Weapons & Equip Hardmode crimson/corruption armour

Is this well thought out?

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  • Could use a lot more work.

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My god, lol. This this is still here?

jeez. I might redo this... I don't like the sprites anymore.
This idea is a very good armor idea and could bring new strategies and new things to have in hardmode. Maybe you can add mythril/orichalcum to the recipe so you HAVE to get it AFTER you have colbalt/palladium. I would totally use the pure shadow armor for that insane melee DPS with the terra blade or any other weapon with high dmg and speed. Devs, add dis. Also, maybe you can make it post plantera armor and the message states "The Darker and Lighter souls have risen from the depths of the underworld!" or some crap. Maybe you need Darker and Lighter souls of light to craft them?
[doublepost=1546621927,1546621801][/doublepost]Also, I think you should lower the pure corruption's armor to 55 to 60 in change for the insane bonuses. For now, I have to Stick to hallowed, solar flare, and beetle armor with Chestplate and not the shell :(
i took the liberty to do a resprite, you can use it as you please
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