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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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My Vanity would be called the knights armor. I Think this would be a good addition to the game for the reason the many builds are based or built in mid evil style so why not have a vanity to go with it! My idea for obtaining it is that blood zombies would have a 1% chance to drop one piece. Almost as if the blood zombies were humans living in a great kingdom that then was over run by the monsters of the night and infected every one. Some of the blood zombies still have there armor to this day...

I think this is a great idea and I hope you do to!

Infernape flame

HI guys,

This is my submission for the Vanity contest.

I understand that this is slightly copyrighted from Marvel's Thor. So i would be completely fine if you devs would change the colors or design to make it so permission will be unrequired.

Anyway, this guy is the Gladiator ( i know the name exists, but i could not think of a better name), and i made it as a pixel art as i presumed it might make it easier for the devs to able to edit it into the game!

The Set includes a Helm,
Plate armor with a cape (extends to the legs),
And gladiator Britches

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 12.53.02 PM.png



nightspy 2.png

This is the Nightspy Set. I designed it as it would look in the game in my opinion. He/she changes colour during the night, and may illuminate close areas around him/her. It sort of looks like dark suit with veins. It might even change colour rapidly.


I have no idea if someone has already suggested it
But i made the ancient gold helmet retexture |

*Old fashion in a new style!

These are my ideas/variants of retextures

1- Original Terraria item (of course it's not mine, it's here for comparison)
2- Basic-helmet-like variants (common and jeweled variants) (with hair exapmles)
3- Close-to-original variants (skinny and more_classic variants) (without hair examples (because those should be close to original! ;) ))
- I like that one but i'll leave all the variants i've made

- I'm not the one here and some people for example may like jeweled basic-helmet-like variant


Empress of Light
It's as simple as it gets; A diving suit, leggings, and possibly backpack to match the vanilla 'Diving Helmet'. It's simple in design but may mean more to me and any fans of the Thorium Mod.

I've provided the animation frames used in-game to possibly simplify the process should the submission be accepted! Thank you for your time, sorry for the mass of pictures, and good luck everyone!


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Official Terrarian
<3 Salt Shaker and Pepper Grinder Vanity Set! <3
Hello! This is my idea for a vanity set. My name being Pepper, I wanted to base the idea of my vanity around that as well as accompany it by it's partner in crime Salt! :merchantgrin:
The idea of my name and vanity idea being in Terraria is crazy! So please up vote this idea so it can catch the attention of the Devs. ;)

This set includes firstly a Salt Shaker comprised of:

- A Lid helmet
- A Glass body (which covers feet, similarly to a robe).

Secondly, a Pepper Grinder comprised of:

- A Grinder Helmet
- A Pepper Grinder Body (Once again covers shoes like a robe).

Special Features!

Salt Shaker:
- As a player falls, Salt particles will fall out of the top of the player or the headpiece (salt shaker lid).

Pepper Grinder:
- As a player jumps, Pepper particles will fall out of the bottom of the player or the pepper grinder body.

When wearing either full sets, a corresponding sound effect, example being the grinding of a pepper grinder or the shaking of a salt shaker, will be heard on damage taken.

Visual Interpretation/Pixel Art:
pixil-frame-0 (2).png

Could potentially be obtained from:
- The Tavernkeep, Pirate or Travelling Merchant (After defeating either Plantera or Golem)
- Any Hardmode boss Treasure Bag
- Rare drop from Event

<3 Thanks for viewing my entry! <3
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Hello. I call this the Slime Suit!

Head - Slime Hat (hey, where's my hair gone?)

Torso - Slime Suit (maybe a little sticky...)

Legs - Slime greaves (100% recommended for smooth legs.)

Hope you like it, good luck all.


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    Vanity Contest.png
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Drake Vanity Set
If this is subjected for Copyright just letting ya know i did not steal this, I MADE IT!
(Left) Is the preview for the Item slots of the Vanity set (Middle) Is how the set would look separately (Right) Is how the set would look in-game
The Requirements:
I was thinking of 5 Chlorophyte Bars , 10 Obsidian and 10 Soul of Flight to craft 1 piece of the set!
Dragon Complete Vanity Terraria.PNG



- cracked cap = 2 tattered cloth
- torn torso = 3 tattered cloth
- broken boots = 2 tattered cloth

Sell Price
- hat = 4 silver
- torso = 6 silver
- boots = 4 silver

vanity armor.png
on a player NOTICE THIS.png
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