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  1. 505Games-Mobile

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    Hello mobile Terrarians!

    Quick rundown of a small hotfix coming your way. It is being submitted today to Apple and Google Play. If all goes well and is approved, you will see it on your devices within the next 24-48h.

    The main focus for this update is to address a nasty crash bug that cropped up around the use of Fireflies/Lightning bugs - both the critters themselves and the "In a Jar" decorations would cause an instant crash. This has now been addressed, along with a few other smaller items.
    • Fix for crashes caused by Firefly or lightning bug.
    • Fix for Tizona's crafting recipe.
    • Fix for Minions being deleted when no mana available.
    • Fix for Rainbow gun projectile disappearing after 5 seconds instead of 10.
    • Fix for incorrect tooltip message Spider mask.

    We will update you once we have news on the Amazon and Windows Phone versions, as we are still actively working on those.

    We will also have news around the next update coming to mobile in the near future - stay tuned there.

    Thanks for your patience and support!
  2. Oleg34518

    Oleg34518 Official Terrarian

    Even though i'm not a mobile user i feel happy for mobile Terrarians because the update is out.
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    EPICFACE07 Skeletron Prime

    This is great news for
    Mobile terrarian's I did notice the minion bug glad to see it fixed.
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  4. Duke of Fishron

    Duke of Fishron Skeletron Prime

    Yes! my mobile terraria always crashes. Really hope this is fixed.
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    EPICFACE07 Skeletron Prime

    Yeah it's good to see the terraria team fixing these bugs to keep the mobile
    Terrarian's good
    Job to you terraria team. I think I might just go and enjoy a bit of mobile terraria in bed :)
  6. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    For a little elaboration on the types of issues the firefly fix may be resolving:
    - People who, starting last update, found that they were spontaneously and randomly crashing at night when on the surface for no apparent reason (it meant a firefly/lightning bug spawned off screen)
    - People who suddenly found that they were crashing on loading a world (if there was a firefly/lightning bug jar in their house at spawn)
    - People who suddenly found that entering some of their buildings resulted in a crash (because there was a firefly jar in that building)

    A lot of these crashes may have appeared to be very random and unpredicatable; this is because you never got to see the cause of the crash when it happened (fireflies, that is). This should alleviate those issues. :)
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  7. Sword Ace

    Sword Ace The Destroyer

    It fixed about five bugs. I wouldn't call it "the update."
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  8. Android Fan

    Android Fan Terrarian

    Soon we will get info on an upcoming update?
    Is it HAPPENING? :0
    1.3 or Medium Size Worlds? or both in the same update...
    Or a bug fix :D

    The version i have is 1.2.11979 but ingame in the menu it says 11977 is that normal or a small typo 0.o

    Also in google play the update description is wrong it should say 11965 not 11964 xD
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  9. YoshiGator

    YoshiGator Terrarian

    Im kinda against the minion bug being fixed since not only is it not a bother, but its the only way to cancel the minion buff (after taking off any minion armors though) But otherwise its nice to get a slight bugfix. Thanks :p
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  10. Katt

    Katt Terrarian

    Staff of Frost Hydra is still bugged. :/
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  11. TerraNova Gaming

    TerraNova Gaming Official Terrarian

    The Minion Bug should've been left there but oh well, some people like their minions. The other fixes are great although I never had crashes due to Fireflies/ Lightning Bugs and In A Jar Items. The Rainbow Gun fix is very helpful and so is the Tooltip Fix for the Spider Mask. Love reading those.

    @505Games-Mobile : You guys are rocking it! Small fixes and updates are well worth it! Keep up the good work! Been a fan since Terraria first came out on mobile! Don't stop making this game more awesome!!
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    Soon, not very soon, but soon....or maybe....
  12. TheLegendOfAbe

    TheLegendOfAbe Terrarian

    The first two lines rhyme.
  13. TerraDream274

    TerraDream274 Plantera

    Still my bug reports are not having
    answers like the ugly stationary torch animation. Its been a 7 month old request since the trailer. Please bring back the PC-like glowy and realistic torch in the mobile terraria. @505Games-Mobile CYMERA_20160421_161217.jpg
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  14. rikuryu

    rikuryu Terrarian

    can i get a ocram mask?
    i killed over 200 ocram...
    i can't get ocram mask
    pls fix this bug

    xperia z3
    new version
  15. BlackZone

    BlackZone Terrarian

    um...ok but when will 1.3 will come mobile terraria just asking ^_^
  16. YoshiGator

    YoshiGator Terrarian

    Probably years to come maybe. The high end phones will probably lag a little and crash here and there. They can only optimize a game without breaking it so much :(
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  17. BlackZone

    BlackZone Terrarian

    But keep up the good work im still waiting for more hotfix update and especially 1.3 update I love TERRARIA FOREVER!!! ^O^
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  18. Katt

    Katt Terrarian

    I'd be really crestfallen if they didn't add in the Lunar Events or Martian Madness.
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  19. nilepereiraa

    nilepereiraa Plantera

    As long as phones and tablets start getting 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i5, Terraria Mobile 1.3 should come out xD
  20. Android Fan

    Android Fan Terrarian

    Yeah sure i can play 1.2.4 small world with 3 freezes in 2 days and no lag on a 512mb ram phone from 2012 or something 1.3 will require 4gb ram high end phones
    That was sarcasm incase u dont get it

    And i can play medium world on a pentium ancient pc with 2gb ancient ram so i know what im talking about screw what system requirements say this is a 2d game not crysis to have a monster pc/phone to play