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tModLoader Night and Crimson (Terra Stuff, basically)

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by four plus four, May 8, 2016.

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  1. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    Oh, why hello there! You've just stumbled into, yeah no. That sounds more like the beginning to a movie. Hello, my name is SkullRay, and this is one of the greatest mods you shall ever see! Well, probably not. It's closer to... One of the best 6 mods you've seen. Still pretty amazing nonetheless! This, amazing great mods only aim is to add new Terra items - That's it. No fancy this or that, just Terra items and what is required to make it. You see, I always liked Night's Edge equivalents, as well as an alternative for the Crimson. So I decided to make a full mod dedicated to just that! Night items, equivalent Dead items, Hallowed items, you name it! As long as it's how the original, the Terra Blade, is made, except with all/most weapon types, then it shall exist! Even armors and accessories!

    Anyways, enough rambling on, you probably want to learn more, correct? Well, it's pretty much exactly as I've said - New Dungeon, Jungle, Underworld, Corruption, and Crimson items to be able to make new Night items, with an alternative to the Crimson, Dead. This means that, except for probably the sword, no Night items are gonna be made in the Crimson, but are rather replaced by Dead items! This makes far more sense then having Night items able to be made in the Crimson, does it not? It shall also bring more life into the mod, by having this alternative. Wait, I need to continue talking about more of the new stuffs tiers, or whatever, don't I? Any who, this mod also adds new Hallowed(Bar?), Broken Hero, and True items, to be able to make new Terra items! As well as the Terra equivalent, Code. If there's an equivalent to Night items for the Crimson, why should there not be a likewise equivalent for Terra items? And that's where Code items come in!

    So you want some details on what their differences are, do ya'? You probably expect Code items to just be stronger, probably slower, versions of Terra, and likewise to Dead and Night, right? Well, you'd be 49.31415 percent correct! Code items, and their weaker Dead items, are gonna be stronger, bit slower, then their Corrupt counterparts - But their just gonna be focused on single mob! Little, to no piercing at all, but stronger, to be able to take down single enemies with ease, while Terra and Night items are gonna be faster, and pierce, perfect for dealing with a horde of mobs! Or worms. You get to fight two boss worms when you play in the Corruption, after all.

    Anyways, now time to get into some backstory/lore, whatever you'd like to call it. Cue the epic anime music! *Boku no Pico opening music starts playing*... Uh... Close enough.
    Once, long ago, a story that is now seen as just a fairy tale, like Little Red Riding Hood, or Batman, began when two heroes, whose names have been forgotten, and just replaced with what they called their ultimate weapons, had began their quest to gather the 7 Dragon Balls... Wait, wrong story? Oh, right, gather the gear of all the lands, gotcha. Ahem, had began their quest to gather gear from all the lands, to combine them into some of the most powerful gear, to save those same said lands... It would have been easy if they had Dragon Balls. Yes yes, I know, wrong story, I'll get back to telling the tale...

    Terra had been travelling for awhile, in the desert(Because all stories are in the desert or something), and he was getting quite thirsty. Y'know, cause it was the desert, and he didn't bring enough water, or something. Um, he was nearly at his destination, some village, I guess, that was in the desert, to... It doesn't say why he went there. Why doesn't it say why he traveled the desert just to reach some village?! Uggh, whatever, let's just continue. So, I guess he reached the village? If he was that close to it, why would you need to mention him being thirsty? Ok, whatever, he reached it, and of course he walked into a pub or bar of some sort, all these desert stories do that. He then ordered some ale, I guess, and he happened to be sitting next to who would become his new best friend. Can you guess the name of him? I'll give you a hint, it rhymes with toad. Give up? His name was Code. So I guess Code said something vulgar, Terra heard it, started a fight, and when they realized they were of similar strength they became buds? Probably said a yo' mama joke that included three puns, I'd have started a fight as well. And yadi yada yada, they gathered stuff to save the land, uggh, skip to the final fight!

    So, they were finally geared up, it had taken them like, a year or two, but they were finally strong enough to save the land from the biggest of threats... The Moon Lord. They challenged some evil cultist leader guy, destroyed some pillars and DIDN'T make pillar weapons, just fought with their Terra or Code items, whatever. Sounds dumb to me, how could those compare at all to pillar weapons? Well... Then the greatest fight ever happened. Terra and Code, after gathering all the gear, saving all the lands, were strong enough. They wielded their great and mighty Terra/Code weapons, their Terra/Code armor and accessories, and fought. It was an amazing battle, nearly killing both of them in the process, but they finally destroyed the Lord of the Moon. And the entire world was saved. Now skip ahead a couple hundred or thousand years, and the Moon Lord is back. No one knows if it's weaker now or stronger now then it once was, but what is known is that the world is once again in peril. Now you, the new hero, must take up their mantle. Gather up brand new made Terra/Code items, and fight the Lord of the Moon, kill it, and save the lands. Easier said then done...

    Well now, after reading all that, you must want to know the items they've gathered, right? Well, from this point on, you'll need to check out what the old post had, check comments for stuff I didn't reveal, because for now, this is all I'm updating it. More later, but for now, you'll just have to imagine it, or just wait patiently. You can do that, I'm sure!
    Well, now I'm updating it, so this text is somewhat useless... I'll still keep it for now.

    Blade_of_Grass.png Muramasa.png Fiery_Greatsword.png Light's_Bane.png Blood_Butcherer.png Night's_Edge.png DeadEdge.png Excalibur.png Broken_Hero_Sword.png True_Excalibur.png True_Night's_Edge.png TrueDeadEdge.png Terra_Blade.png CodedCutlass.png
    Well that's a couple of swords... Ahem, these are all the swords you will need in the mod. You probably already know the vanilla ones, but do you know the modded ones? Well those modded ones your curious about are, in order of when they appear, Dead Edge, True Dead Edge, and Coded Blade! And, well, all items are gonna be in this sorta scenario. I do need to update some of those sprites, however, since Excalibur and True Excalibur was updated, and I'm in the middle of updating my True Dead Edge... But nonetheless, there they be!

    Night and Crimson Banner!.png
    N and C banner.png
    Insert one of the codes into your signature to support this mod thing!
    Skeletons roll where they lie...
    The jungle grows restless...

    Fiery creatures burn with fury...
    The world slowly turns evil...
    The world slowly bathes in blood...
    The dark of night overwhelms...
    The dead seek life...
    Mechanical creatures are created...
    The two greatest hero's broken item's may be of use...

    Terra, so focused on fighting the corrupt...
    Code, so focused on fighting the blood...
    They're weapons may be of use... To slow down the onslaught, once more...
    Go, brave warrior! Gather the item's needed to fight!
    Terra shall require the corrupt!
    Code shall require the crimson!

    Save one, hope someone else will save the other!
    Hello, and welcome! Night and Crimson is a mod I thought of to add more Jungle/Dungeon/Underworld/Corrupt/Crimson items to the game.
    As well as more Night/Dead/Hallowed/True/Terra/Code items. Dead/Code are new alternatives to Night/Terra items.

    All Night items are made with the Corrupt/Jungle/Dungeon/Underworld items, and are improvable to become Terra!
    Night tends to be great at crowd control...

    All Dead items are made with the Crimson/Jungle/Dungeon/Underworld items, and are improvable to become Code!
    Dead tends to be great at single target...

    They're improvements reflect this! The question you must ask yourself with this mod, is do I want to have weaker, faster, crowd control weapons/piercing, in the form of Night?
    Or do I want stronger, slower, boss destroyer/single mob, in the form of Dead?

    How will you help stop the onslaught?

    There is no code as of this moment in this mod, so it is unplayable. I do not know code, however, if you do, and want to be part of the team, then ask! I'll probably accept.

    Want to see the items? Click that spoiler down there! Only sprites, no info as to what they do YET.
    Blowpipes/darts are thrower, the new ones, at least!
    All items that will be needed in this mod! Vanilla items are shown first, then modded.
    Go by the golden rule - If it looks like a sword, it's a sword. If it looks like a gun, it's a gun.

    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Muramasa.png Muramasa!
    Blue_Moon.png Blue Moon!
    Valor.png Valor!
    Handgun.png Handgun!
    Water_Bolt.png Water Bolt!
    Cobalt_Shield.png Cobalt Shield!
    Necro Armor.png Necro_armor.png Necro Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    DungeonSpear.png Ancient Spear!
    CobaltBow.png Cobalt Bow!
    BoneDart.png Bone Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Blade_of_Grass.png Blade of Grass!
    Thorn_Chakram.png Thorn Chakram!
    Amazon.png Amazon!
    Boomstick.png Boomstick!
    Blowgun.png Blowgun!
    Poison_Dart.png Poison Dart!
    Feral_Claws.png Feral Claws!
    Fiberglass_Fishing_Pole.png Fiberglass Fishing Pole!
    Ivy_Whip.png Ivy Whip!
    Jungle Armor.png Jungle_armor.png Jungle Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    SporeRaider.png Spore Raider!
    JungleExcavation.png Jungle Excavation!
    BeesNest - Copy.png Stinger Bow!
    TheJungleBook.png The Jungle Book!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Fiery_Greatsword.png Fiery Greatsword!
    Flamarang.png Flamarang!
    Sunfury.png Sunfury!
    Cascade.png Cascade!
    Molten_Pickaxe.png Molten Pickaxe!
    Molten_Hamaxe.png Molten Hamaxe!
    Molten_Fury.png Molten Fury!
    Phoenix_Blaster.png Phoenix Blaster!
    Demon_Scythe.png Demon Scythe!
    Magma_Stone.png Magma Stone!
    Molten Armor.png Molten_armor.png Molten Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    FierySpear.png Fiery Spear!
    FlamingPipe.png Flaming Pipe! - New!
    FlamingDart.png Flaming Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Light's_Bane.png Light's Bane!
    Ball_O'_Hurt.png Ball O' Hurt!
    Malaise.png Malaise!
    Nightmare_Pickaxe.png Nightmare Pickaxe!
    War_Axe_of_the_Night.png War Axe of The Night!
    The_Breaker.png The Breaker!
    Demon_Bow.png Demon Bow!
    Musket.png Musket!
    Vilethorn.png Vilethorn!
    Band_of_Starpower.png Band of Starpower!
    Fisher_of_Souls.png Fisher of Souls!
    Shadow Armor.png Shadow_armor.png Shadow Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    Light'sSpear2.png Yari of Shadows!
    PipeofShadows.png Pipe of Shadows! - New!
    ShadowDart.png Shadow Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Blood_Butcherer.png Blood Butcherer!
    The_Rotted_Fork.png Rotted Fork!
    The_Meatball.png The Meatball!
    Artery.png Artery!
    Deathbringer_Pickaxe.png Deathbringer Pickaxe!
    Blood_Lust_Cluster.png Blood Lust Cluster!
    Flesh_Grinder.png Flesh Grinder!
    Tendon_Bow.png Tendon Bow!
    The_Undertaker.png The Undertaker!
    Crimson_Rod.png Crimson Rod!
    Panic_Necklace.png Panic Necklace!
    Fleshcatcher.png Fleshcatcher!
    Crimson Armor.png Crimson_armor_male.png Crimson Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    TendonArrow.png Tendon Arrow! - New!
    BloodDart.png Blood Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Night's_Edge.png Night's Edge!
    Dark_Lance.png Dark Lance!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    NightTime.png New Moon!
    PickaxeofNight.png Twilight Pickaxe! - New!
    TwilightMemory.png Twilight Memory!
    DuskArrow.png Dusk Arrow! - New!
    MoonsDarkness.png Moons Darkness!
    NightlyPiper2.png Night Piper! - Re-sprited!
    NightlyDart.png Night Dart!
    Armor of the Night.png Night Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    DeadEdge.png Dead Edge!
    DeadEnd.png Dead End!
    DeadWay2.png Dead Way!
    DeadOn.png Dead On!
    DeadMiner.png Grave Robber!
    DecayedRemnant.png Decayed Remnant!
    DecayedGears3.png Decayed Gears!
    BlackPlague.png Black Plague!
    DeathPipe2.png Killer Piping!
    DeathDart.png Death Dart!
    Armor of the Dead.png Dead Armor!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Excalibur.png Excalibur!
    Gungnir.png Gungnir!
    Light_Disc.png Light Disc!
    Pickaxe_Axe.png Pickaxe Axe!
    Hallowed_Repeater.png Hallowed Repeater!
    Hallowed Armor.png Hallowed_armor_Mask.png Hallowed Armor!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    HallowedDart.png Hallowed Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Broken_Hero_Sword.png Broken Hero Sword!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    True_Night's_Edge.png True Night's Edge!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    TrueDarkLance.png True Dark Lance!
    TruePickaxeofNight.png True Twilight Pickaxe! - New!
    TrueTwilightMemory.png True Twilight Memory!
    TrueDuskArrow.png True Dusk Arrow! - New!
    TrueNightlyPiper2.png True Night Piper! - Re-sprited!
    TrueNightlyDart.png True Night Dart!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    TrueDeadEdge.png True Dead Edge!
    TrueDeadEnd.png True Dead End!
    TrueDeadMiner.png True Grave Robber!
    TrueDecayedRemnant.png True Decayed Remnant!
    TrueDecayedGears.png True Decayed Gears! - No true version for re-sprite, yet!
    TrueBlackPlague.png True Black Plague!
    TrueDeathPipe2.png True Killer Piping!
    TrueDeathDart.png True Death Dart!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    True_Excalibur.png True Excalibur!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    TrueGungnir.png True Gungnir! - New!
    TrueLightDisc.png True Light Disc!
    TrueHallowedDart.png True Hallowed Dart!
    TruePickaxeAxe.png True Pickaxe Axe! - New!
    TruePwnhammer.png True Pwnhammer! - New!
    ----------------------> Vanilla <----------------------
    Terra_Blade.png Terra Blade!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    TerraSpear.png Terra Spear!
    Ria's Persistence.png Terra Bow!
    TerraBlowpipe.png Terra Pipe!
    TerraDart.png Terra Dart!
    ----------------------> Modded <----------------------
    CodedCutlass.png Coded Blade!
    CodedSpear.png Coded Spear!
    CodedMines.png Data Miner!
    CodedBow.png Cipher Bow!
    Coded Tome.png Coders Tome!
    CodePipe.png Cipher Pipe!
    CodeDart.png Cipher Dart!
    I am not the best spriter ever, nor do my sprites look how they'd look if Terraria added these to the game.
    I sprite differently, and I'm not the best at making em' Terraria-esque.
    Update thing shows new stuff happening currently since the last update!
    New Banner Spoiler! - Up top!
    12 new items! -
    JungleExcavation.png PickaxeofNight.png TruePickaxeofNight.png TruePwnhammer.png TrueGungnir.png TruePickaxeAxe.png TheJungleBook.png TendonArrow.png DuskArrow.png TrueDuskArrow.png PipeofShadows.png FlamingPipe.png - In order of reference!
    Jungle Excavation! - Excavate the entire Jungle!
    Twilight Pickaxe! - Mining through the Night...
    True Twilight Pickaxe! - Mining through the Night...
    True Pwnhammer! - Truely pwning!
    True Gungnir! - The True spear of legends...
    True Pickaxe Axe! - The True pick of legends...
    The Jungle Book! - Is a spellbook!
    Tendon Arrow! - Alternative to Unholy Arrows!
    Dusk Arrow - Arrow of the Night!
    True Dusk Arrow - True arrow of the night!
    Pipe of Shadows! - Corrupt pipe!
    Flaming Pipe! - Underworld pipe!
    2 re-sprites! -
    NightlyPiper.png TrueNightlyPiper.png - Old!
    NightlyPiper2.png TrueNightlyPiper2.png - New!
    New Updates spoiler! - It's this thing, right here!
    New Banner added! - See at top, it's the second one!
    Reserved post now used for thanks to people! - Pretty empty right now!
    4 re-sprites! -
    DeadWay.png Light'sSpear.png SporeSpear.png DecayedGears.png - Old!
    DeadWay2.png Light'sSpear2.png SporeRaider.png DecayedGears3.png - New!
    11 re-names! -
    Light'sSpear2.png SporeRaider.png NightTime.png DeadMiner.png TrueDeadMiner.png DeathPipe2.png TrueDeathPipe2.png CodedMines.png CodedBow.png CodePipe.png CodeDart.png - In order of reference!
    Light's Spear to Yari of Shadows!
    Spore Spear to Spore Raider!
    Night Time to New Moon!
    Dead Miner/True Dead Miner to Grave Robber/True Grave Robber!
    Death Pipe/True Death Pipe to Killer Piping/True Killer Piping!
    Coded Mines to Data Miner!
    Coded Bow to Cipher Bow!
    Code Pipe to Cipher Pipe!
    Code Dart to Cipher Dart!
    Welp, that's everything. If you're interested enough in this mod, like the post, comment, and insert the banner(Up at top) into your signature!
    That's all for now, hope you enjoyed!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2016
  2. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    Special thanks too all these people down below!
    @Re-Logic for making Terraria!
    @bluemagic123 for making tModLoader!
    @SkullRay for obvious reasons!
    @PhoenixBlade for my new banner!
    I can't think of anyone else right now, except absolutely everyone who's commented, or who supports this mod!
    A couple of them have helped me a bit!
    Last edited: May 27, 2016
  3. yeah, that's allowed, and nice sprites!
  4. Pawlick

    Pawlick Spazmatism

    Whoah, finally some mod with actually nice sprites! The idea sounds pretty alright (well, maybe those code weapons sound weird), keep it up! :red:
  5. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    Thanks! My thought with the Code stuff is that there's Terra items, rather obviously named after the game, and Code items, since games require Code. I need to improve my post to explain my plans more, but first I need to figure out how to make images seen rather than a link.
    There are plenty of mods with nice sprites... Thorium, Tremor... All I can think of right now, but those sprites are quite nice indeed.
    BenGallegos likes this.
  6. BenGallegos

    BenGallegos Skeletron

    With editing a post press edit then more options and upload a file then upload images. which bellow it will appear options which then you click full image Crystal Meteor Sword.png and poof the image will come out like with this.
  7. Israfel

    Israfel Plantera

    Wowie! This sprites are so cool!
  8. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    So... I tried making a True Twilight Memory, (Or two True Twilight Memory) and neither look the best... They kinda suck.
    Here's how they look, because REASONS! (Also a couple others, for hype of an update to the post, I guess)
    TrueTwilightMemory.png TrueTwilightMemory2.png TerraBlowpipe.png CodePipe.png Armor of the Dead2.png DeadThrow2.png DeadThrow2 - Copy.png
  9. Dr. Bones.

    Dr. Bones. Skeletron Prime

    do you think that the first one sucks? the second one is kinda bad but the first one is an amazing sprite
  10. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    The first is better than the second, but I still feel like it's not the best... Who knows why my brain brains the way it does.
  11. ArmyFrog

    ArmyFrog Plantera

    All this talk about sprites...they're ok, I could see some improvement, but they look fine to me. (not saying that any of my stuff is good)
  12. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    There is always room for improvement, since there is no such thing as perfection.
  13. Donuts

    Donuts Terrarian

    the code tome could shoot like code
  14. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    It probably would have without your suggestion... Thanks anyways!
    On a different note, spoilers for an update to the post soon...
    All the darts needed in this mod!
    Last edited: May 12, 2016
    Godslayer likes this.
  15. Huggles

    Huggles Skeletron Prime

    The sprites are raelly good/ Maybe you should make a code Sludgehammer ? we dont see many powerful hammer weapons.
  16. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    Hmm... Maybe, however, because of the way I'm making this mod, it'd be preferable to have multiple Sledgehammers,(I assume that's what you meant) for all the weapons required to make Code weapons.
  17. M3G4

    M3G4 Official Terrarian

    Are you rascal the furry?
  18. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    Are you Napstablook the Ghost?
  19. M3G4

    M3G4 Official Terrarian

    *extreme sweating and panting* i..i..i have no idea who you're talking about*phases through the floor*
  20. four plus four

    four plus four The Destroyer

    EXPLOSION! *Explodes floor*
    ...Not the best idea, I can't move anymore...
    muzammilnaeem10 likes this.
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