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    I was bored.
    Keep in mind that this relies on the assumption that years in Terraria are like real years: it takes a month for the moon to go through each phase, with about four weeks in a month, and twelve months in a year.

    I noticed that the moon in Terraria changes its phase every night, and for some reason, that got me thinking. There are eight phases in total, and that would mean it takes eight nights to go through each phase. So that means there are eight days in a Terraria month.
    If there are four weeks in each month, that means that a week in Terraria takes 2 days. Since time in Terraria moves 60 times faster then real time, a week in Terraria is 48 minutes in real life.
    If there are twelve months in a year, and each month is eight days, that means that a year in Terraria is 96 in game days. Quite a bit less then our 365 day years.
    Taking all of this into account, that means that, to play for an entire Terraria year, it would take....38 hours and 24 minutes in real time, which is pretty much a day and a half straight of gameplay.

    So yeah. If you want, go find out on Steam or whatever how many hours you have on Terraria, divide it by 38.4, and you'll find out how many Terraria years you've played it.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Amazing thread xD
    846 hours = 22,03125.. > 22 Years then? (only in 1.2, i don't have the time from 1.1)
    Seriously, loved that thread, it's smart, scientific and a fun fact for us.
    Get more boring times please xD
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  3. Athrisir

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    about 13 1/2 years... In that time I have founded a multi character village, gone past duke on all 4 classes, and done several challenges
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    That's imprussible to figure out!
    Give this man a cookie PROTO!
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    Holy crap, I had no idea how much attention this thread would get! That was 8 alerts in half an hour. Also, I'm on the last part of my Christmas holidays so I will probably get many more "I'm bored" moments :p
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    Right now I am having a boring moment, and you guessd it!
    Yes I can't play terraria for three days (yay...)
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  7. W1K

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    Around 42 years? Dang time sure passes fast.
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  8. Pumpking

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    I've played 16 years of Terraria, then. Wow.
  9. Erienna Nakagai

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    My 666 hours is around 17 1/3 Terraria years.
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  10. i have played terraria for at least 30 years then...my brain hurts..
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  11. Vikri

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    Illuminati confirmed...
  12. Toxic

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    6.04 years for me (232 hours). Eh, not much really.
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  13. The Miniature Shark

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    34.765625 years
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  14. Pixel

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    I can't be bothered enough to do the math, but I presume I have played for quite some time. 6 or 7 years, perhaps.
  15. Erienna Nakagai

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    And this is why Windows has a calculator. What's your time?
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  16. Pixel

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    I can't look right now, sorry. The steam app is very limited on my iPad, unfortunately.
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  17. 21.6 years. Cool.
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  18. Happy Gary

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    I've played for 7 years. To be more specific it's 7.630208333333333

    All those threes...Triangles have 3 sides...And there's a zero...Flip the zero onto a triangle and it's...Illuminatti D:
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  19. Erienna Nakagai

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    There's 2 zeros, put one of them on the other one.
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  20. Ziggyzagoo

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    about a second.
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