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If you were to make any edits to any boss, what would it be?

What boss do you want to edit?

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Eye of Cthulhu
The Destroyer should have a lower attack damage, more accuracy (so the lasers focus on your position instead of being spammed wherever the hell), and resistance against piercing projectiles except minions, maybe 50%. Make the boss less polarized than “use pierce or struggle”.

Skeletron Prime should have less HP (maybe 25000 -> 20000) and defense. His cannon should be more accurate and have higher velocity, and the cannonballs should explode on player contact as well. The saw and vice could be made a bit more aggressive. Prime is easy and takes forever, and it should be the opposite.

Golem is really deserving of a lot more. There’s a lot you could do. He could definitely use basic stat buffs because he’s basically immobile. He could also have new attacks. Maybe he should inflict the unused Dazed debuff with his melee attacks, and make his hands pop off, become invincible, and attack from midair when taken off similar to his head.

Lunatic Cultist is very fun, but it’s really easy as long as you know how to hit the right cultist. I’d move the Phantasm Dragon to his usual attack cycle instead of a punishment for hitting the wrong one (you’r still have to deal with clones if you hit the wrong one). He should also have more stats and projectile accuracy across the board so he acts almost like a strength test for the Pillars and encourages you to do the plethora of post-Golem events.

Finally, a lot of the Pillars need rebalancing. The enemies are often considered infuriating to fight.
For starters, after the first run of the Celestial Pillars, the amount of enemies you need to kill should be halved. Running through the Pillars over and over again to kill Moon Lord gets tiring.
Solar Pillar’s ground enemies should be slower and have less health and knockback resistance so you can fend them off on the ground without having to fly. Corites should be able to be knocked out of a dash. Crawltipedes should have a higher target limit, maybe 20 blocks off the ground.
Stardust Pillar and Vortex Pillar are fine, except Alien Hornets should travel through blocks to stop cheesing and Flow Invaders should be less tanky.
Nebula Floater projectiles should be slower and brighter, and they should have much lower health. Predictors should have less of a wide spread.


Eater of Worlds
The lunatic cultist. It is kind of infuriating to fight, because it's hitbox is so small, you literally can't hit him a lot of the times, plus it have a 25% DR to homing weapons. Here's what I would improve about it:
Give it a tiny arua around it that doesn't deal any damage, just makes it's hitbox larger. due to this, it is likely that it's health and damage is gonna be buffed, around 25% which I think is good.
Like @whoneedsnamestbh said, moving the phantasmal dragon to the usual cycle. However, I would make it the ancient vision instead of the dragon, because you know how encountering wyvern during boss fights constantly feels like.
and lastly, there are some attacks I feel like is underpowered, like the ancient light and the frost attack. What I would suggest is making ancient lights indestrutible, and the frost attacks overlaps with the full duration of the next attack. Projectile accuracy is also a thing it needs to improve, but it had already been (mostly) covered by post above.
Lastly, buff some of the attack's damage, such as ancient dooms and fireballs.


Skeletron prime. Because unless you do for the worthy then prime is pretty easy. I would make prime have an expert mode attack. Like reg skellys got homing skulls but prime... is just prime.


Eater of Worlds
The Vortex Pillar is almost impossible to cheese because the pillar spawns Alien Hornets right above you that can quickly kill you if you stand still (which you will be doing if you're attempting to cheese it).
But it is possible by just boxing yourself in closely so that the vortexs lightning spawns outside the box


The Destroyer
If it was possible (from a personal perspective) to edit The Twins, the difference between their first and second phase's sprites kind of make me go a bit "blergh". I can understand if the Phase 1 sprites were meant to be recolors of EoC to begin with and stay as it is.

Personally if I had the ability to edit The Twins a bit I probably would've added a few tiny mechanical things onto the Phase 1 sprites so it doesn't just sometimes scream out "recolor" to me.
Just not sure what I'd add when it comes to "few tiny mechanical things", pretty much vague but let's just say a bit of a Cyborg-ish thing.

EDIT : I have barely any experience in spriting things even if it were to be an edit of a currently existing sprite, so it's more of a "What if" now that i think about it.


I'd actually give Duke Fishron a health buff. On Master Mode, Duke Fishron has a max life of 76500, Empress of Light has a max life of 124950. I do not think a pre-Golem boss in EoL should have near twice the health of a post-Golem boss in Duke Fishron. If that's not possible, the EoL should instead be nerfed in health to around 65000 or 70000. Obviously these stats would also be adjusted accordingly for Normal and Expert.

DV Game

Developers thought up this how they did it. I don't think our ideas will be applicable to their vision of the game.
Sometimes community gets the point, though
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