Hi guys! I really like this mod =)

    Is there a way to get my hands on update 0.2.2?

    Thanks a lot!
  16. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    why would you need old versions
  17. Avarlia

    Avarlia Terrarian

    To be frank, I liked to jump skyhigh and have a screen-long Dragon following me around. With the new version, it changed, it got nerfed a lot =(

    If someone can give me the 0.2.2 version, I would much appreciate it =)
  18. updatedude

    updatedude Terrarian

    Yeah, since the nerf in 0.1.8, I've been backing up the updates. I'm currently playing 0.2.2 myself. Well, here's a link, I hope it's kosher to post this.

    Edit: Mind you, it's theoretically possible to get around the nerf/balance but I find from level 500 onwards, my game starts to encounter slowing issues and at level 1000, it practically hangs. Sadly, one of my PC's memories died recently so I'm working with less ram than I've been accustomed to.
  19. Avarlia

    Avarlia Terrarian

    Best thing that happened today! Thanks updatedude =)

    I'm sorry to hear that about your PC's memory. I hope a replacement is favourable!

    Actually, it's not possible to get past behind the 0.3.0 nerf, as it sets a lot of stuff to have a max Level, like 2 minions and stuff. I don't want to be rude or anything, but the latest "balance" ruined my fun with the mod. I want to level past level 100, but that's pretty much pointless now...
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  20. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    Can this pleas be reverted then or be a config option ?