Finest Quotes

"Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and all they stink"
-Some guy from hearthstone forums i don't rember the name of
"Be wary of the difference between neutrality and bending to a greater will."
- Me watching some very politically charged stuff occurring
"Life's a subscription service, and suicide is canceling the subscription."
-Something I just thought of as a possible quote for a character
"We haven't had non-human participants since the politicians special"
— Alexander Armstrong, 2020 (On Pointless Celebrities, talking to Hacker the Dog from CBBC)
"Good is too high a mark, one that we may never feel we've reached, regardless of accomplishments. Don't strive to be good. Just strive to be better."
- Me at 4 am trying to come up with inspirational stuff to diffuse certain situations
"When life gives you lemons,
don't make lemonade and sell the lemons"

-Bill Gates 2020 (This is fake if anyone was asking)
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