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PC [HD] Realistic Terraria - Shaders!!


Hey! I'm here to present you guys the Realistic Terraria Series, which is a series I'm doing on my channel. It's basically adding shaders to Terraria. As of 5/3/19 it counts with 5 episodes: Realistic Day, Night, Beach, Caverns and Rain.
I upload these kinds of video regularly, and if you do like them, you can help me by subscribing!
Well, enough of chatting; here are the videos

Realistic Day

Realistic Night

Realistic Beach

Realistic Caverns

Realistic Rain



Skeletron Prime
Yarrrrghhhh. I cannt waiit for it to be releasssed. Gimme it nowwww! Looks good! can't wait for the release date! :happy:


Hello, pretty nice looking textures :passionate:, altough I think my laptop won't be able to handle them XD. As other people said before, is it going to be released in the future? Maybe with the 1.4 release OwO?
Thanks for your work!! (Espero que no te hayas ido de la comunidad, tu trabajo es excelente :3)

[email protected]@eT

Eye of Cthulhu
This might actually end up being possibly my favorite terraria mod when this comes out.
And thats saying something if you have ever heard of Starlight River.


Is this just a filter? I'm sure if it were a real shader mod they would've released it by now. If not, then at least someone else would've released something similar.

Edit: I'm not saying this isn't real and I won't deny that it could be an actual functioning shader but it just seems a bit fishy that only one person is working on shaders for terraria and seems to have abandoned it. I just feel that if shaders really were possible, there'd be plenty of them by now.
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