1. Sam Coster

    Sam Coster Skeletron Prime

    Well now, think about it. Why do we need a guide Voodoo doll to summon the wall of flesh? Why would he guide us if he plans to inevitably kill us. Was it so he could decieve us by manifesting himself as cool NPC who helps? Will we ever know? :)
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  2. AbstractLime

    AbstractLime Terrarian

    I hear this theory a lot, but it is the sacrifice of the guide via the voodoo doll that summons the wall of flesh. I believe that the guide is willing to sacrifice himself to allow you to go on and become greater since his job is just that, to help you become better.
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  3. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    probably. the item to summon skeletron is the clothier voodoo doll, so it'd make sense.
  4. bootr bawss

    bootr bawss Skeletron Prime

    but wait... the guide was never in hell when you summon the wof

    (it also could be wall of shadows (tremor mod ftw))
  5. foussi

    foussi Terrarian

    I suspect that the WOF uses the guide as a host without him noticing it
    When you destroy the doll it realease the wall.
    The wall of flesh is of more of a demon.
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  6. Ninja frog

    Ninja frog Terrarian

    Why is the guide never damaged from it?:joy::bluslime::gslime::gslime::pinky::pslime::yslime::bslime::cslime::islime::lslime::sslime::hoppinjack::rslime::kingslime:
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  7. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's been a theory that's been around for awhile. And it is an interesting one I have to say.

    In game the evidence overall kind of seems to disprove this theory with how the Guide (Or a new Guide) will respawn after sacrificing him if it's day time. But if the WoF is fought at nighttime and defeated at that time, it can be seen that the Guide may be the WoF in this case.

    Aside from that, the symbolism of this Theory feels good. Because you are sacrificing the one who has given you tips throughout the whole game up to that point, it almost seems to be saying "You understand how to play the game very well now. You no longer need help." And it's almost like fighting the one who has helped you learn, symbolizing in a sense how you've surpassed your teacher.

    Also considering the Guide won't give a lot of advice in Hardmode overall, beyond breaking Altars or finding Souls. It's almost like defeating the Wall of Flesh represents how far you've come in the game and are ready for anything that comes in Hardmode.
  8. GawenStarTeller

    GawenStarTeller Retinazer

    I doubt we'll ever truly know what with how many facts about the lore are actually revealed (and by that I mean next to nothing), but there are a few subtle hints within the game.

    According to the wiki, when talking to the Cyborg he will occasionally ask you whether or not you've "defeated the wall of [name of the Guide]" so I'd wager whether or not the Guide is the Wall of Flesh or is just a vessel for it, they definitely have something specific in common other than the Guide just happening to be the one you have to sacrifice to summon it.
  9. CheesyPaninie

    CheesyPaninie King Slime

    Sounds like an RPG waiting to happen.
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  10. Faxy

    Faxy Terrarian

    I like that theory I 100% agree with it
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    I like that theory I 100% agree with it
  11. razorbladetyphoonbest

    razorbladetyphoonbest Eye of Cthulhu

    Makes sense because you cant summon him by throwing a clothier voodoo doll

    Im also wondering if u cannsummon wof by dropping the guide in the underworld and not the doll
  12. Faxy

    Faxy Terrarian

    Thx for the idea but this is already been tested on and it hasn't worked...
    But if you can give me a way to get NPC's down to the underworld fast without them taking fall damage I'd like to know that.
  13. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

  14. Faxy

    Faxy Terrarian

    PULL IT TO GETHER MAN! plus you used a guide emoji...
  15. TheWorfer27

    TheWorfer27 Retinazer

    Put a king statue in hell and wire it to a switch.

    As for the theory, it's a bit silly considering the guide can respawn mid-fight.
  16. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

  17. Faxy

    Faxy Terrarian

    Thanks that'll be my next trial, but won't that kill all my NPCs...
  18. razorbladetyphoonbest

    razorbladetyphoonbest Eye of Cthulhu

    Ok but the new lore ruined ur theory
  19. BlueBullet

    BlueBullet Terrarian

    It’s just so emotional ~:cry:
  20. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Portal gun and king statue are the most reliable ways.