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Hi everyone!

I had an idea for the game lore, and i want to share with you.
I don't know if anyone had this idea before, so i'm sorry in advance.
I'm not a omniscient of the terraia lore, so there will be mistakes.

So, my idea was that:

When we kill the Moon Lord he would drop an artifact called by "Heart of a lord" or something related to Moon Lord. This artifact has the shape of a beating heart, and you can't sell it, destroy it or even put it into the chest, you must keep it in your character inventory or you can equip it like a accessory. It hasn't any special effect, but when you equip it, you can hear some sounds, like whispers.
So, after 12 hours in the game time, a new NPC appears, It's a new Dryed, she has no name, and she doesn't sell anything, you can only talk with her. When you talk with her, she tells you that Moon Lord didn't died, he didn't even have all his power, in fact he became just like "abstract", and she also tells that in the past the Moon Lord was divided in many parts, and the only way to really kill him is destroying all this parts. We had already destroyed almost all the parts, but there are three left. These three parts are sealed in three artifacts loked in another three dimensions, and protected by three guardians, and if we want to really destroy the Moon Lord, we must go through these dimensions and bring the artifacts to her, and with a Dryed ritual, she will destroy the artifacts, including the Heart the Moon Lord droped, and put an end to this age of terror.
She ask to the player if he wants to go, that she has power to send him to the first dimension, but once there you can't go back, the only way is killing the guardians.

I though in three new dimensions, but could be other better:
The first dimension we are sent to is the cemetery, there you have to dig, and face zombies, modified zombies such as big zombies, fast zombies etc. Skeletons, mage skeletons, warriors skeletons etc. Vampires, werewolves etc. When you reach the bottom you will fight against the Necromancer, he summon minions to help him in battle, he has powerful skills, and he can "blink" to dodge the player's attacks. When you kill him, you can get the first artifact "The hopeless", It's a golden chalice full of a scarlet liquid, it's the Moon Lord blood.
After get the item, a portal opens, and you can click to go to the next dimension.

The second dimension is the shadow dimension, it's a flat way, filled with some "ghost houses". Here is too dark, and any light source is reduced. The creatures here is like shadow ninjas throwing shurikens and disappearing, ghosts, some dark creatures, big spiders etc. The boss here is a big black snake, that can become invisible, she can enter in the earth, and she has a poison which is applied when she hits the player that inflict some debuffs, causes damege per second, and it can't be removed until you die or until you kill her. After defeat her you get "The Agony", it's a dagger made by a fang of Moon Lord, and the portal opens again.

The third dimension is a crystal castle, it's made of gold and shining crystals, here you have to go up, defeating mages, katana warriors etc . (actually, i didn't think about the creatures here). When you hit the top, you face the boss, It's a big strong and ugly creature wearing suit and drinking wine, he hits hard and he is fast, he can smashs the ground and some gold and crystal pieces flys and you have to dodge it. When he hits 30% of his life the second phase begins, he become like a berserker and his suit rips in some parts, he become faster and stronger. After defeating him you can get the third artifact, "The End", it's a ring with a beautiful gemstone, inside the gemstone is the soul of Moon Lord. After getting the artifact a new portal opens.

You come back to your world, and you have to talk with the new Dryed, she gets very excited that you made it, and she brings a demon or crimson altar, so she use a spell and lock you and the original Dryed in a magic prison, and she starts to tell something "foolish human, you made the biggest mistake", she tells that in fact she is the personified conscience of Moon Lord, she explains that before you killed the Moon Lord, his conscience left his body and possessed a human body, and he used a spell to change his shape to looks like a Dryed to persuade the player to get the artifacts to him.
After that, he cuts the real Dryed's head off, and fill the altar with her magic blood, right after that he put all the artifac together and makes a ritual, a white screen comes up, and there he are, the real Cthulhu. Because of the ritual, he healed the missing parts, and because of the spell, he released you by accident, so now you have to defeat him.
I imagined him like huge, with meteors falling and etc. I didn't thought about his skills.

I put some "overpower" bosses and mobs, because when we beat terraria we become "overpower", so i thought about something to be challenging.

So, thats it guys, it's just a idea that i had.
Thanks for reading!

(Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my mother language).
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