Having several problems the first day with mods


I encountered 2 problems
the 1st is that some mod items have yellow frames, to be specific some of the items from Infinity
dunno it's the mod's problem or something is wrong with me

##just noticed that the tml can extract mods, seems that the yellow part are its glowing effect but since the icon is too small and cut in square it looks like yellow frame.. it should be translucent but it has white background color

the 2nd is that i can't throw torches as usual

when i tried to throw the 1st torch in a world it's ok, but all torches i throw later are thrown from the point where the 1st one is thrown
plus, everytime i throw 1, a stack of torches will drop on the ground.
i tried to disable all mods and reload, but this still happens when there is no mod
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The yellow frames are a part of the sprites from infinity. Idk about the second problem.
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