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If you were to delete one terraria music what would it be


Eye of Cthulhu
I disagree with removing Underground Jungle - it feels fitting for the environment. It’s not as good a soundtrack as the original jungle, but it’s threatening and mysterious like the Underground Jungle itself is.

I’d honestly get rid of Town Day. It’s just a mediocre, short soundtrack and one you end up listening to for hours on end. It doesn’t have the atmosphere of Town Night and feels too much like it’s just replacing the normal music.


Official Terrarian
Honestly, I see so many people hating on the town tracks. I mean, I can definetly see them getting repetitive, but I personally enjoy them. They give this feeling of warmth and safety, which is nice.

I would personally get rid of eerie. I mean, it's fine when it plays near meteorites, but... Having to listen to it every time a blood moon rises is honestly really annoying.


I'm fine with every theme, there's none that I dislike. And even if they are annoying, you can override them by placing music boxes.

Although the Town Themes are fine as well, I find them less fitting in smaller towns in other biomes. It would be nice if the music plays at a least 4-5 NPC's.


Official Terrarian
If you had to get rid of one terraria music what would it be, mine would be the underground jungle music
It would be the surface jungle music, I had my main base there once and I listened to it for hours on end and now it's ingrained in my mind as annoying.


I really hate the ice biome music. The opening is really intrusive and the amount of time spent early game there doesn’t help. It doesn’t fit any other of the cool techno soundtracks of other biomes either. Just high pitched whine in repeat while you are slowed down in the slow stupid water trying to find snow flinx and ice skates. It also doesn’t blend well when traveling through biomes fast and seems to be everywhere despite my best efforts to avoid it, since the underground tundra has no business taking up a fourth of the underground


Rain music.
Not the morning rain theme, I like that one because it’s the tutorial music. The afternoon and night theme can go burn in hecc


Brain of Cthulhu
The jungle night theme. While it is good, there's no reason for it to exist. Other than the forest (because of course), there are no other biomes that have their own night theme. And you find the night theme overwrites the more iconic day jungle theme more often than not.


Damn it. Oh well, those shouldnt have been night/day locked anyway. shoudve just done it like console version (current gen) where it's a 50/50 chance for either to play.
I feel like a day/night lock is more consistent than 50% to play any of them.

Works for the normal surface theme, but less for these.
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