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    Here are a few mods I've written for tAPI. Hopefully you'll find them either enjoyable to play, or interesting to look at code wise.

    • Grox The Great, for providing the Template Mod.
    • Shockah, for providing some amazing mods which were great places to pick up on ideas for ways to implement things.
    • Everyone involved with creating tAPI!

    Neo Devices - Download
    Version 2 / Updated 7/5/15

    A collection of wiring devices, electronics, and a few accessories and vanity items.

    Featuring content from MiraiMai's mod Never Enough Devices. The original thread can be found here.


    Features: (*) Indicates content created by MiraiMai
    • Wiring
      • Crossover: Allows the same colored wire to pass over itself.
      • Diodes: One way wiring.
      • Flip-Flop: Alternates between 2 outputs after each pulse.
      • IF Gate: Allows conditional wiring.
        • Input: Arrow pointing into the middle of the tile.
        • Test: Tile next to the '?'.
        • TRUE Output: At the 'T'.
        • FALSE Output: At the 'F'.
        • Right Clicking the tile rotates the tile clockwise.
        • Lit Torch, Solid non-actuated tile, Aqua / Lava / Sticky / Doom Lamps when their conditions are true, Solar / Lunar Panels when their conditions are true: Are all considered as TRUE.
        • Unlit Torch, Actuated tile, Aqua / Lava / Sticky / Doom Lamps when their conditions are false, Solar / Lunar Panels when their conditions are false, all other tiles: Are all considered as FALSE.
      • Logic Gates: AND, OR, XOR
        • Logic Gates are evaluated in batches. It may be necessary to add superfluous OR Gates to ensure each gate is evaluated at the proper time.
      • Random Gates: 2 / 3 Way. Select an output at random.
      • Cable Splice: Connects one color of wire to a different color of wire. Splicing causes signal degradation preventing Teleportation and Water Transfer after the splice.
    • Tiles
      • Big Red Button: Just a big red button that acts as a lever / switch. Placed on wall.
      • *Blinktubes: Relays a wire pulse when recharged from Off to Hi. Slowly discharges till off.
      • *Creeping Conveyor: Moves Players, NPCs, and Items. (Non-solid tile)
      • Conveyor: Moves Players, NPCs, and Items. (Solid tile. Can be sloped)
      • Express Conveyor: Conveyor, but twice as fast. (Solid tile. Can be sloped)
      • Drain: Drains all liquid types. Can be toggled On / Off by Wiring or Right Clicking.
      • *Item Collector: Places items near the Collector into Chests directly adjacent to the Collector when activated by a pulse. Can have up to 4 chests surrounding the Collector. Items are placed into the next Chest once the previous Chest is full.
      • Fluorescent Lamp: New Light Source
      • *Doom Lamp: Sends pulses once a second in times of danger. (Blood moons, eclipses, invasions)
      • *Aqua / Lava / Sticky Lamps: Sends pulses once a second when in contact with Water / Lava / Honey.
      • *Mechanics Workshop: Crafting station for advanced device crafting
      • *Solar / Lunar Panel: Sends pulses once a second during the day / night.
      • Turquoise Pressure Plate: Sends a pulse once a second while stood on.
      • Relay: Alternates between On / Off each pulse. Only allows a pulse to continue when On.
      • *Rubber: Bouncy Tile. Also a material. Created from 4 Wood at a Furnace.
      • Sign Reader: Displays an adjacent signs text in the chat window.
        • Start your sign text with
          [color]R:255, G:0, B:0[/color]
          to change the texts color.
      • Water / Lava / Honey Spigot: Dispenses liquid while On. Can be toggled On / Off by Wiring or Right Clicking.
      • Spotlight: Barely visible light source. Brightness is altered by using the mouse scroll wheel while hovering over the tile.
      • Strobe Light: Wire to change to a random color. Right Click to toggle On / Off.
      • On / Off Switch: Transmits a pulse only when the adjacent device is to be Activated / Deactivated. Right Clicking the tile changes which adjactent tile is targeted.
      • *Additional Timers: 0.5 Seconds, 10 Seconds, 30 Seconds
      • Fuzzy Timers: Random +/- 50% Timer Duration each reset
      • Lazy Timers: Only pulse once. Does not reset.
      • *Trap Doors: 1x1 Tile, Right Click or wire to Open/Close. Triggers all adjacent trap doors as well.
    • Weapons
      • *Rubber Mallet: Low Damage, Insane Knockback
      • *Sawblade: Boomerang, Good damage
      • *Rubber Tire: Boomerang, Low Damage, Insane Knockback
      • *Burning Rubber Tire: Boomerang, Good Damage, Insane Knockback
    • Ammo
      • Rubber Arrow / Burning Rubber Arrow
      • Rubber Bullet / Burning Rubber Bullet
    • Accessories
      • *Rubber Boots: Accessory, several varieties.
      • *Climbing Mitt: Accessory to climb walls
      • Ore, Treasure, Gem, Danger Radar Accessories
    • Vanity
      • *Rubber Vanity Outfit

    To Do:
    • Upcoming Town NPC
    • Add & Refine Recipes

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:


    Change Log:

    Neo Recipe Book
    Standalone Download V 1.3.1 / Updated 7/5/15

    FCM Extension Download V 1.2.1 / Updated 7/5/15 - Feature frozen, primary development moved to Standalone Version
    Requires: Shockah's Shockah.Base & Fancy Cheat Menu - Base
    Please report any bugs, problems or crashes arising from using this extension here or directly to me, and NOT to Shockah, or any of his threads.

    Show all crafting recipes.

    • Lists all crafting recipes
    • Filter recipes by Mod name.
    • Standalone version features a learning mode, where recipes are hidden until you've discovered (picked up) enough of the ingredients.
    • Option to search for recipes by ingredient

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:


    Change Log:
    • V 1.3.1
      • Added additional error checking
    • V 1.3
      • Added option to search by required ingredient
    • V 1.2
      • Added option to hide recipes till half/all of the required ingredients are found
    • V 1.1
      • Fixed hotkey causing the Recipe Book to open while typing

    Neo Master Crafter - Download
    Version 0.6.4 / Updated 7/5/15

    My first mod collection. Featuring the Master Crafter NPC and revolving around various crafting aspects of Terraria.

    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Wireless Transmitter / Wireless Receiver
      • Right click tile to change transmission / receiver direction
      • Use wire to send a signal to the Transmitter
      • Transmitter sends a wireless signal in 1 of 4 directions a distance of 150 tiles max
      • Receiver picks up wireless signal and relays the signal to any connected wires
      • While holding a Transmitter or Receiver, any placed Transmitters will highlight their beam direction and distance to help assist receiver positioning
      • [​IMG]
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Statues
      • 20 New Statues
      • Functional - Wire them up to spawn their respective mob
      • Directional - Left or Right Facing
      • + 4 Newly Functional Vanilla Statues
        • Goblin
        • Hornet
        • Imp
        • Lihzahrd
      • Biome spreading statues. (Very slow acting. Must be wired. Best used with timers.)
        • Sunflower Statue - Spreads the Purity
        • Gloom Statue - Spreads the Corruption / Crimson
        • Cross Statue - Spreads the Hallow
        • Shroom Statue - Spread the Mushroom Biome
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Artisan Shelves
      • Come in 2 sizes: Small (4 Shelves) and Medium (8 Shelves)
      • Crafting stations may be placed onto the shelves
      • Being near the shelves will allow you to craft items as though you were near the shelved stations
      • Use a pickaxe on an item to remove it from the shelf
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Item Displays
      • Shelves
      • Wall Shelves
      • Frames
      • Pedestals
      • Place any item onto the shelves to show it off
      • Use a pickaxe on an item to remove it from display
      • Frame background color can be chosen by right clicking the frame
      • Pedestals may have a glass case over the item by right clicking the pedestal
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Hatches
      • Wood and Stone Variations
      • Right click to Open / Close the hatch
      • Must have 2 tiles stacked on the left, and 2 tiles stacked on the right to support the hatch, as shown in the example above
    • [​IMG]
    • New Materials - Used to craft various items
      • Wood Board
      • Nails
      • Gears
      • Advanced Gears
    • New Item - Muddy Solution
      • New Clentaminator type solution transforms biomes into Jungle.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Tents
      • Sleep through the night. Right click Tent to use. Cannot be used while a boss is active, or during a blood moon.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Town NPC - Master Crafter
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Makeshift Demon Altar / Makeshift Crimson Altar
      • No more traveling underground to craft using a Demon Altar.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tiles - Station Groups
      • Multiple craft stations as one tile. Takes up slightly less square tile area than individual tiles added together would.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tile - Coil
      • Sends a pulse every 30 seconds converting nearby tiles according to the solution placed into the coil
      • Right Click the Coil tile to open the interface to insert solution
      • Range is 40 tiles radius. Can be boosted to 80 or 120 tiles.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tile - Coil Amplifier
      • Boosts the range of adjacent Coils
      • Coils can be amplified using 1 or 2 amplifiers
    • [​IMG]
    • New Tool - Multi-Wrench
      • Right Click Multi-Wrench while in Inventory or on the Hotbar to alternate between placing Red/Blue/Green wire.
    • [​IMG]
    • New Accessory - Site Plans
      • Increases tile and wall placement speeds
    • [​IMG]
    • New Accessory - Pulverizer
      • Grounds up tile to dust while equipped. (Solid tiles don't drop any items when destroyed)
    • [​IMG]
    • New Consumables - Sunlit Boss Summoning Items
      • Allows the summoning of bosses during the day time
      • Recipe - Original boss summoning item x 1 & Sunplate Block x 10

    To do:
    • Add recipes for Coil and Coil Amplifier
    • Finish custom Town NPC spawning/despawning code
    • Create additonal house requirements for vanilla Town NPCs
    • Get custom Town NPC spawning/despawning code and additional house requirements code to both work at the same time.

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:
    • Plentiful

    • Any and all moderate to large sized mod pack developers, for showing what amazing things can be done with the right theme, imagination, content and ideas.
    • Bug Catchers,

    Change Log:
    • V 0.6.1
      • Fixed Coil Solution not updating when Autopause is on
    • V 0.6
      • Added Muddy Solution
    • V 0.5
      • Added Tents, used to sleep through the night
      • Added Coil and Coil Amplifier to the Master Craftsman Shop
    • V 0.4
      • Added Coil, used to terraform Terraria
      • Added Coil Amplifier, increses Coil range
    • V 0.3
      • Added Sunlit Boss Summon Items
      • Added Pulverizer Accessory
    • V 0.2
      • Fixed MasterCrafter on death crash
      • Fixed MasterCrafter shop not having Multi-Wrench

    Neo Disassembly Station - Download
    Version 0.3.1 / Uploaded 7/5/15

    Disassemble any craftable item back into its components.

    • Useable tile with custom interface
    • Custom proximity code to ensure player is nearby
    • Chooses an appropriate recipe to disassemble items into at random
    • Reverse Craft Group resolver to handle group items
    • Checks for minimum amount required. (1 Gel & 1 Wood make 3 Torches, so a minimum of 3 Torches must be placed to disassemble)
    • Option to select Disassemble Logic
      • Receive All Items - 100% of items required to craft are returned. (12 Wood required returns 12 Wood)
      • Set Percentage - Receive a set percentage of the required items for each item. (12 Wood required at 75% returns 9 Wood)
      • Random Range - Receive a random percentage of the required item within a set range. ( 12 Wood required at Min 25%, Max 75% returns 3-9 Wood)
      • Bell Curve - Receive a normal random percentage of the required item within a set range and mean. (12 Wood required at Min 25%, Max 75%, Mean 75% returns 3-9 Wood, returns values closer to 9 much more often than 3)
    • Option to select for Disassemble to have a cost
      • No Cost - No cost to disassemble
      • Item Disassembled - Cost is determined by the value of the item(s) to be disassembled
      • Parts Received - Cost is determined by the total value of the item(s) to be received. Cost includes all items, even if the Disassemble Logic returns a partial amount of items.
      • Cost Multiplier % - Used to increase or decrease disassemble cost. (Base cost of 10 gold with a multiplier of 50% costs 5 gold. Player discount may further change this amount)
    • Mod developers may now use CallInMod() to specify particular items that are NOT to be disassembled.

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:
    • Dynamic Disassembly Efficiency - Nearby tiles/NPCs increase/decrease efficiency. e.g. Work Bench within 10 tiles increases minimum efficiency by 10%, being placed within the house my Master Craftsman NPC lives increases max efficiency 15%.
    • Option to only allow disassembling combined accessories

    • Eikester, for the enjoyment I got from using the TConfig Disassembly Station featured here.
    • MiraiMai, for allowing modders to designate their custom tiles as Right Clickable in the MainSlotZero mod featured here. Very cool that you did this!
    • Thanks to,
    • Bug Catchers,

    Change Log:
    • V 0.2.1
      • Added OnModCall() listener for modders to use
      • Fixed recipe selection for items that have identical type ids. (Using NetID on these now)
    • V 0.2
      • Option to select Disassembly Logic. Decides how many items are dropped on Disassemble.
      • Option for Disassembling to have a cost, and how that cost is calculated.
      • Updated craft recipe. Thanks to Kaji Invisus for a great idea on this.
    • V 0.1.1
      • Fixed reverse craft group resolver

    Neo Utilities - Download
    Version 2.1.3 / Updated 7/5/15

    Various tweaks

    • Tile Placement Previews, show a preview of the tile the currently selected item would create.
    • Quick-Recall Hotkey to use Magic Mirror or Recall Potion as suggested by Darqfalls in this thread
    • Hotbar Item Swap - Pressing the currently selected Hotbar Hotkey a second time, swaps that Hotbar item with the item in the slot below it as suggested by Solo-Ion in this thread
    • Additional chest recipes suggested by stormconure in this thread
    • Modification to the way Celestial accessories work as suggested by Wisp in this thread
    • NPCs and Players receive Wet Debuff when out in rain as suggested by (I misplaced the link)
    • Adds Light Ambiance. Lights brighten and dim slightly at random.
    • Hotkey to toggle Autopause while in-game.
      • NEW Insta-Pause option to instantly Pause and Resume the game.
    • System time is displayed in lower right corner.
    • Added recipes for 2 un-craftable vanilla items. (Demon Torch, Ultrabright Torch)
    • Increased Max Stack to 999 for various vanilla items. (Torches, Platforms)
    • Option to round up Max Stacks of 99 and 999 to 100 and 1000 respectively

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:
    • More recipes for un-craftable vanilla items

    • RussLeeIV, for making an Autopause hotkey and system clock requirements for me to play Terraria. Both are parts of the TConfig Base Mod featured here.
    • Bug Catchers,

    • V 2.1.2
      • Quick-Recall is no longer useable while an item is being held by the mouse.
    • V 2.1.1
      • Added Option to disable Hotbar QuickSwap
      • Fixed some Tile Preview placements
    • V 2.1
      • Added Tile Previews
    • V 2.0.1
      • Fixed bug where using Quick Recall made the currently selected item vanish
    • V 2.0
      • Added Quick-Recall Hotkey to use Magic Mirror or Recall Potion
      • Added additional chest recipes
      • Added modification to the way Celestial accessories work
      • Added NPCs and Players receive Wet Debuff when out in rain
      • Added Insta-Pause option for Autopause. Instantly pauses the game instead of toggling Autopause setting
      • Added option for Show Time to only show the time while a key is held down
    • V 1.1
      • Added Light Ambiance
    • V 1.0.1
      • Added option to change Max Stack from 99 and 999 to 100 and 1000 respectively

    Neo Draw - Download
    Version 1.1 / Uploaded 7/5/15

    Change your world by drawing it how you want.

    • F5 to open close UI
    • Player is invincible, no enemy spawns, and time freezes while UI is open
    • Paint, Erase, Select, Magic Wand & Eyedropper
    • Square Brush, Circle Brush, Line Tool & Flood Fill
    • Cut, Copy, Paste & Clear Selections
    • View wires, actuators, GPS info, ruler grid, tiles at full brightness, change between noon and midnight
    • Brush Size ranges from 1 tile to 30 tiles
    • Scroll Wheel or '+' and '-' keys to change brush size
    • Scroll Wheel or PageUp / PageDown to scroll list windows
    • Undo / Redo support. History contains last 10 actions
    • Alt+Z to Undo, Shift+Alt+Z to Redo
    • Alt+C, X, or V to Copy, Cut and Paste
    • Holding Shift while moving the camera increases move speed
    • Pressing the Home key centers the camera over your Players position
    • Pressing the Insert key transports your player to your cursor position
    • Search bar to find what you need
    • Customized scroll bars to provide even smoother click and drag scroll action
    • Selecting the currently active tab again changes sort mode between ID and Name
    • Tiles tab allows drawing all vanilla and custom tiles
    • Walls tab allows drawing all vanilla and custom walls
    • Structures tab allows creating these items:
      • Cave Opening
      • Caverer
      • Cavinator
      • Cloud Island
      • Cloud Island House
      • Corruption Start - Full Corruption Biome
      • Crimson Start - Full Crimson Biome
      • Dungeon - Random, or choice of color
      • Epic Tree - Taller than normal tree, not to be confused with Living Tree
      • Floating Island - Bare land in the sky
      • Gem Caves - Random, or choice of gem
      • Hive - Choice of size with or without Queen Bee
      • Lakinator - Lake generator
      • Lihzahard Temple - With traps
      • Living Tree - Various sizes with or without underground room
      • Make Hole - Random looking holes of various sizes
      • Meteor - Make your own Meteor site
      • Moss Cave - Choice of moss color
      • Mountinater - Various sizes
      • Pyramid - Egyptian and my custom variation Mayan
      • Shroom Patch
      • Spider Caves
      • Underground Houses - With decor, treasure, and placement size preview.
    • Other tab allows these various actions:
      • Placing all 3 liquid types
      • Placing wires and actuators. *Not visible unless a mech tool is selected, wearing a mech accessory, or turning on Mech View
      • Changing slope and half tiles
      • Smoothing out terrain
      • Setting Player and World spawn coordinates
    • GPS View has been customized to show position relative to screen position and list the current zones the screen is showing
    • Various world markers show where the layers of the world start, Sky, Surface, Underground, Cavern and Hell

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:
    • Icon's in list selection


    Change Log:
    When a selection is copied, all current tile information is stored.
    When Pasting, the currently selected TAB determines what is drawn
    • Tiles Tab: Only tiles are drawn
    • Wall Tab: Only walls are drawn
    • Structures Tab: Both tiles and walls are drawn
    • Other Tab: Mech is drawn while Mech is selected
    Flood Fill is limited to changing 2,500 tiles at the most.
    It is also limited to changing only tiles currently on screen. (This limitation can be bypassed by holding down the ALT key)
    Additional selections can be made by holding down the SHIFT key.
    Selections can be removed by holding down the ALT key.
    The Eyedropper Tool can be selected by using the button at the top right corner.
    It can also be used with the Paint Brush selected by holding down the SHIFT key.
    Brush Size determines the width of the line.
    A new line can be started when placing the end point by holding down the ALT key.
    A variation of the Line algorithm is used when drawing wires to ensure the wire is completely connected.
    The Day/Night button has 3 modes.
    • Set time to Midday
    • Set time to Midnight
    • Return to actual time

    Neo Tile Foreground - Download
    Version 2.0 / Updated 7/5/15
    Neo Tile Foreground Demo - Download
    Version 2.0 / Updated 7/5/15

    Allows tiles to have all or portions of their sprites drawn over NPCs.

    • Works as an extension to be called from other mods
    • Faster, simpler, more streamlined
    • Now works with animated tiles
    • If no Texture is specified, the default image is drawn as the foreground. A quick and simple way to have a foreground tile!
    • Custom textures can be used to show only parts of the tile as foreground
    • Has optional settings to tweak desired result including:
      • frameX, frameY, frameWidth, frameHeight, offsetX, offsetY

    Examples: (See Neo Tile Foreground Demo for examples in action)
    • CallInMod("NeoTileForeground", 283);
      • Draws the Heavy Work Bench as a foreground tile
    • CallInMod("NeoTileForeground", 3, textures["Textures/Tiles_3"]);
      • Draws a custom foreground image over all short grass tiles.

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:

    • Phlebas, for the inspiring Workshop and the Grass Foregound Tiles TConfig mod featured there.
    • Bug Catchers,

    Change Log:
    • V 1.1
      • No longer necessary to send a texture when using CallInMod. If no texture is sent when using CallInMod, the default texture is drawn over the normal texture.
      • Foreground tiles no longer appear over minimap
      • Foreground tiles no longer appear over fullscreen map
      • Added a number of checks that should keep the mod from crashing if the info sent to the mod differs from what the tile expects

    Neo Light Beams - Download
    Version 1.0 / Uploaded 7/5/15

    Decorative fluorescent light beams. Light up your world in style.
    Inspired by Snickerbobble's thread: [Sprites] Fluorescent light beams.

    • [​IMG]
    • Place a Focused Lens on an active Gemspark Block to create a beam of light. Focused Lenses are made by combining a Lens or Black Lens with Glass at a Work Bench.
      • If a Gemspark Block is triggered by wire and deactivated, the beam shuts off.
      • Focused Lenses can also be directly wired to turn on / off, including switches and timers.
      • Focused Lenses can be pounded with a hammer to change their orientation and direction.
    • [​IMG]
    • Place a Focused Black Lens to create a beam of light with an inverted color.
    • Light beams will reflect off of other Focused Lenses changing their direction.
    • Light beams pass through glass.
      • [​IMG]
      • Place a Focused Lens on any lit up glass block to create a new beam of light.
      • Multiple beams lighting up glass will create a combined color light beam.
    • [​IMG]
    • Light beams will change color to match the color of any Torches they pass over.
    • Light beams cause a unique reaction when they strike a Crystal Shard
    • [​IMG]

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:
    • Add additional ideas from original thread
      • Beams change shape when passing through special glass blocks
      • Allow Focused Lenses to be placed on walls, and have special effects
      • Light beams that pass over an actuator stop early
      • Focused Lenses placed adjacent to one another create a single large lens with larger beam
      • Beams trigger receiver to act as wireless wire


    Change Log:

    Neo Tile Direction - Download
    Version 1.1 / Updated 7/5/15
    Neo Tile Direction Uninstaller - Download
    Version 1.0 / Uploaded 7/5/15

    Allows additional tiles to be placed facing left and right.

    • Place statues, craft stations and more facing either direction
    • New Tool - Reverser
      • Use on tiles that can face either direction to switch the direction their facing
      • Works on both vanilla and newly directional tiles
      • Sold by the Dye Trader for 10s

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:
    • If the mod is disabled or removed, any tiles that were placed facing the direction that isn't found in vanilla Terraria, will show up as either solid pink blocks, completely transparent, or as random artifacts. Things appear as normal again if the mod is re-enabled. Or you can use the uninstaller to return all tiles to the direction they normally face.
    • The uninstaller only needs to be run once per world, then can be disabled. It searches through every tile in the current world looking for any tiles with frames outside the boundaries of the default texture, and resets the frameX and frameY properties.

    Future Ideas:


    Change Log:
    • V 1.1
      • Fixed textures not loading when first loading tAPI

    Neo Debug Info - Download
    Version 0.2.1 / Updated 7/5/15

    Shows various information on screen and on the mouse tooltip. Includes an alternative Developer Console to execute commands in game.

    • Press F4 to Open/Close the Debug Window
      • Press Home/End to change pages
    • Press F1 to Open/Close the Developer Console
      • [Enter] - Execute Commands
      • [Shift]+[Enter] - Enter multi-line command
      • [Up]/[Down] - Previously entered commands
      • [Page Up]/[Page Down] or Scroll Wheel - Scroll Console Window
      • [Esc] - Clear command line
      • Cut/Copy/Paste, including multi-line paste

    To do:

    Bugs / Quirks:

    Future Ideas:


    Change Log:
    • V 0.2
      • Added an alternative Developer Console
      • Added additional info to Tile Page


    These mods are not currently released in any form.
    • N/A

    Random and/or interesting musings I'm considering making mods for.
    • Additional boss summoning tiles that appear similarly to Plantera Bulb
    • Statues, more statues for Vanilla mobs, items, events, accomplishments, etc. Make functional. Mobs drop their statue.
    • Weed whacked/Lawn mower - Prevents grass/plants from growing on tiles for several days after use
    • Bug bomb/Bug spray - After use causes particular baits to appear in moderate quantities depending on the area used. Gives NPCs confusion debuff
    • Paint bomb - Paint large area at once
    • Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer - Tints NPCs selected color for a short time


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    Good mods m8!
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    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    Neo Disassembly System is so far the best mod in NeoMods!

    K.E.E.P U.P T.H.E G.R.E.A.T W.O.R.K!

    EDIT: Items from certain Mods can't be disassembled because the Disassembler doesn't support the items. Like the Squid Squirter from Berborscing's mod.
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    Wow! These mods are awesome! I definitely be using some of them in my next playthrough.
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    Neo Foreground looks fantastic
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  6. zadum4ivii

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    It looks :redspin:ing awesome!
  7. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    When i put a Greater Healing Potion in the Disassembly station, i get this error:
    System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: No key "berberborscing:DuplicatorDust" found
    at TAPI.WrapperDictionary`2.get_Item( key)
    at NeoDisassemblyStation.Tiles.Disassemble.DisassembleInterface.GetGroupItem(Terraria.Item itemGroup)
    at NeoDisassemblyStation.Tiles.Disassemble.DisassembleInterface.CreatePartSlots(Terraria.Recipe recipeToDisassemble)
    at NeoDisassemblyStation.Tiles.Disassemble.DisassembleInterface.FindParts()
    at NeoDisassemblyStation.Tiles.Disassemble.DisassembleInterface.PreDrawInventory(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
    at TAPI.Hooks.CallConditional( ts, System.Boolean bDefault, a)
    at TAPI.Hooks+Interface.PreDrawInventory(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
    at Terraria.Main.DrawInventory()
    at TAPI.InterfaceLayer.<.cctor>b__10(TAPI.InterfaceLayer layer, Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
    at TAPI.InterfaceLayer+Action.OnDraw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
    at TAPI.InterfaceLayer.Draw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.SpriteBatch sb)
    at Terraria.Main.DrawInterface()
    at Terraria.Main.Draw(Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameTime gameTime)
    After i rejoin my world, the potion stays in the station, so i can disassemble it.
  8. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    Lol! When I check if an item is a group item or not, I look for 'g:'. But, I forgot to limit it to only look for 'g:' at the beginning of the string. Because you're namespace ends in a 'g' it thinks the item is a group item. I'll have that fixed this evening after work. Thank you for the report!
  9. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    No problem, thank you for your great mod. ;)
  10. Kaji Invisus

    Kaji Invisus Steampunker

    Hey there!
    I was curious about your Disassemble station. Might I suggest changing the recipe to the following, and their reasoning:
    1 Anvil (To make it a bit harder to craft)
    1 Heavy Work bench (To represent the toolbox)
    1 Wrench (Obvious; disassembling things.)
    If you would like, I can code this part for you.

    Also, might I suggest another possibility for the Station:
    Diminishing returns.
    For example, I can just re-craft my Terra Blade by going to the Disassemble station, getting the main components, and re-crafting the sword, until I get Godly.
    Maybe there can be a chance that you don't get some of the materials of the craft?
    For example: Torches. If you un-craft them, you get just wood. Because, you consumed the gel by lighting it.
    Just an idea!
  11. Grausamkeit

    Grausamkeit Terrarian

    I look forward to seeing how this mod goes. It's quite promising, especially with the deconstructor. Thankyou for making a great and long needed mod for tAPI!
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  12. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    Neo Disassembly Station has been updated. Includes options to select how the number of items returned is calculated, and if there is a cost to disassemble an item. Additional details in the original post.

    I love the recipe! I tossed a new recipe for the Disassemble Station into the most recent update based off of this. I'm going to tweak it further once I have more time, but spent most of the day working on the Bell Curve random normal distribution logic. Since the Disassembly Station is supposed to be a part of my MasterCrafter mod once it's available, it was originally going to be available only by purchasing it from my custom Town NPC. I only included a simple recipe to make it easier to get. But I like this recipe so much it's only going to be available through crafting now.

    The previous version of the Disassembly Station was only returning 75% of the total items if I remember correctly. But you might never notice that cause it was set to return a minimum of 1 for each item. So for most accessories and a lot of weapons and various other things that required 1 of each item, you always got 1 of each item back. That was just a placeholder though while I worked out the bell cuve logic that's now the default. Hope you like it.

    Thanks for the great ideas!
  13. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

    I love everything about your mods. I was waiting for disassebly station port to tapi, and you did it. Also foreground tiles is pretty neat eyecandy. I'm looking forward to rest of your planned mods, since we don't have too much nifty functional mods, pther than content mods. Very good work with much quality :)
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  14. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    The disassembly station does not work with items that use modded items in their recipe. It crashes the game.
    I haven't tried the new update yet, so it may be fixed.
  15. Kaji Invisus

    Kaji Invisus Steampunker

    No problem! There's another thing I wanted to bring up, too:
    For some reason, when I try to disassemble a low-tier item (For example, a silver shortsword -- This happens with all swords of low tier, and with the wood as well) it becomes a different metal entirely.
    For example:
    It's obvious that you can see that it wants to return copper.
    This is also random, though;
    Now, it wants to return Platinum for Tungsten.
  16. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    You may have had the same problem Logodum did. Here's the error he was receiving:

    If the custom item used for a recipe happened to have an internal name that ended in a 'g' my code thought it was a group item. For example, any custom item with the name "pumpking:CustomItem" would cause a crash. When determining if an item from a recipe was a group item or not, I mistakenly looked for IndexOf("g:") > -1 when I should have been looking for IndexOf("g:") == 0. This issue should have been fixed in the V 0.1.1 update. But please let me know if it's still occurring, or if you're having an entirely different issue.

    My GetRecipe() function searches through all Recipes in Main.recipe, and adds any recipe where thisRecipe.createItem.type is the same as the item to be disassembled type. This creates undesirable results when items share an identical type. (Something I forgot to plan for since it only happens with a handful of items from the original release.) I've updated the mod to now check netID in these cases to ensure only the correct recipes are returned by my function. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! :D

    In other news, this most recent update for the Disassembly Station also adds a new feature. Modders can now inform my mod to NOT allow a particular item to be disassembled. This works for vanilla items as well as custom items. Just add to your ModBase file the code:
    public override void OnAllModsLoaded() {
        CallInMod("NeoDisassemblyStation", "noDisassemble", ItemDef.byName["InternalName:CustomItem"].type, ItemDef.byName["Vanilla:Wooden Chair"].type);
    The first argument being my mods name, "NeoDisassemblyStation", the second argument being the action to perform, "noDisassemble", and 1 or more argument(s) as Integers representing the ID of the item not to be disassembled.
  17. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    It doesn't crash anymore. Thanks for fixing it!
  18. TheManOfMods

    TheManOfMods Terrarian

    NEW THING (FOR NEO TILE FOREGROUND AND DISASSEMBLY STATION) : In Neo Tile Foreground, if you view the World Map by pressing M, the Neo Disassembly Station is on the map. If you have it on your world.
  19. Neojin

    Neojin Terrarian

    Thank you for letting me know. It seems a bit ridiculous that during all the time I was testing I never once viewed the map, lol.

    Neo Tile Foreground and Neo Tile Foreground Demo have both been updated. Foreground tiles should no longer appear over the fullscreen map, or the minimap. A few other improvements have been made, and the Demo now showcases 80 different tiles being drawn as foreground tiles.
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  20. LoM2

    LoM2 Retinazer

    These mods seem pretty nice. Downloading now.

    As for the tweaks mod, would it be possible for you to set the max bullet (and other ammo) stacks to 1000? 999 is an annoying number when crafting.
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