New Age Retro Terraria

Will this ever be updated?
Because I would love the old cloud textures...
(Note: I have used some of the assets/textures from this pack for my own needs and I have given you credit)
This texture pack didnt work for me. It shows up in the "texture pack" menu, but when i activate it, it doesnt change anything. :(
Texture pack itself is pretty good but for some reason hellforge texture is not loading (maybe because of the 1.4 update)

Here's a small texture pack for those of you who preferred the old look of Terraria.

The goal of this texture pack is to be a Terraria Nostalgia/Retro pack that wouldn't clash
against the current assets, as well as a few extra features to help set it apart a little.


Various features / improvements include:
Slightly differently shaded classic sun
1.1 esque ores (including some new ones that fit the texture too!)
Old furnace, hellforge, table, crafting table, and door
Green regeneration potions
Classic "Stud" Gems
A very slightly modified sky color
Reshaded weapons from earlier weapons (No more unrealistically large pistols!)
...And most importantly, classic puffy clouds!


Another small addition is The Crimson,
as sprites didn't exist for it previously, I had to improvise to give it
a minor visual aesthetic that wouldn't clash against the corruption.
My solution: Making it a (Decent) Recolor of the Corruption

The only notable difference is the trees, don't worry.


This texture pack isn't for everyone out there as some of these gimmicks
may be a little too different than expected for those who want the old look.
Please don't bug me about the background tiles, I can't be bothered to do
them right now due to excessive amounts of laziness. That's my fault.

You don't need to ask if you can use this in a video, though I'd really appreciate if you'd leave a link to this page in the description.


New age Retro Terraria V 1.1

Added walls
Fixed sky sprite

This is designed with Terraria in mind (with experimental features)
Don't worry though, I've still got the downloads for y'all.

New age Retro Terraria 1.1


New age Retro Terraria 1.0
Main download - Mediafire Mirror - MEGA Mirror

I will not be updating this in the future, or atleast won't for a while, as I've got
other things to do in life, such as attempt to not procrastinate at coding my game.

Next stop, hell on earth!
The 1.1 version link is broken.
Wow cool! seems like someone did this already!
some of these sprites are really old age though.
I challenge someone to watch chippys video about the terraria beta and retexture the dryad with the really old sprites!
that would be cool
Hello, Do you have discord? i want to send you old terraria sprites folder so you can add them to the texture pack.
Hi friends!
I realize I'm hijacking this post for my own use(?) here, but for anyone looking to use the textures in this pack as well as some more old textures, please check out my port of the rest of the Terraria 1.1 textures here.
It includes the original textures from this pack, while expanding upon it by including most of the rest of the textures from 1.1. Also, I refit the textures from this pack in order to make them actually work.
As always, if there are any issues with this post (or my port) please reach out to me and I will edit and/or delete them.
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