Casual Explain your avatar

Though I generally use this weasel as my avatar, on discord I like to rotate it out with a small collection of avatars I use. Due to you being able to change your avatar in real time without overriding the ones on your older posts, I can make faces that line up with my posts for some light humor.


(Context: "Clang" is slang for when the physics bug out in space engineers)
Hi everyone and welcome to the new forum! This is the new version of my old thread at terrariaonline. Just explain why do you use your current avatar. I'll start.

Since I was a child I always loved the Street Fighter series. I'm Brazilian, so I'm using Blanka for my avatar. Also, my little brother once told me that Blanka walking backwards looks like Dracula, so my Blanka is wearing a cape.

I have my avatar.. Well... Cause it's cute i guess!
My avatar shows my dedication to everything Cosmere... I doubt any of you understood that. Hint: It's from a book series :p
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