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Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by blushiemagic, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    this mod is so super nice and gets great updated to it seems :D
  2. Mang_Go

    Mang_Go Terrarian

    it took me 3 hours to figure it's your mod that's causing the FPS drop when opening chests. anyway got it fixed by updating. thanks for the fix!
  3. Tacticalsnake

    Tacticalsnake Terrarian

    Which update fixed the chest lag for you, i'm having that problem on my server atm I picked it out of the mods first try though it was pretty obvious that it was the cause of the lag. Consider it was chests that were lagging out, and this was a chest sort of mod.
  4. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    The most recent update, v0.2.
  5. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    It seems different unloaded items merge together into one while in storage. So, say I have 1 thorium bar and 1 thorium ore, and then the thorium mod is disabled, I now have either 1 bar/ore or 2 bars/ores (not sure which, one of my mods was disabled and I didn't notice until it was too late)
  6. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    Actually, from what I've seen, the mod stacks items that don't normally stack, but still manages to store their data. It can remember the "extra modifiers" modifiers on each of the items that end up stacked together. It's possible that once you re-enable those mods, the items will load up as normal if the "unloaded item" item does not stack normally with other items that are unloaded.
  7. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    ok, I'll see if the items go back to normal with the mod loaded. Modloader is being annoying with the whole wrong version thing which I know isn't a problem as all the mods have loaded fine before (I'm using an awful lot of mods, but my game can handle it)
  8. Danew Dr

    Danew Dr Skeletron

    ok that worked thanks! I was getting worried over nothing
  9. blushiemagic

    blushiemagic Retinazer

    -Storage network can now be opened on Mac/Linux
    -Improved Locator Drive sprite
    -Added Storage Connectors

    Sorry to all those Mac/Linux users out there! This should fix all the problems you've been having.
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  10. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    Also, bluemagic, I was wondering if you had a suggestion already for potentially adding toggleable filters, so you could see only accessories or armor, for instance.
    Mod's great otherwise.. One of the biggest issues I had with terraria and starbound(Minus it's lack of pause for singleplayer) was the inventory management problems.
  11. Dan Yami

    Dan Yami Skeletron Prime

    Storage CONNECTORS?
  12. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    Storage connectors make me think of some way to bridge two networks together, in a togglable fashion.

    Accessory Network bridged with a mob drop network, for crafting purposes once implimented, and then able to be split up as normal for regular searching and filtering.

    I suppose that technically would work with the basic item too though..
  13. StarOcean

    StarOcean Terrarian

    Normally when i have a chest open and am near a crafting station, i can craft using the items in the chest as well as my inventory. While the magical storage is open no crafting option or crafting menu appears however. Is this intended behavior or a bug?
  14. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    It is probably not simple to make a crafting interface that makes use of a completely different inventory management system than vanilla. The mod's WIP. Give it some time.

    With the way the system is now, if he were to try and mimic the way the vanilla crafting system worked, with the massive item list in some people's networks, It's highly possible toggling the "grid recipe" view would overflow off screen on even 1080 resolution screens. Not only that, but he would have to find ways for recipes to detect crafting stations for each individual recipe all at once.

    Granted, I'm not sure if that's something that can be checked without any additional code...
  15. Caseratis

    Caseratis Terrarian

    @bluemagic123, you forgot to remove storage connectors from the todo list.
  16. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Thanks for rubbing it in.
  17. Matakor

    Matakor Terrarian

    That was kinda a douche comment on his part. Deconstructor is a completely different mod than storage. :p
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  18. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    I'm not sure why he would have said that either. the deconstructor doesn't have anything related to what the storage mod does... That being said... I wonder if once the crafting system were added to this mod, a bridge between the two could be formed.

    Placing the deconstructor beside it could allow both interfaces to show up at the same time, simplifying the process of going from the magic storage to the interface...
  19. NuovaPrime

    NuovaPrime Spazmatism

    Automated Deconstructing confirmed?
  20. DarkSlayerEX

    DarkSlayerEX Terrarian

    Er.. I was just thinking about an idea for bridging both interfaces, so that they could both be opened at the same time. I'm not actually sure if that's possible as it is now, but it could add for more fluid inventory management. deconstructing, placing the results into the inventory or the storage directly afterwards.

    I always have issues with mods that conflict due to silly things. But I also know that bridging mods together can get very tedius quickly.

    That being said, I was wondering about a mod that could be used to disable recipes through a menu similar to the cheat sheet recipe lists. could be good for people making modpacks where they want to more easily restrict recipes. Since bluemagic123 has so many mods+the tmodloader page, I thought I'd bring it up here.