Casual Explain your avatar

ooh, such an old thread. today my avatar is a business tree-fox doing important business things. they have a hat and a tie, so you know they mean business. it was drawn by comfybones of twitter.

Not really much to explain, It's just what I might look like if I was an anime character... This one is really old now, I think I drew this back in 2012 so I might need to draw an updated one soon.
It's my favorite modded Terraria boss, in a stylistic sense. Araghur, the Flare Serpent, from SacredTools.
Changed it because I saw my cat in this pose, took a picture of it and decided to set it as my avatar because I thought it was funny and everyone would think so to.
It's a dragon I found on Google images. I liked it because of its colors, and it looks like a nice dragon.
It's a planet I drew. I changed some of the colors, and made them into a GIF for this profile pic.
I have 17 different variations of my profile picture, but this is my main one (932 x 932):
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