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More Variety in Slime Banners (And Other Such Creatures)


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Suggestion Confirmed for 1.3! Thanks for the support over the past year folks! :happy:

Slimes. (see original thread here)

There are over 20 types of them. However, there are only a mere THREE banners for them, the regular Blue Slime (dropped by almost all slimes), the Umbrella Slime, and the Toxic Sludge.

Well. I find this unacceptable! So, I suggest that all of the remaining slimes (exceptions made for Baby Slimes and Slimelings) have their own unique banner drop. I even created a demo of what they could look like!

Here is a wonderful submission from @antibehroz of an animated version of the Rainbow Slime:

Here is a mock-up of what they might look like on display.

I'm a big fan of the banner system, but I wish that all of the enemies in the game could have their own unique ones! Please show your support if you wish to see all slimes treated equally!

In addition to slimes, there are a good number of other banners missing from the game. Here are a few of my attempts at envisioning them:

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I'm actually shocked I never thought about this myself, not implying it's bad or unoriginal or anything like that. Your suggestion is neat and would add a lot more variety and options to make buildings like even better than before.


I think it'd be cool. The slime banners could also serve as a decorative object based on their colour, not because they're rare etc.


This'd be cool. Especially for future 100% Runs I plan to do (Yes, collect every single item in the game and have them on me, this'll span over multiple worlds)


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Once again I support just as i did on TO we need banners for everything (well everything that doesn't drop a trophy) I don't even care if I have to grind countless moon events to finish the collection I want them banners for all banners for all!!!
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